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  1. These guys are all giving you good thoughts. Callaway Pre-owned has a lefty G400 listed for $284...... I'm a 70 yo golfer who has at least 75 clubs, cuz I love to tinker. So start your collection now. Good Luck and have fun
  2. Oops just read instructions...... Billy Hurley III -3
  3. It’s always someone you “don’t suspect “ because if you knew why would they play! I like Jordan Spieth as he is the best player who hasn’t won this year, when his putter gets going .... really something to watch. Specially when he does that look at the hole thing. Never worked for me but that’s why he is there and I am not!
  4. 1. Andrew Springfield, Massachusetts 2. Pinemeadow PGX (35") 3. No 4. Queen B 9 THX for the opportunity. You guys are the BEST!
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