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  1. Still haven't gotten mine either. I plan on giving them a call tomorrow to see what's what.
  2. Hi all!! I'm a new member from Philly. I am over on THP and just got on here and golfwrx too. I have been playing since I was about 6 (thanks grandpa for teaching me!) played seriously from about age 17-24 and even got my card and was an assistant pro for a short time. Fast forward to a coaching job (women's volleyball at Notre Dame and UPenn), then a daughter so no more coaching (too much travel) and now 8 years later I run an analytics department for a digital marketing and web development agency. Also had a son there in the middle oh and was married before all that happened. 😄 LOVE the unbiased testing that I've seen from MGS and super excited to be here!!
  3. Golf pride sensr on one putter, super stroke pistol gt on another.
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