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  1. Here's a little clip from the 2013 Speedgolf World Championships. http://youtu.be/z3fvxyxJpro
  2. FYI, you can watch the 2013 Speedgolf World Championships on October 26th and 27th from 8am to 12pm PST. Here's the web link to the Bandon Dunes site: http://www.bandondunesgolf.com/blog/2013-speedgolf
  3. For those that missed the TV telecast of the Speedgolf World Championships on CBS during the Masters this past April...it's available to watch online now. Here's the link. I'm in the red hat, red shirt, and khaki pants. Finished 5th. http://youtu.be/5NJr3bhI1WI
  4. Thanks for the kind words and support guys! Glad you liked! I agree, not everyone will want to do speed golf and certainly time is a factor for a lot of people in deciding to play or not...but it's actually quite reasonable for a foursome to finish in 3-4 hours. We do it during our practice rounds when we just walk...and still find time to socialize, enjoy the scenery, etc.
  5. Oh, one other thing I thought of... For those that want to learn more about Speed Golf, have a look at Christopher Smith's (guy from the video above) book called "I've Got 99 Swing Thoughts But Hit the Ball Ain't One". It gets in to a lot more about the sport as well as some things that normal golfers can take away from speed golf and apply to their own game.
  6. If anyone is interested in listening, this past week I was also a guest on Golf Smarter Podcasts and the Golf Club Radio Show talking about speed golf. Here's the links: Golf Smarter Podcasts Golf Club Radio Show
  7. In the Pro/Elite division to avoid passing they seeded us based on our expected running times and sent us off as singles exactly every 8 minutes (10 minutes on the 2nd day because there was one pass made on the first day) from the first tee. There were scorers on the green of each hole recording each person's official golf score. I believe the amateurs were sent off every 4 minutes since there wasn't prize money involved, but I'm not for certain. I suspect there was more passing in the amateur flights. They told us in the player meeting that if you're the slower golfer you're suppo
  8. There was a $50,000 purse in the Pro/Elite division...so I won some cash!
  9. Good call. I was actually thinking about getting one of those myself. There were a few times where I had a blind shot and couldn't see the green...had to run over to a sprinkler to check the distance and also run to higher ground to see an aim line. GPS watch would've definitely helped. Hmmm, I wonder if they'd let us use those in the World Championships? Don't see why not.
  10. Glad you enjoyed. It was a lot of fun. :-) Air time for the World Championships is on CBS before the 3rd round of the Masters. SpeedGolfInternational.com should be posting more events as they come up next year. There is also going to be an amateur division again next year as well for those that just want to try it for fun. Plus it's a good excuse to go to Bandon! True that about the cameras. They had a couple stationary or hand-held ones on the 1st and 18th holes...but all the others were on golf carts and they just drove along side us to keep up.
  11. Several months ago my cousin-in-law Brad posted the following time-lapsed on Facebook: As you can see, Christopher Smith shoots under par in under an hour at Bandon Dunes in Oregon. Impressive, eh? Intrigued by the video, I searched around on the Internet to find out what more I could learn about speed golf. After some research I found that speed golf, similar to the biathlon that combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting, combines running and golf. Your total score is the aggregate of your running time plus your golf score. For example, if you shoot 90 in
  12. Sounds something like that old gambler's trick of putting Vaseline on the club face. :-p Speaking of slices, you guys should test the Bob Burns No Bananas Drivers...if I recall correctly, I think one of the models is 7 degrees closed!!! http://www.bobburnsgolf.com/catalog/7
  13. I was just chatting with mygolfspy over email and he suggested I post a couple of my pics. My Dad and I recently met in Scotland to hopefully play the Old Course in St. Andrews. We put our name on the Daily Ballot and were able to get on the course the very next day. It was an especially great trip for us because my Dad had never been out of the US/Canada before...plus, his health has finally gotten good enough (cancer from a few years ago is fortunately in remission) to play golf again regularly. The pictures are in Hell Bunker on the 14th hole and on the Swilcan Bridge on the 18
  14. Since I've got to switch over to the new grooves, I've got my other set of Wishon 555C iron heads for sale if anyone is interested... My Wishon 555Cs on Ebay
  15. How about Couples? 3 straight wins on the Champions Tour! :-)
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