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  1. What an amazing opportunity! Thanks for the chance!
  2. Anthony, Corona, CA. In the winter I still practice at my local range, since we don't get crazy winters here in socal. I've only ever used those og cheapo mats like the ones you see on movies being used by the cheese ball company presidents in their office, nothing modern at all. I would love to test out the medium speed green
  3. - Your first name Anthony - State CA - Your current model of putter Cleveland TFI Smartsquare - What would be your choice of the Frontline putters Elevado Slant Neck 33"
  4. Thanks for this opportunity! Anthony, California, 13 hdcp My Dream Cleveland/Srixon Bag: Putter- Cleveland TFI RHO 35" Wedges- Cleveland RTX 3.0 Tour Satin (50-2 dot, 54-2 dot, 58-1 dot) Irons-Z 765, 4 - PW Stiff Hybrid- Z H65 Stiff, 19 degree & 22 degree Fairway Woods- Z F65 Stiff, 3 wood 15 degree Driver- Z565 Stiff 9.5 degree
  5. One on the left almost looks like a bridgestone with titleist written on it... Refurbished and rebranded perhaps LOL
  6. What's up fellas, and ladies. My name is Anthony, I actually joined this forum about a month or so ago, but I have been a my golf spy reader for years! Anyways, I just saw this new member topic, so here we go. I live in So Cal where fairways are hard, and bunkers are filled with a sand-ish type substance, that feels like concrete when you strike it! I've been golfing for about 3 years now not too consistently. If I'm honest. However, I have managed to bring my avg. score down from over +20 to +11. Not an official hdcp, just keeping track on my own. I look forward to being a part of this community! I also enjoy moonlit walks on the beach, and the occasional how's your mother... But I digress. Hey, how do I edit my signature, I don't see the link? Or does it just not work on mobile?
  7. Anthony Southern California hdcp 11 Currently using: -Taylormade'09 Burner, 50 degree A-wedge -Cleveland RTX 2.0, 54 and 58
  8. Anthony Southern California 11 I would love to put this against my Bushnell gps watch, I've always wanted to see which is more accurate, and more beneficial on the course.
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