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  1. I've been thinking about doing something similar in displaying my ball markers from courses played. How are they attached to the board?
  2. Electric Pushcarts are the major method for most UK golfers to get their clubs around the course. My club has 750 members in total, about 50 of them are regular bag carriers, maybe 30 in total are usually golf cart users and everyone else has a trolley with probably 90% of them being electric.
  3. I've occasionally tinkered with putting a hybrid in the bag instead of the 2 iron but the idea never lasts long when I hit the course. When it rears its ugly head my swing fault just doesn't fit well with a hybrid where as I can get away with it on an iron.
  4. Awesome man, I like to think all my tagging of you has been of help.
  5. Appreciating all the tags in the comps guys, now I need to figure out an easier way pf spreading the tags with this group.
  6. I golf with my wife also, if I'm having a bad day, she's recording on her phone and sending to all my friends
  7. Ironically speaking to the Titleist rep whose a member at my club, this was one of the heads used as inspiration for the TSi shape.
  8. I think it really depends on the situation your in. Are you in a competition, how well do you know the person, what's their personality like etc. So many factors to consider. I know when playing with friends and it's not serious and only a couple of pounds on the line for beer that any bad shot by anyone will get multiple comments. If it's a competition then I don't say anything and don't expect anything form others other maybe a few words of encouragement, again that depends on the personality and how they will take the comment. As a general safe rule, less said the better.
  9. This sounds really interesting and I look forward to listening. If you are desperate for people I would probably be willing, although time difference might logistically make it harder.
  10. As a teen I got to play with a "grumpy old geezer" by the name of Michael Lunt a couple of times through my dads playing partners. After asking him what he thought of my swing he respoded by asking if I did any painting. I responded no and he said "Well better start if you're interesting in making things look pretty, golf is about 18 numbers and 18 numbers only". I later found out that he had played in walker cups in his youth and had been a very highly respected amateur in his day. Those words have stuck with me and while I'm too young to pull of the grumpy sage act I do try to impart this wisdom on those who ask.
  11. I have a Nikon Coolshot 20 and it's a great device except the battery died a lot quicker than expected. I don't know if it's just the device draining it or the cold climate having an effect also but in 3 years it's gone through 2 batteries.
  12. I haven't used Cleveland since the old Tour Action days, still one of my favorite wedges I've ever owned. Just checked out the Edison wedges and they look lovely, not sure the boss will like the idea of me just purchasing without fitting considering I gave her hell this year to make sure all her new clubs were fitted.
  13. That's a severely bad day. At least your clubs weren't in your trunk and stolen.
  14. So had a discussion today with the boss and she agrees that I should probably consider new wedges as the grooves on my SM6's are looking a little dull (her words, not mine) So now I'm thinking on new wedges and trying to not d my usual and just go for Vokeys.
  15. That is super amazing. Hopefully the community will appreciate it and I'm sure they will make great use of it.
  16. I tend to make my club selection based on the yardage to the flag and if there is more green in front of behind the flag. Ultimately my goal is to always leave myself a putt. If that means hitting one more or less club than the number suggests then that's what I do. The only caveat to this is to have a realistic average carry distance fro all your irons, not your that one time down hill, down wind I hit X yardage.
  17. If you want to gift me the Kiyoshi I wont mind (providing it doesn't win). Joke, obviously.
  18. I play Thetford a couple of times a year as it's a great winter course expecially. Newmarket is 20mins from my house and I have several friends who are members there.
  19. Living in England the vast majority (95%) of people I see on courses are walking. Golf Buggies just aren't part of the golf culture over here and are seen more as a lazy non serious golfers thing overall. However I accept there are people with legitimate health reasons why buggies are needed. That said, carrying is also not a large part of the culture here, the vast majority of golfers use trolleys, generally electric trolleys. Growing up the old pull trolley was seen as the old man thing and all "proper" golfers carried their bag however no everyone from scratch to 54 will use a trolley.
  20. I still have the TS3 in my bag at 9.5 degrees. The setting is A1, has been since the day it was fitted and come out at A1 the two times I've had it checked.
  21. I don't say anything and just keep quiet while looking for there ball unless playing with a certain group of friends, then I'm going to throw so much smack at him and rub as much salt into the wound as possible because I know next time I have a bad day they'll do the same to me.
  22. The other recent experiance I've had was at the 2019 AIG Women's British Open On the Thursday my wife and I took my daughter to the event since she was 11 and just getting into golf. In the afternoon we found ourselves following Salas since she and my wife are from a very close to each other area in Cali. She played fantastically and at one point while waiting on a tee to play stopped to talk to the three of us but mainly my daughter which made her day. On Friday we returned to Woburn early so that my daughter could follow Salas for the whole round. Even though she was only a few off the lead there was no support for her except us. On the par 3 6th she stopped to once again talk to my daughter who she remembered from the previous day, she signed a hat and ball for my daughter and thanked her for her support. Later that round she waved to us while walking down a fairway and at the end of the round high-fived my daughter as she walked off the green. In my opinion how she acted is exactly what needs to happen to encourage young girls to get into golf. Sadly for my daughter she wasn't able to go at the weekend but my wife and I continued our support of her for the event and were heart broken for her not to to win, however Hinako played amazing. My main take away from that week is that my daughter went to the event with an interest in golf but could have easily walked away unimpressed but due to the actions of Salas I believe her fire for golf was truly lit.
  23. Reminds me of two years ago went I got an invite to the Adidas Sergio Garcia 20 year partnership event at Wentworth. I got there ridiculously early and decided to have breakfast, sitting there with a pot of coffee and waiting for food when the one and only Gary Player walks past. I jumped out my chair and introduced myself telling him how my father used to be a big fan of his ever since he has seen Player open a local course to use back in the 70's. Amazingly Player remembered the course and invited himself to sit and have coffee with me while he waited for someone. We sat with my wife and I listening to him tell us about the old days with Nicklaus and Palmer for nearly 10 mins before someone came a nd found him to tell him his guests where there. Incredible experience and purely a matter of being in the right place at the right time.
  24. I intent to stay more involved in this forum now. I made the account and then just sort of left it for a looooong time other than the occasional visit to lurk. So I currently have a project to undertake for the wife, she's (as in she wants and I do) swapping out the shafts in her driver, 3 wood and hybrid. The shafts are sitting in waiting to be out together but now the UK has ventured into another lockdown I've lost some excitement to get it done.
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