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  1. Selling my tried and true since I’m into a newer model now. You won’t find another one like this and in this amazing condition. Comes with both an upgraded Gripmaster Roo grip as well as a mint condition upgraded BGT stability shaft. (Upgrades were $250 on their own) Couple teeny tiny dings as you can see in the pictures and is otherwise perfect. Add $5 if shipped west of the Mississippi. Coule be interested in trades, nothing SPECIFIC I am looking for currently.
  2. Hottest day and worst round of the year yesterday. I was all over the place. Was trying out a new driver shaft and I abandoned it after 9. I keep hitting the ball on the toe and I need some range work (all I’ve been doing is playing mostly and putting at home). Also played a new course and it was a hike. Lots about the day was just weird. The mental side of my game was just nonexistent as well... But it was still a lot of fun. I was playing golf!!
  3. Ha!!! I’m up to five pair already, and limited space so I gotta do something!
  4. Like new (but not new because I wore them for two rounds) size 12. SUPER comfortable but I am doing the MGS shoe testing (yay!) soon, so need to get rid of one pair. Add $5 for shipping west of the Mississippi.
  5. Wheels fell off on the back yesterday but still posted a decent number. Mental game was all out of whack. Had a couple ******** guys jump in front of us at #12 and they were not good. So they held us up some as well. But the crux of my problem was poor ball striking (not outside factors). Made up for it with a few nice putt saves. Regardless I was out playing golf and not working!!
  6. Cross posting this into our Mid-Atlantic group b/c I think it's such a great cause! If you or anyone you know lives in the following states (DELAWARE, GEORGIA, MARYLAND, NORTH CAROLINA, PENNSYLVANIA, SOUTH CAROLINA and WEST VIRGINIA) you can enter to win one of 160 Tito’s branded golf bags or one of 205 boxes of Titleist ProV1 Tito’s branded golf balls… If you pledge to walk a round (or walk in your neighborhood even) Tito’s will donate $100 to the First Tee up to $150k. And if you’re not in one of those states, please share to anyone you know who IS in those states!! https://titosgolfwalk.com/campaigns/E0oDtKWc0FYBCTrT/10034/sweepstakes/promo-page
  7. Morning all! This is a contest is for a great cause. If you or anyone you know lives in the following states (DELAWARE, GEORGIA, MARYLAND, NORTH CAROLINA, PENNSYLVANIA, SOUTH CAROLINA and WEST VIRGINIA) you can enter to win one of 160 Tito’s branded golf bags or one of 205 boxes of Titleist ProV1 Tito’s branded golf balls… If you pledge to walk a round (or walk in your neighborhood even) Tito’s will donate $100 to the First Tee up to $150k. And if you’re not in one of those states, please share to anyone you know who IS in those states!! https://titosgolfwalk.com/campaigns/E0oDtKWc0FYBCTrT/10034/sweepstakes/promo-page
  8. Adding my name to the list here (along with a buddy of mine who I play with every weekend). We occasionally get over to ACCC, Seaview, and more. Would love to get out with any of y'all and also can get away during the week with a bit of notice.
  9. This is a fantastic driver. If you're on the fence about the Tour Edge line, you shouldn't be! The TE C721 driver (which is in many ways similar to this beauty) just beat out the Cobra today on TXG bracket.
  10. SUPER excited to go down this road and this is my first official test! BIG thanks to the MGS team and this community. I truly appreciate all of you.
  11. Love this. I grew up the same! "Where's the 150 marker?" and everything was just worked off from there. At the course I grew up playing, they just planted bushes (as many other courses have done) at 150 just so you knew. I personally, while I love this tech, ALSO love a good yardage book. There's something about being able to use analog paper and pencil that appeals to me in a BIG way.
  12. I already reached out about trading in my NX9 slope for this. Just so all you PP users know, you can get 30% off w/ their trade in program! Take advantage!! I also downloaded the app and it's already pretty awesome without the new rangefinder!
  13. Got an unplanned 18 in yesterday with my personal caddie and driver (my 16 year old daughter and my 10 year old son) with me. Best round I’ve had in 15 years (in terms of score) at least. Wheels fell off, on the back nine (last three holes specifically). Bogey, par, birdie (was on front edge of a par 5 in two), bogey, bogey, bogey finish. I was almost paying TOO much attention to my score. Got in my own head. -Tree trouble on 16 (drive pulled left, hit a tree on second shot, hit a different tree on third shot into the green side bunker, great bunker shot and made the putt) -Had to take a penalty drop on 17 (par 3) as I airmailed the green and was by a tree trunk -Hit a chunky half wedge into the front bunker on 18 after a perfect 5 iron into the middle of the fairway (340 yard par 4 where fairway ends at ~240). Still best round I've scored in a very very long time. I hit almost every GIR on the front nine. I used my brain more and played smart and also hit a couple putts. I also realize just how much better I play when I walk. (Son and daughter drove the cart most of the round) Also, I track how long my putts are and I made 81' of putts in total which is really really good for me. Lol. Screenshot below from DECADE app.
  14. Funny you should ask!! I just posted this update today:
  15. Back with some updates for y’all! For reference, last season, I averaged between 30-40% FIR. In my six rounds so far this season with this driver and the stock HZRDUS Smoke RDX X shaft, here’s my FIR: 31%, 43%, 50%, 57%, 64%, 43% (lots of detail on this last one below) I’ll keep singing the praises of this thing b/c unless I put a s*** swing on it, it's strokes gained are amazing... I played this past Saturday at a much tighter, old school course designed by MacKenzie and Maxwell. It’s called Melrose Country Club and if you’re into golf course architecture, and some of the original guys (not this dumb ass target golf and templates holes of so many courses being built today), you’d appreciate this course a lot. When I say much tighter, you’ll see just how tight below. I also will add a couple screenshots from my DECADE yardage book so you can see where the fairways squeeze, where my ball ended up, etc. The course is under new ownership (a couple of local judges I was told by the pro) and they're making some improvements to it - so I have high hopes for the rest of the summer. It’s a super interesting course in an old school design, that even on the weekends (2pm or after) is only $46 with a cart. They just need to change the damn pin locations more than once a month and it'll be much better. This is a course where honestly you could probably hit 3 wood on every single hole and be JUST fine - but what's the fun in that?! Also, I'm still waiting for my new TSi3 to get delivered... Also, I still have not made the time to tip and grip my KBS, so no updates there as of yet I only hit 43% of FIR this round. But TBH, as inconsistent as I was for much of the day in general, I'm pretty stoked about that. And when you see some of my misses below, and how close I was to still hitting the short stuff, I think you’ll agree. Yes, some of this is me and my swing, some is my course management, but I still give a TON of credit to this driver and the tech within. Hole - Par - Yards total - Fairway yards wide at 275 yards - Hit FW/Miss FW R/L/Short/Long - Distance Hole 1 - Par 4 - 387 Yards - 27y wide @ 275 - Miss FW Rt - 265y (missed by 8 feet) Hole 2 - Par 5 - 497 Yards - 0y wide @ 275 - Miss FW Rt - 322y (fairway is 0 yards b/c it's a split fairway - top of hill to bottom of hill is rough, then fairway picks up again) - hit a BOMB, I just didn't get it started on the line that I intended - technically I was in the fairway, but it was #1 fairway. Lol Hole 3 - Par 3 Hole 4 - Par 3 Hole 5 - Par 4 - 368 Yards - 36y wide @ 275 - HIT - 236y (used 4 iron) - tees were up, hole was playing 313 with 234 to the end of the fairway before a steep uphill to a blind green Hole 6 - Par 4 - 320 Yards - 11y wide @ 275 - Miss Long/Rt (through fairway) - 260y (missed by 4 feet) I hit a “baby driver” off the tee here and two things stuck out to me: first is that it went DEAD straight. I mean no lean to it in any way. Second is that it still went 260! Diamond face 2.0 FTW! Hole 7 - Par 4 - 353 Yards - 25y wide @ 275 - Miss Lt - 236y - first bad swing I put on it really and ended up in the trees. There’s a large branch of a tree that hangs out from the right (right is OB too) and every time I play this hole I pull my drive in a reaction I think. Add in swinging too hard and I double crossed. Hole 8 - Par 3 Hole 9 - Par 4 - 348 Yards - 24y wide @ 275 - HIT - 269y - pulled it a little, got a nice kick off a tree branch - middle of the fairway - yes this is a lucky FIR. Hole 10 - Par 4 - 302 Yards - 0y wide @ 275 - Miss FW Rt - 296y - this is a BEAUTY of a hole straight ahead to about 220 at which point it doglegs up hill at about a 130 degree angle to a blind green - I got greedy and tried to go for it (even though it was probably a 270 carry) and I pushed it - but I still had about a 50 yard flop shot over a tree Hole 11 - Par 4 - 328 Yards - 20y wide @ 275 - Miss Long/Rt (through fairway) - 280y (hit it about 30 feet through the fairway before it turns left towards the green) Hole 12 - Par 4 - 372 Yards - 21y wide @ 275 - HIT - 298y (this starts a pretty good stretch of holes for me w/ the driver - I striped this one dead center of the fairway) Hole 13 - Par 4 - 378 Yards - 26y wide @ 275 - HIT - 296y Hole 14 - Par 4 - 385 Yards - 23y wide @ 275 - Miss Lt - 282y (missed by 12 feet) Hole 15 - Par 5 - 510 Yards - 23y wide @ 275 - HIT - 316y Hole 16 - Par 4 - 385 Yards - 24y wide @ 275 - HIT - 244y (hit a BAD toe ball and somehow magically snapped it into the fairway) Hole 17 - Par 3 Hole 18 - Par 4 - 339 Yards - 0y wide @ 275 - Miss Lt - 261y (I got really greedy here again like I did on 10 - It's a downhill hole where I knew that if I hit it straight, even with an "average" swing, I'd still end up with a pitch less than 50 yards and at WORST a long bunker shot to a middle pin - instead, I pulled it into the trees) If I were smart on holes 10 and 18, I would have not hit driver and I would have ended up with close to 60% FW hit - add in the total misses on holes 1, 6, and 14 (a total of 24 feet) and I'm at 79%. I'll take all of it!! See below for a few pictures or screenshots. Number 10 from the tee: Number 10 up the hill to the green: My number 10 drive. Oops! TIGHT fairway and the “best” drive I hit all day.
  16. Price drop on all three of these: Ping G410/425 shaft: PENDING Uncut Shaft: $220 Edel Wedges: $300
  17. My strokes Gaines putting on those 8 putts was -3.54. So yeah, a couple of them were REALLY bad. Again, I’m shooting for making 6. Realistically (as I noted) making 3 I’m happy with. Then the SGP on those at least looks a lot better.
  18. I’ve been doing a fair amount of home office putting these last couple weeks. Still had 31 putts this past weekend BUT I had only ONE putt that ended more than a foot away from the cup and that was on a 60 footer (ended up 4 feet short). I missed 8 putts that were 16’ or closer. No three putts. I’m looking forward to making even 3 of those 8 in the near future and 6 of them in the distant future! Would have brought my round down to 75 (five over) or 72 (two over). We will get there! Today I worked on a few things: 1. Putting Grip - I never have had a grip that I feel comfortable with. I’ve tried traditional, left hand low, split hands, finger down, lots of overlap... so many things. Today I felt pretty good! Settled on traditional with two fingers overlapping from my left hand onto my right. I also brought my right index finger down the shaft a little bit. Not pointing down the side, but more “dangling”. I felt like I could grip with a light pressure this way. 2. Putting Speed. I subscribe to DECADE and one of the drills there is around speed. I didn’t have a lot of room in my office while I was on calls, so I practiced a lot of 5’ putts making sure I rolled the ball exactly between 5’ and 6’. I then moved back to 6’ and 7’ (the furthest I could go with some stuff we have on the floor) still stopping the ball within 12” of two quarters on the floor. Hoping it pays off this weekend. Headed to the range on Friday to a Toptracer range as I want to work on getting my driver launch angle more consistent. Traditionally I’ve been around 1.4° but that can go as low as -2° and as high as 4.5°. I end up obviously with VERY different results if I put that different of a swing on it.
  19. I'm just hoping some folks can put these things to good use!
  20. Sounds good! I do have two other people who've reached out, but no one has purchased yet.
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