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  1. Joshua - Beaumont, CA Right handed First choice: GS53 fairway wood X-stiff shaft Second choice: UiHi X-stiff shaft +1 hcp Currently have a 3h in the bag. Thank you for this great opportunity.
  2. Joshua Beaumont, CA +0.7 Current irons: Callaway Apex Pro I would like to test the T100. Thank uyou
  3. Joshua Jordan - Beaumont, California - 50+ Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram Handicap +1, Swing speed 117 Callaway Great Big Bertha - Diamana (White) D+ Xstiff, Callaway XR Pro 3w - Diamana Xstiff, Apex pro 3-pw C-taper 125 Xstiff. Mac daddy wedges F9 Speedback driver 9 degree - Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro White 70 TX, F9 Speedback 3w Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro White 90 TX, Standard length irons with C-taper 125 xstiff.
  4. Joshua, California Handicap +1, Swing speed 117 Callaway Great Big Bertha (2015) with Mitsubishi TENSEI Pro White 70 TX I would like to review the Epic Flash Sub Zero, as I am working on lowering driver spin. Thank you MYGOLFSPY for an amazing opportunity and good luck everyone.
  5. Name - Joshua State/Country - California, US Handicap - +1.2 Current iron - Callaway Apex pro with KBS TourV 120X Ping choice - i500 ​Thank you for a great opportunity.
  6. These irons look amazing. Would love an opportunity to give them a try. Thank you. Joshua - Southern California Age - 34 Handicap - +1.4 Callaway Apex pro 3-Pw with KBS Tour V 120 shaft X stiff and Golf Pride New Decade Multi compound grips.
  7. First name: Joshua Home State/Province/Country: California ​Do you use performance tracking? Yes Do you use a GPS watch? No Which ones? 18 Birdies This would be a great opportunity to improve my play by having exact data. Thank you for the opportunity.
  8. 1. Name and state: Joshua / California 2. Current handicap: 0.4 3. Current set of irons: Callaway Apex Pro (4-PW) 4. Which JPX 900 iron set best fits your game. JPX 900 Tour
  9. Your first name: Joshua Your home state or province: California Your current handicap: 0.9 Your current distance measuring method: I currently use a GPS APP on my Iphone. Would be great to try a rangefinder with slope. Thank you.
  10. This is a great looking putter. 1. State - California 2. Handicap - 0.6 3. Current Putter - Odyssey White Hot #9 Thank you
  11. Looking forward to trying the best putter ever tested. I play anywhere from 50-60 rounds a year I am currently a 0.3 handicap I am currently playing with any Odyssey White Hot #9
  12. Name: Joshua Jordan Home State: California Current Handicap: 0.6 Dream Bag: Driver: Z765 Driver 9.5 degree (X-stiff) Fairway Wood: ZF65 13.5 degree (X-stiff) Hybrid: ZH65 16 degree (X-stiff) 4-PW: Z965 (X-stiff) RTX-3 Wedges: Black Satin 52, 56, 60 degree Putter: Huntington Beach #4 Ball: Z Star XV (Pure White) Thank you MGS and Srixon/Cleveland golf for this amazing opportunity. Good luck to everyone.
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