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  1. First Name/State - Ray, California Handicap - 1 Current Brand Wedges Played - Taylormade XFTs Your favorite type of wedge shot - front foot ball position, weight on front foot, little wrist break, high pitch shot that has plenty of spin. Taught to me by Phil during a corporate event.
  2. Ray, Kentfield California Yes, use a rangefinder all the time, on the course, for practice rounds in tournaments with slope and without during the competition. Also on the range when working on wedges/short irons. Leupold GX-4i
  3. First Name/State or Country - Ray, California Handicap - 0 Have you ever used a putting training device before - I practice about 2hrs a week outdoors with two Eyeline golf mirrors, an Eyeline putting rail and their weighted rubber balls. Would be great to have another system to break up and compare the practice too and also be able to use indoors.
  4. Ray / California Tour Velvet Rib Tour Velvet Align
  5. Ray/California +0.5/104mph SS M6 10.5*/Mitsubishi Tensei Orange Epic Flash Sub Zero
  6. 1. Ray, Kentfield, California 2. 0 handicap, 104mph 3. M2 10.5 4. G410 Plus
  7. Ray Kentfield, California +1 handicap Taylormade XFT 52/56/60 Would love to try a low bounce 50*, high bounce 54* and a low or universal bounce style 60*
  8. Looking to take my game to the next level with getting my swing speed above 110 - 115mph and from my current +0.4 index to something like +2. Your first name: Ray Jackson Home state: CA Current driver/shaft/shaft weight: M4 D 9.5* / Tour AD IZ 7 stiff / 72g Current swing speed: 105
  9. Ray Jackson from California 100% walker Currently Taylormade microlite that is falling apart and a Jones carry bag. Looking to go back to a lightweight stand bag from the Jones. 2 handicap.
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