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  1. At age 76, I still walk and carry 5-6 rounds of 9-18 holes a week. Even my Sun Mountain 2.5+ is getting heavy. I use a Bat Caddy X4R in really hot weather, but would like a little more friendly electric cart. The X4R is a little balky and difficult to get to a steady speed. It also tends to tip over on hilly courses. The X4R is my third Bat Caddy in the last 12 years. I have heard a lot about MotoCaddy, and am eager to test it.' I am Hank and I live and play in Asheville, NC. I would be able to review a cart for hilly terrain, stability.
  2. I have been a SkyCaddie happy user for many years. I started with an SGX, then a Touch, now an SX500 (early adopter). I have been mostly pleased with the SX500. No issues on the course, the screen is readable in any light, yardage is good. The only problem is with charging. The proprietary USB plug is difficult to insert, and you don't dare do much wiggling. My charging port failed, and I got a replacement under warranty. I would to try the SX400 to see if it measures up to the SX500, and if they have improved the charging port/USB plug. It would be so much better with the new USB-C port.
  3. I play 3-5 times a week, prefer to walk and carry. When too hot, I use a Bat-Caddy. I ride only when required. I have never had a daily use bag that has lated a year when used constantly. The best so far has been a Four5, which has held up well but has two problems: a little heavy for 27-36 holes, and not waterproof. Works great on the Bat-Caddy. I bought a used Three5 in good condition, but it did not hold up as well as the Four5. My current bag is a Callaway Aqua Dry 2015 stand bag. Still a little heavy, but handles rainy weather well. I considered the Two5, but decided on the Ca
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