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  1. Right now, you're 100% right. eBay is better. They have a massive inventory. You can search for "cleveland wedge" and have hundreds to choose from. Our goal is to some day get there. Where we aim to stand out is by providing full support on the marketing side of the coin. Each and every listing will be shared and marketed across our marketing channels. We have other golf related instagram accounts (brolife_golf) that have over 11k followers. Not a big number by any means, but the followers are very engaged in golf. They're a great audience that's very interested in this topic.
  2. Hey guys, wanted to take a minute to introduce to y'all - STICKSWAP. My buddy and I created this golf club marketplace so people like you could easily buy & sell used clubs. Just like eBay, but just clubs. Also, we'll be spending money on advertising to make sure your clubs get seen, and ultimately sold. Check it out and let me know what you think. - www.stickswap.co Best, Mike
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