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  1. David Chicago, IL Taylormade SIM max 8 94 mph TSi2
  2. Dave/Chicago, IL Handicap: 7 Mizuno T20 50 degree Gap wedge/Cleveland RTX4 Tour Raw 54 degree sand wedge/Titleist SM7 Blue Slate 60 degree lob wedge I discovered my Cleveland RTX4 sand wedge this season when I was replacing my worn out wedge. Honestly I just grabbed the usual suspects off the rack at pga ss, and the Cleveland gave me the numbers, and most importantly, the elusive feel that none of the others had. I’m hoping the new Zipcore maintains that same Cleveland feel, but gives next level “zip” that can last through a season of use.
  3. Driver swing speed: 94-99 mph Avg 18 hole score: 81 I bought 5 boxes of the Vice Pro Plus golf balls this winter and have fallen in love with them. Plays like a premium golf ball without the premium price, and you get some individuality points for not playing what everyone else and their grandma plays. Would love a chance to try a soft compression version from Vice to match my less than tour level swing speed.
  4. Can't wait to be more involved in this community!
  5. Name: Dave Hometown/State/province: Chicago IL Strength & weakness of your short game: I've recently fallen in love with practicing all my shots from 115 and in, which basically means I practice with my wedges for 1-2 hours a day on my SkyTrak in my basement. I've developed a stock shot and "sawed-off" shot (which is what I like to call it since it's a little more than a three quarter shortened swing) for each of my three wedges, which means I can really fine tune distances and spins and trajectory depending on what I need. I've recently been working on punch shots as well that get me specific yardages from 50-70 yds that have one hop and stop, all with a wedge of course. Now all of these are works in progress so they can easily turn from a strength to a weakness in the course of a round, but I'm getting pretty good at them, especially the sawed off shots. The PING Glide 2.0 specs for a 3-wedge set that best fit your game: 50SS/54SS/58WS (last one bent to 59 degrees weaker loft). All bent one degree flat lie. KBS Tour stiff shafts. Golf Pride Tour velvet mid size grip with one wrap. Fingers crossed!
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