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  1. Trying to now basically GIVE this away. $155?? Anyone?
  2. I enter mine as if I hit the green or not. And if I was right, left, short or long.
  3. Oops! Someone had asked me how I was able to find the 20% off. Well now everyone knows!
  4. Great question! Here’s how I got to it. Choose new and used. And then select the second screenshot one.
  5. Wasn’t sure where to put this, but Amazon warehouse deals have been GREAT finds for me over the years. Usually these are clubs that are brand new but the original box was broken and so they can’t sell them at full price. Hope this helps someone out there! Price after the current 20% off added at checkout = $257!! Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Driver https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08226RG62/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_A81X2V0TA9TYQCX120ZE
  6. If I already played this week, is that why it might not show up for me? here’s what happens when I go to do it (see video) IMG_4091.MP4
  7. Hey @GolfSpy_THVit looks like you can’t choose the event on the app or on the we site now. Maybe a bug? I had no trouble yesterday when I played but today it isn’t working.
  8. My thought is this: I love DECADE, and I subscribe to Scott's thoughts on not worrying about larger patterns (my driver dispersion is not great, but not horrible). BUT, if your driver dispersion is 100-120 yards wide, then my recommendation is to spend $ on lessons, not on DECADE. That's not to say there isn't valuable content for you! But DECADE is not the answer to your problems.
  9. Which one did he reference? The quarters drill? I started this thread and realized how poor of a job I did updating it. I'll blame the fact that I have ADHD and was diagnosed in the middle of the 6 month journey I didn't continue after the six months with DECADE, mainly because it was the "offseason" and I didn't want to pay for it. Thinking about getting back into it as I hope to play some competitive golf this season and the yardage books alone might be worth it for these courses I won't be able to play in advance!
  10. Don’t join/create leaderboard, instead go to edit round setup/players. (See the screenshots in the OP)
  11. This sounds awesome! Love the idea of it being an unknown metric to go after! Play your best, have fun, maybe win something! What could be better!??
  12. Hey all! Wanting to buy an armlock but not looking to break the bank. I also have a KBS TD driver shaft (stiff) that I would ideally like to trade or have as part of the deal (if the putter is more expensive). I need at least a 40” (would try as long as a 43”) and I prefer a mallet but not tied to that style. Whatcha got?
  13. Are there any GRINT members in here from the Philly area that would be interested in playing in this tournament in a couple weeks? https://www.phillypublinks.com/tcapp
  14. Andrew Richardson Philadelphia, PA L.A.B. Directed Force 2.1 #3 - Mallet
  15. Price drop to $170. Would really like to avoid eBay (hate dealing with them).
  16. This is my recollection as well. I believe this was discussed last year possibly even as well?
  17. Picked up a Rapsodo and will get to the range this week. Will report back some numbers. Played my first 18 of the season yesterday and it was awful. Tee ball (And many others) a bit all over the place. Indication of my swing, not the clubs. Lol
  18. First round since January and it was UGLY early on. Topped or thinned about 65% of my first 9 holes of shots. Ended up scoring decently (85) but 34 putts, and only 33% GIR and 29% Fairways... but I’m pumped about getting back out next weekend!
  19. 44.75 inches. Feel free to DM me details
  20. I actually used to think the same thing myself, then I got fit into a 60g mainly b/c it increased my swing speed as a result of dropping those 10g. Trackman (outdoor) difference was over 5 yards with that being the only thing that changed. Same dispersion.
  21. Dropped the price, also entertaining trades.
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