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  1. first name: Quentin state: Indiana hcp: 1.5 I have been using the Garmin Viva Active for the last couple years. I used Arccos for about a month. I also attempted to use Game Golf just through the app.
  2. hcp: 1.5 state: Indiana avg swing speed: 112 / ave carry: 270 preference: F7+
  3. Quentin Patterson Indiana, USA 1.5 hcp I briefly used Arccos but it didn't seem to work well on Android. Maps were way off on some holes. Loved the stats. I also tried using game golf just with the app but I couldn't get used to tagging before every shot.
  4. Quentin Patterson Brazil, IN Bushnell Pinseeker (probably 10+ years old and still working) I also use Garmin Vivoactive GPS
  5. Quentin from Brazil, IN I walk with a push cart about 75% otherwise I ride. I currently have the Ping Pioneer bag.
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