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  1. Thanks!! Too bad none of them work! Hahaha!! I have a buddy who collects these that offered me $175 for it. So if you wanna go to $200 I might just take you up on that!
  2. Hey all today I am selling my favorite hybrid (17°). The shaft is not stiff enough for me and I also got a new 3w that has weaseled it’s way into the bag. Shaft is KBS 80g stiff and comes with tour velvet standard size grip and nice EXS head cover. $150 shipped and add $5 west of the Mississippi.
  3. Just call Mr. (IN)Consistent. (See screenshots) Up and down day yesterday. 79 score on a great MacAllister design that has lost multiple steps. Inconsistent course maintenance and inconsistent play from me. Pins hadn’t been changed in at least 3 weeks. I threw away 6 shots easily with just poor swings or choices. I also missed birdie putts of 20, 5, 15, 16, 12 feet on the front (shot 39 - par 34) and 14, 20, 12, 8, 3 feet on the back (also shot 39 - par 36). If I can just get 1/3 of any of those 16 shots to be “better”, then I go from 78 to 73. I’ll keep working it!! BUT, my 10 year old boy came and rode along with me and those 4-5 hours together are priceless. I would shoot 120 and not really care if he was with me.
  4. See above for first part reply, but for the red boxes, this is where you can put in what you estimate it would take to get down from that spot. Just like the 2.44 is in the bunker on the left. In most cases from the other boxes, I would put 0 b/c there's no "penalty" for be being there. Maybe I would put a .5 in that top right box given that I know the rough back there is deep, and the green slopes away and it would be very difficult to get anything close.
  5. Red line = DECADE baseline. Blue line is modified both left to right and back to front to account for the wind that was in my face/from the left. What I would have done in this instance is use the blue line for my target, but w/ the wind, I would have played it closer to 87 yards than the 82. That was my rationale in the difference in the blue vs red line.
  6. I have a great dialogue going with a dear friend and colleague of mine. He is 100% a "feel" player. From him, he says that his "swing is... piecemeal. what what i've found is i can't 'hit a number' even with my wedges per se. if someone said 'hit this 52 yards' i can't get my body to do that - but if i see that something is '52 yards away' by looking at it, then i'll just swing and feel that i hope i hit it 52 yards" I'm not trying to convert him to DECADE, it's just a great conversation because we're both 5-6 handicappers, we both have SUCH different approaches to the game, and we both love playing together, we love the same kinds of golf course architects, etc... Going back to my round last Friday, just to give you all information that none of you asked for... As I've looked at the DECADE yardage book I downloaded after the fact (because I'll play this course 10 times this year probably), what I also like (that i’ve never REALLY payed much attention to) is that i also can see how deep and wide the greens are and I can put those into how I approach things. Generally, I just shoot with my rangefinder the distance to the pin, which is FINE but… I was replaying my round from Friday in my head and there are a number of holes that had I paid attention to where the pin was, and then saw how much room there was short or long or left or right, relative to any trouble… then I would have thought about it differently. Hole number 18 is a GREAT example of this. This is a double dogleg, 545 yard par 5 that was into the teeth of a 25 MPH that was coming from about 9:30-10 o'clock off the tee. Was playing at least 600 with all of the wind. In the screenshot below, the blue dots are my shots on the hole, and the green dot is where the pin was placed. I also added some arrows to show where the green slopes. I was in the trees off the tee thanks to a pull that the wind grabbed, sending it further left and knocked it down, so I had to take my medicine to get out of the trees. Then, because the wind was so fierce, I needed to lay up with my third shot. In hindsight, I still should have gone for it out to the right ESPECIALLY had I known where the pin was. But alas I couldn't see the pin relative to the green from where I was standing on my second shot. So after taking my medicine, then laying up, for my fourth shot, even though I was only ~82 yards out, I wasn’t paying attention to how much room i had behind the pin and also exactly how close the pin was to the edge of the green. What I should have done, based on DECADE, was aim at the red line at the CLOSEST. Which is about what I did. HOWEVER I also pulled the shot, again the wind grabbed it, and I short sided myself in a major way, leading to a double bogey to end the round. But, if I had looked at how much room I had behind the hole (which was at least 8-10 yards), I would have saved myself at least a stroke. Also, with the wind more from around 11 o'clock at this angle, I should have been able to recognize that somewhere between the red line and the blue line should have been my target. And who knows, maybe a miracle happens and i make a winding 30 footer for par - instead, I walk away with a double.
  7. Well, I'm back on the wagon with Scott and DECADE! Sold some clubs, ended up getting the year subscription. I re-watched a few of the foundations videos and have started through the others. I also printed up my first yardage book, and I'm super pumped for this season. I'll be playing in multiple tournaments this year, and I know that this will make things better for me. Even so far this season, I've been shooting right around 79-82 depending on the course that I play, and last Friday, using a few of the DECADE thoughts back in my brain, I ended up with a 77. So already paying off again!
  8. Thinking about blast motion sensor. Specifically for putting more than anything.
  9. Yes I did and actually moved on from my Seemore.
  10. 77 on Friday in the most insane wind I’ve ever played in. 2 clubs all day, gusts to 60mph where at one point it lifted my push cart off the ground (thankfully I was holding it!). Had to double 18 just to make sure my handicap wouldn’t get too low.
  11. Have this ping heppler floki that is in mint condition. Looking for $200 shipped obo. Open to trades as well. Adjusts from 32-36”.
  12. Played this last year and it’s a great bag but I replaced it with a 14 way. Since I have the box from the new bag, thought it would be cheaper for someone to buy now! I’m asking $120 OBO plus actual shipping costs. This is still in GREAT condition and also comes with the cobra rain cover. Might entertain trades, open to hearing offers. Not sure what I might want. Happy to take more pictures if you’d like them as these don’t show all the angles you might want. Just lmk what close ups or angles you need and I’ll oblige.
  13. Adding transparency here on the wedges after talking to another member. They’re set up with the 48° with DG R300 and the 53° and 58° with KBS V-tour stiff for shafts. Did this b/c I personally play the DG in all of my irons and I hit full shots with the 48°. Thanks!
  14. Also adding pics of the uncut Cat 4 shaft for anyone interested. Took it out of the box (can still see the box in the corner of the pic) just to take the picture.
  15. Sorry for the delay here. I’m not sure if the playing length is different for the 410 vs the 425, so I have images below of the full shaft and zoomed in as well.
  16. SOLD I have a Rapsodo MLM that I’m looking to sell or trade. Selling for $385. Would trade for the following: Titleist TSi3 fairway woods TaylorMade SIM2 Titanium fairway woods Callaway Epic Speed fairway woods Scotty putters (not futura or phantom) Possibly some higher end X-stiff driver shafts...
  17. Discount for multiple items and prices may be negotiable. KBS TD driver shaft. 60g, Category 3 (stiff flex). Ping G410 tipped. ASKING PENDING KBS TD driver shaft. 60g, Category 4 (x stiff flex). Uncut. Brand new still in the shipping box from KBS. ASKING $250. Edel custom wedges. All play + 1/2”. All with tour velvet midsize grips. 48° 53° 58° lofts. Standard lie angles. ASKING $325 for all three. L.A.B. Directed force 2.1 custom blue putter. 33.5” and 69°. Comes with two head covers. Stock black and tour white. $OLD
  18. I thought I had posted this, but I obviously did not! I'm officially down 100 pounds in the last year. It's been a journey and it's actually been FUN! I feel better, sleep better, and losing weight is just a byproduct of everything I've been doing. I am not moving more into maintenance mode once I get down another 5 or so and then building some more muscle.
  19. So I’ve been having some good success with this driver on the course as well. My swing has been part of the problem and I also need to replace the shaft. I have a couple KBS TD shafts coming that I’ll put one in here. That said, this was my biggest drive of the day yesterday. Straight, uphill, and a BOMB over all of the trouble and just a short pitch up onto the green and drained the 4 footer for birdie. Had to play the back, then the front and something really clicked for me. On the front (my second nine), I hit 5/7 fairways and the two I missed were by a COMBINED 4 yards. I also averaged 281 yards on my drives which is WAY above my normal (I’m usually around 265 or slightly less). Excited to get a more balanced shaft in this and REALLY see what I can make this thing do! I have a buddy who is waiting for his SIM replacement to arrive, he’s hit my driver a few times and he says that it’s the best sounding driver he’s ever hit.
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