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  1. Whew... started a new job working I.T. on the AF Base here... finally getting a breather and getting back to watching the forums!

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      How's it going?

  2. Here is an update on the Vision glove to go along with the recent ball comments - I have been playing with the Vision glove since... what was it Boz... early-mid August when you sent those out?? I've been playing 4-5 rounds each week. This thing is amazing. I've still got all the grip I need with it. Slippage is about unheard of, no matter if I'm hot and perspiring, rain, sun, fog, etc. I'd guess I've probably still got about half the life left in the glove!!
  3. One hacker's point of view... The vision golf balls ROCK!! Not only do they perform as has been posted on this thread, but they are SO easy to find compared to standard. You will save money in the long run simply because you won't lose them as fast. Plus, I'd almost guarantee that handicap will come down. Mine has dropped from ~~24 at the beginning of the year to ~~18 now. A lot of that is because I'm playing the same balls all the time now and I KNOW how they are going to perform every time I hit them.
  4. gdiddy... they aren't. Call SMT and order them and they'll get them to you fast. They have 'em in the catalog, but not for online order. Wish they'd fix that, but till they do, its worth the time of a phone call.
  5. Well Boz, whatever you do to the balls, just make sure you keep doing it the way you've been doing in the past. I am still really liking everything I've hit so far. I'm with you on the yellow for a gel/pinky type ball too! Would love it I'm sure!!
  6. I'm really wondering that myself Moecat! MGS, just a thought... How about before doing the cutting... could ya do some testing on 'em and compare stats between the clone and the club it is suppose to be a clone of??? That plus the "cutting" should either confirm or remove any doubts people might have about them.
  7. Same thing happens to me, and I'm VERY happy to tell them about Vision. Its just too cool!
  8. Nope not yet. Hopefully they will soon. Maybe Boz can give us a hint WHEN??!!
  9. Hey JB... I just ordered from them and got the balls FAST. You have to call them to order, but they are pretty reasonable. They have the Artic White, UV and the Xpert 2's. Had 'em in stock a week ago.
  10. Boz, some more feedback on the Proto. Ummm.. its not so good. I played it for two holes yesterday. After the first approach shot (90 yds, wedge) the cover was scuffed a bit. Not too bad, and I smoothed it out enough with a thumbnail that I was happy to continue with it. 2nd hole was a 180 yd par 3. Iron off the tee box to the green and when I got to the green, I could see what foz described above. It looked like there was a cut in the ball and a slight blister. But yet, the cover was NOT cut. The "inner" part of it (color layer?) was... Does that make any sense at all? Anyway... I had to take it out of play. Was a shame cuz I did love the feel of it for the short time I played it. Now, for some good feedback. Still playing the UVs... and DANG I like those. Other than the two holes mentioned above, I played 3 rounds this weekend with 1 ball! I'm really getting use to the short game aspects of them and am beginning to putt them really well. *edit* Forgot to mention... I got the balls from SMT on Saturday. Those guys are QUICK!! :)
  11. Now there is a revelation from titleist... if I hit a GIR vs over regulation, my score will be lower. Sorry, couldn't resist.
  12. Just got off the phone with Pat at SMT and ordered some of the Artic and UV Yellow's. Can't wait till they get the pinkys!!!
  13. I took Pinky for a walk after work yesterday. OK Boz, now tell me. Just how the hell does that thing work? As far as I could determine, NOTHING seemed to be right about it, except the RESULTS! LOL! I played the back 9 at the USAF base course... a par 37. Hole 10 - 345 yd par 4 - I almost always hate the first drive of the day. Yep, no exception. Hit it fat and it went about 100 yds, but what the heck, it was smack in the middle of the fairway. LONG 3 wood toward the green. When I hit it, it felt kind of mushy and I had a feeling I was going to be well short. It even LOOKED well short. Ummm... 10 yds from the green, chipped on and got more backspin than I expected, 2 putted (wow, I loved the feel off the putter) and went away happy with my bogey considering the topped drive. Hole 11 - short 484 yd par 5 - Got a decent drive and put it right in the middle of the fairway. Again, it felt like it was going to be a short drive and it LOOKED short. Hmm... what is that beside me... oh... that's the 200 yd marker. WHAT??? I don't drive 280 yds, normally more like 240 - 250ish... and no way was it that long. But the proof was layin' on the ground in front of me. Hybrid up to the green again felt short but was pin high about 3 yds right of the green. Chipped up within a couple feet for a GIR and 1 putt for bird. HUH? I've never birdied that par 5 before even though it is so short. Hole 12 - 391 yd par 4 - Again a nice drive (260ish) to the middle of the fairway, 8 iron to the green (damn... another one that felt short but wasn't) but I screwed up and 3 putted on a tough green. Dammit.. bogey. Hole 13 - 504 yd par 5 - AARRGGHH!! How does it do it. That felt like a 220-230 yd drive.... 270ish smack in the middle of the fairway again. FWY wood again felt short and wasn't (this is sounding kind of repetitive isn't it?) Short chip on from the left to 1' from the pin. Chirp! Another birdie! The rest of the game went downhill a little, but it wasn't pinky's fault. A 3 putt and couple un-necessary 2 putts (like from 3-4 feet) and I wound up 5 over. What? 5 OVER??? I haven't had 9 holes like that since I took the game back up. My last 9 holes at 5 over was somethin' like ohhh... 32 yrs ago! I wish I could say it was because my game has improved that much. It has improved some but I definitely give some credit to the ball. Pinky amazed me. Again Boz, how the heck does it do it? That round had at least one hit on every hole that felt well short, but the results did NOT show that. It also somehow managed to almost eliminate any slice/hook tendencies, cuz I hit several shots that I was sure were going to, but they didn't. Well done my friend.
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