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  1. I recently did a review. This might help: You know that feeling you get of the perfect putt? Where you line it up, place your ball, set up and give it a look, and you look down at your putter and then MISS THE PUTT BY A MILE? Yeah, that won’t happen with this putter. It is soft but not too soft. Perfectly weighted. Best alignment and sight lines I’ve ever used (and I’ve used about 35 different putters in the last 20 years). But don’t just take my word for it. I am a data guy by trade, so let this sink in: Pre-Seemore Average Putts Per Round 2020: 33 WITH my Seemore mTRI
  2. Preferably with slope. Preferably precision pro or Nikon but open to others. Not looking to break the bank.
  3. Yeah, I was hoping to not spend that much $ for it if I could with the shipping and all.
  4. Can I buy the white headcover from you? I have the mTRI and I don’t like the generic black headcover.
  5. Have a Srixon ZF85 3+ Wood with a sweet Raijin dragon shaft by VA Composites. Shaft alone is ~$200 upgrade. I’m looking to trade this for an Exotics EXS 220 driver or three wood with a stiff shaft. If it has a KBS TD even better. I might be open to other trades, but really interested in this driver/wood.
  6. I’m sorry you’re experiencing this. At this point, you might want to consider canceling the order. I don’t know the fine print of if you’d get a full refund or not. But this is more than excessive. They were talking about “it’s not our fault, it’s covid and demand is up and the OEMs don’t have clubs... but they’re the ONLY company I know of that is taking multiple months to get things together. If you want an alternative, I bought my irons directly built by Callaway from a rep I know for a STEAL of a price based off of the CC specs and they built and shipped them in 4 days.
  7. Currently have this generic putter cover, and am looking for something cooler and preferably magnetic. This is my putter, so it needs to be able to fit:
  8. Andrew, Philadelphia, PA TBH, I don't unless I'm able to get out to a course. It's something I've wanted to do for AGES, but never pulled the trigger on an indoor mat I had a mat about 6-8 years ago, and it was worthless. The speed, grain and overall roll were all over the place. It was bumpy and soured me for finding something that wasn't $500+ that was even halfway decent Medium speed
  9. HIGHLY recommend this. It can't HURT YOU. Unless you don't listen and are stubborn.
  10. Selling these as my wife got them for me and I already have some! Hope someone can use them. I LOVE mine.
  11. Down to 266.4 from 318 pre-covid. Keto is the sole reason for this. I also got a push cart a few weeks ago so I could start walking more often. My goal was 250 before EOY and now I’m shooting for 235 by EOY. That would be my lowest weight since 1999 and I’d end up 83 pounds down this year.
  12. Andrew/Philadelphia Pennsylvania/USA SeeMore mTRI Heppler Tyne 3, I'm interested in this one because when I recently got fit, it was down to either the Ping Sigma Tyne 2, or the SeeMore. I bought the SeeMore and being able to put them both truly head to head would be a great way to test and compare. I also require a non-standard length (I have long arms) and the adjustability of these putters will fit perfectly.
  13. You rarely end up aiming AT the pin. If it’s dead in the middle of the green? Yes. But to answer your question, the system gives you where to aim, how far to aim from certain trouble spots, relative to where the pin is, how far away you are, etc. It’s been transformative for where I aim hitting into greens.
  14. Well, the saga continues... I got a shipping notification from CC that my club was delivered to my local CC last Friday. I was super busy over the weekend and this week, and I'm not playing until tomorrow, so I thought I'd see when someone reaches out to me. No one has. A club that was already delayed weeks and weeks is finally delivered, and still no one has reached out about it for me to come pick it up. Frustrating to say the least.
  15. Another update... Had the great fortune to get out with my 9 year old son for 9 holes on Sunday. We had a really good time. He is just passively interested in the game, but any chance to spend 2 hours uninterrupted with him, I'm taking advantage of it. We played an executive course in the area that was 2975 yards from the "tips" He didn't play all of the holes because he got really tired of walking + carrying his clubs (small bag, 5 clubs) AND it was extremely hot/humid for 4pm on a Sunday. In hindsight, I could have prepared him better. But it was still a great two hours of fun t
  16. Thank you!! How many of the yardage books can I get? I feel like I read something about only 4 a year? I end up playing a little bit all over the place, that's why I'm asking.
  17. It's me. Hello again. Another update. I'm in month four now (decade started opening up the next "month" about 2 weeks after month 3 and then another 2 weeks after that...) and I'm already seeing some marked improvements. I played one of the top public courses in the state of PA on Friday, brand new irons, second round with my new putter, third round with my new wedges... It's all starting to come together with the equipment. Here's a recap of some of the round and decade helping. Played 6314 yards and it was SOAKED from rain. I was hitting drives that plugged in the fairway almost ev
  18. UPDATE: Got the SeeMore after talking with someone on Instagram. They were able to get the putter separated from the wedge for shipping. I've played two rounds with it so far. YAY! I emailed Edel as I had recently bought two additional wedges from them just to see if they could shed any light. Well... THE CLUB WAS NEVER ORDERED. They called the CC ordering department saying "hey, this guy said YOU all said you were waiting on Edel to complete this club, and we don't even have it in our system". The CC ordering dept said it was completely their fault. Edel said they'd build it same day and
  19. This is a lively debate. My $0.02: I had shotscope v2. I like it. Didn’t love it. Why? The MASSIVE watch. V3 I haven’t tried on, but I have an Apple Watch, so I’d prefer not to have two devices. Even if V2 wasn’t huge, I still liked having my watch on too. I have Arccos now. The most valuable part to me is not the shot tracking. It’s the caddie. There’s at LEAST three shots a round that based on elevation and wind are an entire club different than what I would normally play. If I had a rangefinder or walked off my yardage and accounted for the wind and elevation I’d ge
  20. Month two, and here I am... I haven't played as much or practiced as much as I would like because of life/work and I was changing over my entire bag. Yeah... crazy, I know. I took advantage of a deal that Club Champion had to get fit for free if you spent $500 with them. Easy peasy, so I made that happen... Now back to decade... This last month or so I feel like has put a strain on decade unlike you could imagine and I am BETTER because of it. Allow me to explain: I got fit, and have been testing out new driver shafts on the course about once every other week I sold
  21. I was informed (by CC) that one of the reasons is because Edel is building this wedge and not CC that CC is at the mercy of whenever Edel decides to finish it. CC said that Edel will fulfill their own retail orders and deprioritize partner orders. I get this to a degree, but 6 weeks still seems excessive. What I ALSO found out is that CC only ships your entire order. So if they are waiting on your putter, but they have your irons and woods and wedges, they won’t ship the order. Thankfully I talked them into sending along the putter and I’ll just have to wait for the wedge.
  22. Totally understand that type of situation. I actually called both of the OEMs, and they confirm for me that my items already shipped out to club Champion. So this makes it even more maddening.Totally understand that type of situation. I actually called both of the OEMs, and they confirm for me that my items already shipped out to club Champion. So this makes it even more maddening.
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