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  1. GolfSpy Rob

    What are your weather limits for golf?

    This reminds of my favorite “joke” that i created its a conversation between two friends and goes like this. This call takes place in A northern climate in early March after a long cold winter. Rick: Hey buddy, the forecast says its going on hit 50 as a high tomorrow, wanna get out somewhere and play?? Tom: You know it!! Make the time, ill be there!! Same two friends almost 8 months later in November. Tom: so you wanna play golf tomorrow? Rick: Hell no!!! It's only going to be 50 as a high!! Not for me. I'm done for the year. The same temperature can be a real matter if perspective. Bridgestone Tour B JGR Driver and HF2 irons Pre Release Testing
  2. Since it's been mentioned several times. I'll chime in on the timelines of the stages. Trust me we as MODs would love to put out a definitive timeline of stages. Meaning if you are selected on June 1st then Stage one should be 10 days later and stage two three weeks later. Howeve, we are at the mercy of OEM shipping. They all handle the forum testing in different ways. Which results in some companies building and shipping the clubs within two days. Others have more internal procedures to follow and thus timelines have taken up to four weeks just to get shipped this year and in the past. So each review can have moving targets as those of you who have tested know. I have to say. The testers that have been selected this year were phenominal. I can't recall more than one or two occasions where Enrique or I had to ask about someone's review status and push for it. Out of 20 plus testings. Most with 3-5 testers that's a pretty good ratio. You guys rock!! Keep the ideas coming. We're taking them all in and love hearing input from everyone. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. GolfSpy Rob

    I Betcha Penny's Happy Today!

    Sounds like you should have a full charge on your phone and wireless ear buds at the ready. A few years ago my Niece a HUGE Gator fan got married on the Saturday of the UGA game. She planned if months in advance before the game time was announced hoping it would be an early game and they could watch most of it in the bridal suite before the ceremony. It didn't work out 3:30 kickoff and 4:00 pm wedding. She may or may not have asked the Minister to cut parts of his words short. Ha But regardless there were a number of the wedding party hanging out in the bar of the clubhouse where the reception took place. With everyone graciously clearing room up front for the bride. Ha Bridgestone Tour B JGR Driver and HF2 irons Pre Release Testing
  4. GolfSpy Rob

    MyGolfSpy Headquarters visit

    That's awesome. You won't find a more welcoming group than those guys. Truly happy to see any Spies that stop in. Glad you found the time to stop. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. GolfSpy Rob

    Have you played with anyone famous/celeb?

    Denny Nagle who used to pitch for the Pirates and Rockies. But he was hardly a big name. Sean O'Hair in the Farmers Insurance Pro AM about 4 years ago. Pretty quiet guy but once one of the other Dim Wit AM's stopped trying to pump him for Tour diet and he and I started talking Redskins (my team) and Eagles (his team) he changed 100%. The rest of the round was like going back and forth with trash talk with a buddy. My big miss was I had the chance to play with Jim Brown as I was driving him from my hotel to my home course for a round and my clubs were at home. 95% of the time they had been in my SUV. But I had just gotten back from a trip and hasn't out them back in. Still got to spend two hours with him the next morning over breakfast. Facinating man. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. Ha. It probably had more to do with the large order I gave him for our Spring delivery. Bridgestone Tour B JGR Driver and HF2 irons Pre Release Testing
  7. Just received some from the rep. Will be able to add some thoughts on them as well. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. GolfSpy Rob

    Thoughts on 919’s vs MP-18’s

    Well the "collection" is going through more a thinning out and replacing, more than an adding onto...ha
  9. Not quite. It has material in the core that no version of the e6 ever did. It's a polymer that has been used in the tires and the engineers have been working with it for a couple years to get it to perform how they wanted in a ball. Bridgestone Tour B JGR Driver and HF2 irons Pre Release Testing
  10. GolfSpy Rob

    I'm in love again

    I think its just a passing phase!! [emoji41] Bridgestone Tour B JGR Driver and HF2 irons Pre Release Testing
  11. GolfSpy Rob

    Thoughts on 919’s vs MP-18’s

    Wow. Thats awesome. I've been given the opportunity for a set out of the current lineup. I have been torn between the MP18 MMC and the 919 Forged. That video may have just seeled the deal. Thanks. Bridgestone Tour B JGR Driver and HF2 irons Pre Release Testing
  12. Met with our rep and a home office VP from B'stone yesterday and heard quite a bit about this ball. I'm looking forward to trying it. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. Well if you read the piece. You will read he only played tournaments he was eligible for as a full time member of the tour. So he would have to go to qualifying for the US Open and British Open. You can probably guess how even par fsred in those. And well yeah. He watched the Masters from his couch like all of us. Bridgestone Tour B JGR Driver and HF2 irons Pre Release Testing
  14. A buddy of mine is a former PGA Tour Caddie and current Sport Writer. He and some other caddies started this site that has a lot of great content. The Caddie Network, a lot of inside info from caddies that you may find interesting. Here's one piece that I thought was particularly interesting. https://www.thecaddienetwork.com/what-was-even-par-worth-on-the-pga-tour-in-the-2017-18-regular-season-for-player-and-caddie/ This is a fun read, that if a player shot even par on the tournaments he was qualified to enter for a full season, where do you think he'd finish on the money list. It'd be interesting to see everyone post their guess before reading the article.
  15. GolfSpy Rob

    And now for my next trick...

    Congrats Matt!!