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  1. Dave from Buffalo New York 57 years young My biggest problem is confidence in my swing. In the middle, beginning or end of the round I can totally forget how to swing a club.I stand over the ball and overthink every thing. To many swing thoughts and not enough confidence.
  2. Dave- New York 20 TM SLDR with Matrix white tie regular shaft 93-95 at 210-230 carry Gotta be Phil
  3. Dave/Buffalo 22 handicap I think this would help to give me a consistent swing. I am consistently inconsitent.
  4. i said 251 but it was taken how about 447
  5. B330RX here as well. It suits my swing speed
  6. got to love Two Gloves I use to ironwork with a Native American named Two Guns
  7. is it expensive? Are getting lessons a better alternative?
  8. Thiis a great idea. i hope I get the chance to review something.
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