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  1. I am of the opinion that trying to match your woods to your irons is a fool's errand. First off SW I think is crap. Total weight and balance point(MOI matching is much better) but you still should not match your irons because it is a different swing. Take your driver, 3w and hybrid to the range. Get a large roll of high density lead tape. Experiment with placing on the shaft, head to figure it out. I start with the shaft, many people I see are having issues with super light shafts when their irons are super heavy. Use foot powder spray to determine your strike location as well. You could be hitting many of them off of the heel which could be causing problems with the fade, but more than likely you, like roughly 70% of players, are more susceptible to weight and it causing a timing issue with your driver and woods. Placement on the shaft? You can ring it around the spot 14" below the grip, or you can mark that spot and extend above and below that mark in equal distance. Also on the head, place equal part on the toe and heel if your strike pattern becomes erratic with the weight on the shaft. This is how I self fit my driver a few years back to understand what head weight, shaft weight, and balance point of a shaft works best for me.
  2. This is similar to the Callaway UW. It is bigger than most hybrids, but yet smaller than most fairways. The biggest difference is the offset, there is A LOT less with the Cobra than there is with the Callaway UW. Far and away this has been exactly what I wanted. I can hit it much higher than my Srixon Driving iron, and much lower than I I could a matching fairway wood. I added some weight to the head(waiting on weights) and will cut down the shaft 1/2" and it should fit even better. The low knockdown or stinger shot is much easier to play with this than a fairway and much easier to hit higher than a driving or SGI iron.
  3. Angels Trace was held for Odel Williamson's Grandchildren. When the property values started going through the roof for land in that area in the early-mid 2000's they decided to sell the entire property to get the money. They sold it to the gentleman that bought Ocean Ridge from Ed. He also bought the old Ocean Isle Beach Golf Course, and quite a bit of other land in the area. He had to let a lot of the other land go, but held on to the old Angel's Trace land and is slowly doing improvements. I give him a lot of credit, other people declared bankruptcy and ditched homeowners who bought land in their properties, but he has held on and is making good on his stuff in Ocean Ridge(which Angel's Trace became part of)Jaguar's Lair as it will be called. The first nine holes were sculpted, and the greens prepped for grass when everything was just crap. I got to ride that nine with the guy who was going to be the superintendent, and it was going to be amazing. They were taking existing hole corridors of the 36 and making it into 18 great holes and a development. Unfortunately banks weren't lending anymore and people weren't buying as much property and that nine holes was let to go wild. Based on that nine holes it probably would have been the most striking golf course on the strand(Pawleys to Leland) not on the ocean/intracoastal/river and not named True Blue or Cape Fear National.
  4. I have two rounds in with mine so far. I have been on e of the folks that has absolutely hated hybrids, I had a tendency once every few balls to rope hook one off of the planet. IN testing I narrowed it down to the 425 and King TEC. In the end I went with the King TEC. I have the 2hy, it is set at 18*, yes I actually added loft, which is unheard of for me. I mean as a guy who can completely hook the crap out of a hybrid lofting up I never thought would be in the cards for me. I hit the hybrid, 4 times in the first round and 3 times in the second round. I never once had a ball hook, the setup is soooo neutral and to be honest I had two hybrid shafts sitting here ready to go into, and I pulled both of them out of the bag and am storing them. The MMT shaft has worked sensationally well. I have a Srixon ZXu 18* utility, a 7 wood that is turned down. This flies directly height wise between the two, but a little closer in height to the 7 wood. I normally keep those in the bag when I am just practicing and after the first round with the King TEC I pulled both of them out and unless I head to Scotland(and even then I think I can hit the hybrid low enough) I do not see myself putting either one of them back into the bag.
  5. I got banned on 4GEA in the early 2000's through the MB Golf Talk forum. There was a thread about Ocean Harbor and Marsh Harbor, well my family has been big in that Ocean Isle area for 30+ years and I know all about the Williamsons. I posted a few things I knew about what was going on, how OIB island came to be owned by one person, and why Ed bought Sunset, and quite a bit about The Pearl, Angels Trace, both Harbors, OIB Golf Course, the Big Cats and some others. I got a ban thrown up on me and a few other things. It was pretty laughable. Shoot I believe I still own the course record at Ocean Harbor, I set it right before my knee surgery in college, and a few years later it shut down and Davaun park now has homes covering about three of the holes out there since they let their land lease lapse from lack of upkeep. I vacationed and still do in the OIB area, it's been going on 35 years now. I lived there for 6 years as well. I still wish Marsh Harbor would open back up, and I wish Ocean would re route for the few holes lost and open up as well.
  6. I started on 4GEA, then was there and WRX. While on WRX I went into the putter business. I started with Sizemore and LUX helping them with personalization and customization of some of their putters. I was suspended soooo many times when people would ask questions about my putters or post about them and then when I answered I would get suspended often. Their email was "You are not allowed to comment or peddle your putters on WRX unless you are a sponsor." I explained that a member had asked a question that only I or my partner would be able to answer about our putters, and that by his reasoning I should never reply in any threads about our company. He reply was you are correct you cannot start a thread or reply to a thread about your putters on WRX unless you are a sponsor. We were a small company making custom putters for guys that didn't want to pay the big name prices, I never made a dime from SSB, but they wanted us to fork out 1500 a month to become a sponsor. Well when you are basically doing something to help the golfing public as a side gig and pricing so that people can afford them, you can't also make a pile of money. We offered to make a custom putter every month and allow them to do a give away, or even two putters per month. They wanted no part of anything that didn't line their pockets. Now this was 2006ish through 2011. I was also a member here, and no I never started any threads but I never got gobsmacked or suspended for replying to a question. This was about the time that Ashley Mayo did an article on custom putters for Golf Digest and someone had asked a question about it, yes she interviewed us and we were mentioned. The fact that MGS had no issue with me answering a question, but WRX and THP both wanted sponsorships for me to even think about responding to a question about our putters is why I still end up here a lot. There are some really knowledgeable club fitters on WRX is the main reason I stay and the club building and repair section is where I spend most of my time picking up tidbits from a couple of knowledgeable members.
  7. I have a DIY spring loaded shaft puller(Only used for graphite shafts) I use propane torch for all heat requirements. I lucked out and bought a Mitchell from the bay quite a few years back for 400. I am sure the measuring part probably doesn't read correctly, but I use to adjust based on the dry erase marker method, and I bend for loft based on yardages not a notion of equal loft gappings, so I don't care if it is not reading the exact number. I use the pure grips air installer (When I was going through my shaft testing phase, I got tired of "wasting" grips) so putting them on with air was cheaper. Cheap pancake air compressor from Home Depot. I turn my own ferrules if needed, but tend to just order them the correct OD of the hosel. A drill and numerous drill bits(I end up removing weight from all of my short irons) Vice to hold the heads when I drill Small parts plastic organizer. I hold all of my OEM adapters, screws, ferrules, shims, brass weights, calipers, SS counter core weights, small tools. ALL-Fit universal hosel adapters, I pull the OEM adapter as soon as I get a new club and use only the All-Fit. Kitchen scale (to get relatively precise gram measurements) Golf Works SW scale (While I think matching SW throughout your iron set is stupid) I still use a SW scale to do my poor mans MOI matching. .33 for 1/4" increments, .5 for 3/8" increments, and .66 for 1/4" increments.
  8. Currently a Sunset Beach Ocracoke carbon steel finished in oil rubbed bronze. It is far and away the club that stays in my bag the longest. In saying that however I have LaMont at Mannkrafted working on a prototype mallet for me. It will have a press fit short slant to give the same typish of toe hang. I prefer the way that type of hosel looks.
  9. with the help of people far smarter than I, I determined MOI (or close to it) with the headweights and shafts I am using I need .5 SW points between my clubs that are 3/8" in length gaps and .233 in the ones that are 1/4 in gapping. Now since my scale is not exact(non digital) I end up getting it close and finalizing with foot powder and lead tape on the range.
  10. I play unique lengths and do a poor mans MOI type matching along with testing on the range and with the dry erase marker. So I start my build as a poor mans DIY MOI match without the expensive scale, then more or less weight is put on the clubs depending upon what I am trying to get to. Club Loft SW Length LW 60 D7.2 36.75" SW 54 D7.4 37 AW 50 D7.4 37 PW 46 D7.2 37.25" 9 42 D6.8 37.5" 8 38 D6.5 37.75" 7 34 D6 38" 6 30 D5.5 38-3/8" 5 26 D5 38-6/8" 4 22 D4.5 39-1/8" 2 18 D4 39-3/4"
  11. I guess I should have explained it more. I take a 3/16" bit and after having removed the shaft I drill down into the metal of the hosel. There is still a shelf for the shaft to sit on and not increase my BBGM, but it removes weight without having to hack up the back of the head.
  12. I am not just a lead tape guy. My weird playing lengths not only require lead tape, but also require weight to be pulled out of the 9,PW, and down. 9 and PW weight is pulled from the hosel, so it is invisible. Short wedges I had to drill out the weight.
  13. I got my link late in the golf season and had been playing with long pants and pullovers. Since I knew the link used a "microphone" I had it clipped on my right pocket. Even in the few warm rounds I have played I got used to it being on that pocket and have continued with it. In high wind this past weekend I had a few erroneous shots show up and luckily since I check after every hole I was able to clean it up. It might have fixed itself, but I didn't wait around to see if it did. All in all the link has been great. Yes mine is running connecting to an iPhone.
  14. Essentially what every company is doing with all of the foam filled irons. Injecting/squirting/pushing a substance (foam/rubber/spheres/whatever) into a head (injection molding)should not be confused with this new process of metal injection molding. This is completely new in the golf club industry. However MiM is actually metal powder mixed with something and then injected into a "form". Once it solidifies then the head is heated and voila you have a club head. Yes, there is then polishing and milling the grooves and what not. However in constructing heads you now have Forging/casting/milling/Metal Injection Molding as different ways to form the metal itself into a shape. Depending upon the consistency of the metal powder you could probably find a way to use this mixture for 3d printing as well. Which I bet is right around the corner. Cobra claims better grain structure for it's softness. The metal itself that is used or the mixture of metals has way more influence on the feel than grain structure. Does grain structure matter? Of course it does, and it matters in some metals more than others, but that mixed with the head shape and metal gives you an overall softness with the metals chosen being the biggest component of feeling soft. If you mill a putter with the grain flowing from heel to toe rather than front to back it changes the feel of the putter with stainless to make it feel harder in the heel to toe grain configuration. This was an issue with the EVNROLL ER5 when they first made it with heel to toe grain and then the two pockets for weight caused a higher pitch and a sense of a harder feel. They have changed this in the later millings.
  15. There are no absolute rules in golf fitting other than that there are no rules. As @chisagsaid I have seen guys with 118 MPH swings hit a R, S, and X flex roughly the same. All shafts had similar weight and profile. I have seen 88 MPH guys hit an X flex driver shaft the best. As he said these are exceptions. I cannot hit a long (heel to toe) or square toed iron head very well. No matter if it is MB, players, GI, or SGI. Long heel to toe means I hit it further on the toe. This is just a fact for ME. I also have a fairly steep swing with lowish launch and super high spin. The P790 type heads and their ilk work very well for me. VERY well. I have a buddy that hits the ball roughly the same distance as I do and the P790's are absolute trash for him, he launches the ball super high and without a ton of spin. I have seen him fly greens early in the morning with dew on the ground that lowered his spin even more and he was hurting. He went back to a more traditional iron to get his spin back. I went through the horrid of playing MP-14's and that players played MB irons and hacks played any kind of cavity. I finally moved on from that and play whatever works, it is much sexier to collect money after a round than look good and give money out. Now my goal with irons is to get in a launch, spin and dispersion window. I stopped caring how my clubs look or how far they go versus my playing partners. I like repeatable windows, and good gaps between my clubs.
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