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  2. Chris Atlanta, GA 1 Callaway Apex Combo CF16/Pro
  3. I have done a test. I am not a great putter in general, I was always very streaky. I play 70% of my rounds on Bent Grass and the other 30% on Champions or some variety of ultradwarf Bermuda. I owned Sunset Beach Custom Putters, I still have roughly 10-15 of my putters in a rack in my basement. In the years Sunset Beach was running, I tried every putter on the planet, just to keep up with what my competition was doing to see where we could be lacking. I never found anything that made me want to change. My struggles were the short putts and long range putts. I tended to have a three putt or two every couple of rounds(poor distance control), and I would miss a few short putts a round as well. I did not practice which I will admit was part of the problem. I switched to an ER-2 as soon as I hit one. The feel was fantastic, the dispersion was better on the fake greens of the golf store. I have been playing with it for about 15 rounds now, and after the first three rounds getting used to it, I will say I have seen a huge change. In the last 12 rounds, I only have two 3 putts. I averaged about .8 per round before switching, which would equate to about 10 over 12 rounds. These are hard solid facts with it. I do not have hard stats to quote from short putts, but I know I make more of the 4-8 footers than I did before which was my second problem area putting. My 10-20 foot putting hasn't changed much that I can tell. It's hard to break down putting that far to see if I am making more or less from these ranges now, but I am more comfortable and know I make more close ones than I used to. I still have not started practicing my putting(which will change since I just joined a course) but my average putts per round has gotten slightly better, however my GIR have also gone up since switching irons so it is hard to get a good idea of how much better my putting overall has gotten.
  4. With most, not all, putters with some kind of groove technology the amount of loft needed to get the putter out of the depression it is sitting in is less than the standard of 4* that companies without grooves have used for years. Similar to today's drivers....I used to play a driver with 8 or 9* of loft. Today I play one with 10.6, because the technology has changed requiring that I loft up to get the performance I want.
  5. 1. Chris Jordan, 40, +0.8 2. Callaway Apex 50, Bridgestone J40 55, and Cleveland RTX - 2 60
  6. See if you can find someone with a production model(CNC milled) that is similar. Anything that has to be handmade is going to run quite a bit of money. 695 for a handmade is actually quite cheap. Checked Flannigan and it looks like he has a production line similar to the 8802. Something like that you should be able to get close to 3 bills, give or take 50.
  7. Ha, I play with one guy who can only get 3 out of 5 shots off the ground, one guy who brings the rain, and the third is a middle ballflight guy like myself. I hit my irons high enough that they stop relatively quick or spin back. My driver is a little lower than I would like with a touch more spin than I would like as well.
  8. This iron gives me wildly varying distances because of the cup face, or flex face, or speed channel or whatever that companies technology is. I have plated my last 8 rounds with irons with some sort of this technology(never played previous years, so maybe it used to be a problem) and not once have I seen this mysterious spot where the club starts flying greens all of a sudden. Maybe it is because I hit the SS most of the time. Maybe these are people who are ill fit and rarely hit the SS and when they do it flies the green, or it only happens out of the rough and they do not know what a flier is. I have been out of town for the better part of two weeks, I am playing a lot though so I shouldn't complain, and have not been posting much. I am back in town now and will be here for the better part of a month.
  9. I did an in depth review on another site. Just like any driver, there is no magic club. You need a club and shaft working together to perform properly. I was lucky enough to put a good shaft in it on my second attempt. I will see if I can find the review and post it in this thread.
  10. Well if you wait a little while the LTD is the hottest and lowest launching 3 wood loft for loft I have ever played. Including all of the deep models from Callaway. The 3-4 wood and 4-5 wood are completely different, not sure why, but the 3-4 is amazing for high ball hitters.
  11. I have a set of PX 6.5 flighted and a set PX 6.5 non flighted. One set came out of Bridgestone J38, and the other set came out of Bridgestone J40 irons. Both sets are .355 taper. They are standard length.
  12. I actually may have a center shafted one lurking somewhere. I remember, or think I remember seeing one when I moved 1.5 years ago.
  13. If you are getting good results don't mess with it. I tried a bunch of Scotty, Odyssey, Nike, and a few others but never got the launch you need(small lift, every ball sits in a minor depression) and then roll as quickly as I did with the EVNROLL. Some of them were close, but the putters that were close were ugly. Then after seeing the offline, or I guess I should say off center strikes and how different they were with other putters vs. the EVNROLL I was a bit shocked. I think also the fact I got to meet and joke around with the owner/designer for two hours helped me lean towards the putter as well. My first round with the putter was on punched greens in our work League on Wednesday night so it is hard to say anything really good or really bad about a putter having only used it on greens that newly punched. I've tried other counter balanced putters and never cared for them or seen an improvement. I am guessing the grooves, the off center grooves, the good looks, and the counter balance all together was kind of the perfect storm for my stroke.
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