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  1. I apologize for the tardiness to my own post. I switched from a 35" to 34". For me my eyes are better positioned with the shorter putter. Before I bought the new one, I was gripping down an inch on my old putter. I did try a 33" and it wasn't comfortable(5'10" with long legs, short torso). My Versa Works #7 frames the ball well in my eyes. The stainless finish is nice and doesn't give off the glare like my old White Ice.
  2. I don't have any "out-of-place, trusty clubs" in the bag, but I do have my late father's 845s Silver Scots in the garage. I remember he upgraded to the Silver Scots from the E.Q.L. irons. To be honest, I thought this was about a golf club/course for introverts
  3. But sometimes they have good stories to go along with them. For about ten years that was my way of life, so I know
  4. Good to know, thank you. I've read reviews on the 915 and watched comparisons between the 913 and 915, all of them sound very promising. I was drawn to Titleist because of the traditional shape and look. I've had the 909D3, 910D2 and D3, and now my current 913D3; all of them seemed to feel hotter than the last. I will admit, I will miss the racing stripes on the 913
  5. Ohhhh! I forgot about club length!
  6. Golf on a budget, I'm always a model year or two behind!
  7. They're reluctant to change because they trust their equipment: Charl Schwartzel has been seen with a Nike VR Limited 5 wood, Spencer Levin was using TM R9 TP irons at the 2016 The Players, Ryan Palmer used a R9 5 wood up until the R15 replaced it. They use what they feel comfortable with, which I think is really cool. It really is neat seeing old clubs in the bag of tour pros, considering they have EVERYTHING at their disposal.
  8. I seem to collect shirts. I have shirts from 3 years ago that haven't been worn yet haha. Aside from that, golf balls that are unique to me. I have 3 sleeves of Titleist ProV1 test balls from 2011, 2013, and 2015, a sleeve of the pink numbered ProV1s, a few Balatas, and some others that have unique numbers or stampings. I also collect assorted club heads and shafts considering I dabble in club building. "Hi, my name is Jeff and I'm a club ho." (low grumbled "Hiiii Jeff.")
  9. That'll throw off the swingweight, lie angle, the bounce changed...all good excuses to upgrade
  10. I agree, the Detour had a very true roll when I was toying with the purchase. That GSS insert felt like butter to me, even if the screws were loose. How do you like the 915D? I have the 913D3 shafted with a 60X B Series and love it. But with the 917 out on tour, I may try to pick up a 915 head next season.
  11. As mentioned in a post of mine, I would like to visit this basement Nice collection though. I saw a SC Detour in that putter collection, I almost bought one used at Golf Galaxy. It felt great but I couldn't get past that peninsula sticking out the back
  12. The Versa #7 really does frame the ball well. I was quite surprised when I addressed a ball, it just looked so good. My buddies were even more shocked when I told them I bought a mallet. My biggest problem during this quest was when I got to the Scotty section. Every Newport blade, 1.5-2.5, I tried multiple times. I think I was trying to like them just because it was a Scotty.
  13. I would like to visit said basement sometime
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