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  1. Just be aware that every change you make affects something else. If you add weight to the head the flex gets softer. If you change the weight of your grip you affect swing weight. So be careful if you are doing this yourself.
  2. Victor Denver, Colorado Yes. 90% Currently using Sun Mountain Micro Cart
  3. Victor Denver, Colorado TM Sim 5*/Paderson Ballistic +2.0 110mph TS3
  4. Victor/Thornton, Colorado/uSA Ping Craz-e i / L.A.B. Directed Force 2.1 Either the Fetch or the Ketsch with adjustable length, as I use a longer than standard putter, and these would be a good direct comparison to the two I am using now. I also love the color scheme of these new models. I would be interested in comparing the alignment aids to what I am currently using. Great looking putters! I have almost used Ping putters exclusively for 40 years now. It's hard for me to try a different brand, although I have, and Ping has helped me with many golf accomplishments HDCP +1.2 Age 57
  5. Victor Minovich Denver, Colorado Android app Bushnell Tour v4
  6. Victor Thornton, Colorado 107-110 high spin TP5Xl I have only hit the soft, high launching ball that someone gave me. Definitely didn't fit my high launch, high spin game. Spin control is the big concern for me.
  7. Victor Colorado - Your current handicap -- 0 - Your current golf ball -- Taylor Made TP5X - Do you feel you're a VERY HIGH SPIN PLAYER. I use a Q Star if the greens are too soft.
  8. Victor, Thornton, Colorado +1 hdcp Launcher HB 8.5 Launcher HB 15 Srixon Z765 4,5,6 Srixon Z965 7,8,9,P RTX Raw 46, 50, 54 Low, 58 Mid, 62 Mid RHO, OS 37" Thanks, VM
  9. 1. Victor/Colorado 2. +1 3. Mizuno MP25/MP4 combo ​4. JPX 900 Tour Beautiful looking set of irons. I love the finish.
  10. Victor Colorado 110 High TM M1 430/Matrix Black Tie 7M3 X flex Yes by D'Lance Golf Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  11. I have already won a club championship by going to side-saddle. I would really like to try the one-length set. First Name: Victor Home State/Province: Colorado Current Handicap: +1 Current Iron Set: Mizuno MP25/MP4 combo set variable length
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