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  1. Essentially what every company is doing with all of the foam filled irons. Injecting/squirting/pushing a substance (foam/rubber/spheres/whatever) into a head (injection molding)should not be confused with this new process of metal injection molding. This is completely new in the golf club industry. However MiM is actually metal powder mixed with something and then injected into a "form". Once it solidifies then the head is heated and voila you have a club head. Yes, there is then polishing and milling the grooves and what not. However in constructing heads you now have Forging/casti
  2. There are no absolute rules in golf fitting other than that there are no rules. As @chisagsaid I have seen guys with 118 MPH swings hit a R, S, and X flex roughly the same. All shafts had similar weight and profile. I have seen 88 MPH guys hit an X flex driver shaft the best. As he said these are exceptions. I cannot hit a long (heel to toe) or square toed iron head very well. No matter if it is MB, players, GI, or SGI. Long heel to toe means I hit it further on the toe. This is just a fact for ME. I also have a fairly steep swing with lowish launch and super high spin. The P790
  3. I am very well versed in Casting and forging and how it works and the different hardness in metals from a previous life. However I know little to nothing other than a blurb I read on the internet and the blurb Cobra has on their website(which may or may not be true) about MiM. So I am guessing some way shape or form Cobra is using some metal mixture in the process that somehow makes it softer, or maybe the process does in some way I am not aware of. Like I said I know little to nothing about Metal Injection Molding. I know bending them was easier than almost anything else. Three main
  4. I will say the MiM wedges are extremely soft. Other than a set of Bridgeston J40 CB's the MiM wedges were the easiest clubs I ever put my bending bar on in my Mitchell machine. Based on the little I have heard it is the same manufacturing process for the irons as it is for the wedges. Will they use the same metal blend in the irons that they used in the wedges is the big question. If they do, they could have a serious contender for softest feeling iron out IMHO depending upon how the actual design affects vibration. They feel super soft when hitting them as well. I would still be pla
  5. This is a good list, based on my last test. With one caveat. The P790 is more forgiving than the P770, not a ton more forgiving, but more forgiving none the less. Another caveat, the P790 is not for everyone. If you are in a good spin window with standard irons, or on the low end the P790 are much lower spin than the P770. I also found the new Cobra Forged TEC on the same level with the P770's and for me they were in about the same window, spin and launch.
  6. I am team Bryson, for a different reason. I have a ten year bet with a buddy of mine. He has John Rahm. I won't go into all of the ins and outs or money, but here are a few from highest points to lowest points Major Wins WGC/Players/Playoffs/other big events (based on number of players in top 50 in OWGR playing) Wins PGA Tour Wins Top 5 majors EPGA Tour Wins Top 5 WGC/Players/Playoffs/other big events (based on number of players in top 50 in OWGR playing) Top 10 majors KF Tour Wins Top 10 WGC/PGA We have points for weeks as Number 1 in O
  7. Golferplus1

    Balata ball

    Wow bringing back some memories. Maxfli HT, Top Flite Z balatas, next we'll hear about the Tour Editions or the Precept EV Extra Spin. The Maxfli HT was a proper wound balata ball. However I may completely off in my thinking, but neither the Z balata, Tour Edition or the EV extra spin were wound balata balls were they? I mean I know golf courses that had Z balatas as their range ball in the early/mid 90's. I never saw a course with the HT or Titleist TB as a range ball. I do remember the Tour Edition spun more than any of them with a wedge, the Z balata was a ball that spun prett
  8. I am down to try just about any golf balls always looking for something as good or better for a better price. Here in Atlanta when the leaves start falling you lose too many to the piles of leaves, yes I know hit it better. I have tried every name under the sun, I played Bridgestone exclusively for many years before moving to Atlanta. Once here and my supply dried up I started looking. I played Srixon, Snell, Vice, Cut, CSoft, TM, Volvik, and a few others I cannot remember. Of the DTC brands I found the Snell to be far and away the most consistent performer. Ball to ball, do
  9. Golferplus1

    AVX vs PRO V1

    I won't purchase Titleist products on pure principle(long story) but I had a buddy that bought a couple of dozen of the AVX in 2018. One of the rounds we played I noticed him over many more greens or a good bit past pin high than he was normally. Finally he was frustrated and on our 16th hole where I had hit a good 8 iron (I play Srixon Zstar or XV depending upon firmness of the greens) he threw a AVX down to me and asked me to take a swing. Of course I thinned the crap out of it, so he threw down another and I hit it as close as I can to the exact swing I had put on the first swing I mad
  10. I owned a small boutique putter company and fit numerous golfers from amateurs to a few pros. Toe hang is the most mis-understood spec in putters. First off toe hang can help or hurt you, I think everyone understands that. However, how it helps or how it hurts is different for every person. If you are missing right more toe hang could hurt you or it could help you. How to be a good putter. 1. Read the greens properly 2. Aim your putter properly 3. Return the club to your target line 4. Hit it the desired speed to take the break you see ----
  11. There was a Cobra 45% Code from early March until Labor Day. In that time I know of 6 different ones that were active and then deactivated. As it got closer to Labor Day the codes got passed around more and more quickly and they were deactivated more and more quickly. It started with RickeF2020 to BrysonD2020, then they started really getting in the weeds with them. I purchased two MIM wedges, 2 pairs of shoes, grips, 3 speedzone irons and a Driver for my dad. I have friends that purchased multiple drivers, wedges, iron sets, fairway woods,, it was ridiculous.
  12. I try to replace my irons multiple times a year. It often does not succeed. I have mainly played the J36CB, J40CB, then Srioxn 765 still today. I have tried M3 irons, P790, Hotmetal Pro, King Forged Tours, Cally Apex, and some others I am sure I am forgetting.
  13. Chris Atlanta, GA 1 Callaway Apex Combo CF16/Pro
  14. I have done a test. I am not a great putter in general, I was always very streaky. I play 70% of my rounds on Bent Grass and the other 30% on Champions or some variety of ultradwarf Bermuda. I owned Sunset Beach Custom Putters, I still have roughly 10-15 of my putters in a rack in my basement. In the years Sunset Beach was running, I tried every putter on the planet, just to keep up with what my competition was doing to see where we could be lacking. I never found anything that made me want to change. My struggles were the short putts and long range putts. I tended to have a three
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