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  1. Matt Bean- Humboldt, TN Yes Red Sharpie drawn with an alignment tool over the side stamp. Titleist ProV1X Red AlignXLPersonalized- BEAN
  2. Matt- Tennessee Titliest 915 D3- 9.5*- Aldila RIP Phenom 60- X Flex 1.5 HCP- 110 Speed- Play/Practice on a foresight gc2 simulator about once a month. Never played Tour Edge driver, have owned and currently bag a 3 wood.
  3. Matt- Tennessee 2.0 HCP- 112 Swing Speed Titleist 915 D3 w/ Aldila RIP X Stiff Epic Flash Sub Zero
  4. 1. Matt- Tennessee 2. 2.0 hcp- 112 swing speed 3. Titleist 915 D3- X stiff Aldila RIP 4. Would like to try G410 Plus Never been a big fan of Ping. When my dad switched to G30 and gained some 15-20 yards and some others I play with have moved to Ping i realized they are worth a look.
  5. Matt Bean Tennessee 2.9 HCP Do not have or use a tracking system, but have used Trackman for Wilson Staff during club testing.
  6. Matt Bean Tennessee Walk and Ride I have an old, falling apart Adams carry bag.
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