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  1. Has there been talk of a draft time? I see the default being at 1am and have to assume that's not accurate?
  2. I play the black. Haven't tested the blue, but I love it. Spin killer for me and keeps the ball low which I need. I will say though you should have a repeatable tempo or smoother tempo. If you are really whipping around the shaft then you are probably not going to enjoy the feel. But if you play the blue you probably know all that. I would imagine if you already like one, you should probably keep playing it?
  3. Considering we play almost the exact same driver/shaft combo (mine is a 6.0) I'd love to hear about that feedback when you get the chance. Both of those shafts are ones I am hoping to test out, so you have at least one interested party!
  4. Don't want to take away from this thread, I'll post one once I get the job done. Might be a few months but I probably should not have said refinishing. It's really just cleaning some rust off of the faces, giving them some polish and re-shafting them. 2 iron to E wedge. Still looking on ebay for the 1 iron Hogan Apex Grind.
  5. Thanks for the reviews fellas. I am refinishing and building a classic set of Hogan Apex's and love to hear about these icons if I am looking for something new. That the clubs are this universally loved by a MGS testers really says something in my opinion. Great work everyone!
  6. That was a great day. Great to meet you and make a nice day of it. It was super cool to play with Matt. Very nice guy, gracious host and holy s*** can he hit a golf ball. Anybody who thinks his numbers on the video are cooked, I have seen it in real life, and they are not. I didn't have my swing that day, but that makes it the same as every other day!
  7. We are about to rise from the ashes like a phoenix. 2-0 this week and we get Josh Jacobs, Justin Jackson and Michael Thomas off of bye weeks. Looking to run the table from here on out. You're all officially on notice. Let's get it!
  8. I just bought a set of the Canadian classic blades, the Accuform PTM's. Very much looking forward to playing them this weekend and having a bit of fun. Eventually might even move into a real nice set of blades. I almost bought a set of Titleist Tour Performance as well but figured one blade set at a time was probably plenty.
  9. Hey is anybody close with Shankster? I just noticed he's playing a kicker on a bye this week. Not sure it will matter in our matchup but might in his other one. I couldn't find him in slack, but if you know him hopefully get him to add a kicker from the monday night game maybe?
  10. Bears win and all my guys hit in fantasy. Last night was a good night!
  11. Hahah! This is sick. Thanks fellas. Everybody have a great weekend!
  12. I have to be honest, getting on a trackman probably isn't going to help you. If you keep flipping at impact, you're going to keep doing so and until you fix that issue, the launch problem isn't going away. No offence, but I don't see what help getting some numbers is going to be.
  13. As someone who fights the scoop I have to imagine that is your issue. If you scoop you are going to hit it higher and shorter. You might also have the face a bit could cause even higher flight (and the ball to start a bit more right). I would try and video your swing face on (or ask a playing partner to do it) so you get an idea of what you're doing at impact. If your hands are behind the ball, then you're scooping and I would imagine that is the root cause of what you're seeing.
  14. I love that Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble are your go-to's. Keeping it old school man!
  15. We have a detached garage (more of a giant shed). There's not a ton of space and there's no electricity, so it would be super cold and dark (plus I'd have to go outside to get there which is not ideal). It might end up being my best option but I'm hoping to explore some more.
  16. Looks great. I'm trying to figure out an offseason setup for myself. Looking for a putting mat to help me with some start line issues and controlling speed (I think I'm planning on getting a putt-out). Also looking for a club trainer that isn't the size of a full size club. Don't have a ton of space to be swinging an iron in the living room, but could work with some sort of weighted or shorter club. For that reason superspeed and orange whip are probably out. If anybody has any suggestions I'd love to hear them.
  17. Sounds great. I'd be sure to check out if there are many other members in your age bracket. If the course has a ton of older membership this could create two issues, the first being there aren't many people you may want to play with, and they could be 5-10 years away from falling a huge lack of members due to members stopping golfing. That could increase your costs. I would think because the course was wide open at 2:30 on a Saturday this could be an issue (old guys like early morning play generally). This happened to a course near me and they have been very aggressive with membership drives because of it, having to resort to hosting lots of tournaments and even some *gulp* public play.
  18. God, leave it to the man, the myth, the legend to voice my exact thoughts about trading right now. Thanks for giving everybody that reminder.
  19. Guys, great reviews. I was SUPER interested in how this would go and I am glad to hear so many people had great experiences with sub70. They've been on my radar for a while and I'm looking forward to checking them out further. Thanks very much.
  20. Yeah I used to use the system on 18 birdies, but you had to input your club before every shot. Arccos does that automatically. Plus when you consider the caddie feature I think that more than makes up for it.
  21. I've gotta say, after 3 rounds of using the Arccos I got from Ping, having my phone in my pocket has not been a big deal at all. I thought I would hate it, I actually barely notice. It did mean I had to re-arrange my pocket setup of tees, ball markers, repair tool, etc. but I've made that sacrifice.
  22. One of the things you need to decide is the type of online lesson you want. Do you want to do live facetime lessons? Or do you want to record your swing, send them to the coach and let him analyze it? If you're more interested in the second option, the app skillest has lots of coaches who will do that. Many of them also have lots of online material and courses that you watch as well to try and help you. I'll shout out Travis Fulton here, I've been using his stuff and it's been helpful for me. I'd recommend doing some browsing on there. Upon reading your other responses, when you send Travis your swing, he will record video analyzing it and then send you a few videos from his courses that he wants you to watch. He might be right up your alley.
  23. I had two guys post zeros for me this week. This is not going great.
  24. I had a heart attack that it was me. I just saw this and had to go check my roster. Thankfully I haven't made that big of a mistake yet.
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