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  1. All prices are shipped CONUS with PayPal G&S only. Add $5 west of the Mississippi. Discounts for multiple items. •Masked Menace: NOW $250 (previously $275) •Spider SR (33”) NOW $225 (previously $235) •MD4: NOW $35 (previously $40) •Cleveland Zipcore: NOW $125 (previously $145) •Mizuno MP-H4 irons (DG S200 shafts, standard LLL): NOW $300 (previously $325) •Golf shoes: NOW $45 (previously $50) each
  2. Got these for MGS Testing and want to pass them along to someone who could use them. I say ~13 because of the European sizing. Also for anyone who is looking, I have two other pair cheap. Puma ignite and Footjoy Superlites.
  3. Price drop! Looking to sell this sweet putter. SIK face on it as well. I’m putting too well with my current gamer! Still has Arccos grip and sensor too.
  4. Paypal G&S only. Would consider trades for a lightweight stand bag, mallet putters (Scotty, TM, Odyssey, Toulon) All below are gently used, dye and odor free washing, smoke and pet free home. Have two pair of Adidas Ultimate shorts both size 36, $45 each. Two Peter Millar polos both size XL, $50 each. One Linksoul Aldo polo size XL, $45. Price includes shipping, but add $5 shipping west of the Mississippi. Discounts for multiple items purchased. Buy two, save $5. Buy three, save $10, Buy four, save $15, Buy all five, save $25.
  5. I actually had to postpone because of the COVID uptick for my work meetings but I’ll be out soon and will update the thread!
  6. We all have seen the results where the MGS crew rated the Ping Hoofer Craz-E Lite the best bag for walking. However I have found that the strap system on this bag aren’t the most comfortable. They aren’t garbage (at all), but it got me wondering what y’all think are the most comfortable strap systems? If any of you have the Mizuno K1-L0 bags, I would LOVE to get your opinion.
  7. Definitely mind-blowing for sure. Some of the stats that Lou Stagner puts out there on twitter about managing your expectations have literally changed the way that I approach the game. This is one that I remember literally every time I have a 120-130 shot: "From 123-yards in the fairway, PGA Tour Players are more likely to hit it OUTSIDE 30-feet than they are to hit it inside 10-feet." So me hitting a gap wedge or flighted PW to 30-40' I should actually feel REALLY GOOD ABOUT.
  8. TSi4 driver headed my way currently. Hoping to arrive tomorrow. I recently bought a Ventus black velocore but these HZRDUS smoke black RDX OEM shafts keep performing better for me! So now I gotta sell the Ventus so the mrs doesn’t get too upset. Lol
  9. Been working on trying to get my turn back and through correctly. I tend to turn back for the most part pretty well, but then I tend to slide left as opposed to turning my body (and getting my hips out of the way). Today I worked swinging without a ball but with my alignment sticks in the ground - one to the right to ensure I wasn’t sliding back (see below) and the same thing on the left. IT FEELS SO WEIRD. I am going to the range this weekend to keep it going, as I think I’m going to end up basically shanking the ball because my hands have so much work to do to catch up!
  10. Any spies in CA that want to meet up for an early morning 18 at Rustic Canyon? I’m flying out from the east coast and plan to make my way up there from LA. Would love to put together a weekday morning foursome one of those two weeks. I’m not 100% sure what week I’ll be coming yet.
  11. Selling a myriad of items today. All are in great condition. All item prices include USPS shipping. Add $5 west of the Mississippi. Can ship UPS or FedEx if needed (will add actual shipping cost). Happy to take and send more pictures if desired. Various driver shafts that will fit the Tour Edge C721, EXS 220, and EXS Pro drivers. Ventus Velocore Black 7X - 45.25” tip to grip: $225 Mavrik Pro Iron Set 4-PW +3/4” long DG S300 (no stickers) standard L and L Tour velvet midsize: $750 600 Ordered these in 2020 and they were built to order and pured by club champion. I still have the original order info if needed. These are easily a 9/10 in condition and have less than normal bag chatter. 4i plays to D6, 5i-PW play to D7. Midsize your velvet grips. I CAN SWAP THESE FOR DG R300 SHAFTS FOR NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. Puma Ignite size 13 D spikeless waterproof w/ Superfeet black insoles: $75 60 Footjoy Superlites XP 12 D spikeless waterproof: $75 60 Inesis 13 D spikeless waterproof: $50 40 The Footjoy and Inesis shoes have seen very few rounds. The Puma shoes have been worn for about 15 rounds and have Superfeet black insoles in them. The Inesis do run a half size small. All have been kept in shoe bags and with shoe trees. The Inesis I have been testing as part of the MGS testing program and I will wear them two more rounds before passing them on. They just don’t fit my feet well
  12. Good point!! It’s a short slant. Sorry about that!! Updated the title. Thanks @greggarner!!
  13. Selling my tried and true since I’m into a newer model now. You won’t find another one like this and in this amazing condition. Comes with both an upgraded Gripmaster Roo grip as well as a mint condition upgraded BGT stability shaft. (Upgrades were $250 on their own) Couple teeny tiny dings as you can see in the pictures and is otherwise perfect. Add $5 if shipped west of the Mississippi. Coule be interested in trades, nothing SPECIFIC I am looking for currently.
  14. Hottest day and worst round of the year yesterday. I was all over the place. Was trying out a new driver shaft and I abandoned it after 9. I keep hitting the ball on the toe and I need some range work (all I’ve been doing is playing mostly and putting at home). Also played a new course and it was a hike. Lots about the day was just weird. The mental side of my game was just nonexistent as well... But it was still a lot of fun. I was playing golf!!
  15. Ha!!! I’m up to five pair already, and limited space so I gotta do something!
  16. Like new (but not new because I wore them for two rounds) size 12. SUPER comfortable but I am doing the MGS shoe testing (yay!) soon, so need to get rid of one pair. Add $5 for shipping west of the Mississippi.
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