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  1. This is awesome! Thanks for the opportunity. Good luck to all.
  2. Dave from Buffalo New York 57 years young My biggest problem is confidence in my swing. In the middle, beginning or end of the round I can totally forget how to swing a club.I stand over the ball and overthink every thing. To many swing thoughts and not enough confidence.
  3. Dave- New York 20 TM SLDR with Matrix white tie regular shaft 93-95 at 210-230 carry Gotta be Phil
  4. Dave/Buffalo 22 handicap I think this would help to give me a consistent swing. I am consistently inconsitent.
  5. i said 251 but it was taken how about 447
  6. B330RX here as well. It suits my swing speed
  7. got to love Two Gloves I use to ironwork with a Native American named Two Guns
  8. is it expensive? Are getting lessons a better alternative?
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