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  1. We received an email from many of the companies that they are shutting down most or all operations for a couple weeks. So shipments will likely be on hold. But like you once I'm back in the office and the juices get going. I have a few things onh mind
  2. Oh. I'm sure I won't. Gotta do my part to help the economy out. You know, doing it for the good of our country
  3. I hope you guys don't mind me posting this. Most people would do it on Facebook. But I consider each if you friends more so than the 500 some FB says I have My mom passed away this morning in Pensacola, FL. She was 89 and had suffered with dementia the better part of the last 10 years. It had gotten progressively worse the past two years. I last saw her a year ago. At that time It was sadly obvious that She had no clue who I was or any recall of past events. She was put in hospice care at that time. The fact she battled it for another year is a testament to her toughness. She grew up on a small farm in MS with her father passing at a young age and a mom in bad health. At age 15, She pretty much raised her baby sister and took care of the house while still graduating HS before marrying my father a year afterwards. I was 10 and my brother 6 when my parents divorced. She worked full time and raised two sons, without us ever wanting for a thing Or going hungry. Well I never did get that racetrack set for Christmas that I kept asking for I owe every value I have to this day to her. She taught us how to be honest, account for our selves and treat others kindly. She didn't see color in people, she just saw the good in then. .. whee and when she was raised, that is actually damn impressive. I received many of my physical traits from her or her family, she had older twin brothers who were 6'4. During my adult years I visited her as often as I could. But not often enough. Yet she always had a full pan of lasagna, a huge baking dish of Banana Pudding and dozens and dozens of Chocolate Chip cookies. Like I said. We never went hungry. The timing really sucks. Obviously I and my brother and sisters can't travel there now. She made plans a couple years ago to be cremated. So that's what they will do. A family friend down there will hold on to her remais. When everything clears up, my siblings and I will meet in MS for a service and say our goodbyes. This was my last picture with her. Time and illness had taken a toll on her. But she still managed a smile. Rest in peace Mom. I love you.
  4. I'm fine. But the itch is getting stronger I do have some things on the pondering list. But that's a different thread
  5. Nothing recently. I'm having to live vicariously through you all. Although I do have a $700 gift card to our pro shop that is itching to be used
  6. I know. No harm. I was just busting your chops as you and I have discussed all the different sites before. Each one offer it's own unique corner of the golf interwebs.
  7. Agree 100%. if I were to buy from a DTC company it would be one that stresses positive engagement with its customers and the public, like a Sub70 or a Ben Hogan, Oncore as examples. Not one that acts like thd neighborhood tough guy.
  8. Welcome and thanks for your support of the site.
  9. Thanks but actually the great work has been done by everyone who has done a review here in he past couple years. My contact spent the better part of a couple days reading almost every review thread from the past 2 years and was blown away by the quality and depth and effort put into them. That was what sold them on wanting to be involved, I was just the messenger. So as Barbs always says and he's right...YOU GUYS ROCK!
  10. Really NONE at All. The conversation began last fall with my trip out there. There are some new people in place at Titleist in the marketing and SM side, and they are BIG fans of MGS and wanted to jump in with the Forum as well!
  11. Yes!! And that's just an appetizer! You should see the main course
  12. FYI, Giant has been very low on Ice Cream for two weeks. But Safways seem to have a good supply. Well.....at last so i've been told.....ha
  13. Sorrry. It's been a bit crazy the past week. Just catching up on this thread. Indeed I am there. Well not right now as Ben is probably aware, we are shut down. When we are back open stop by Ben, I'm in the sales office. John. We need to get you down sometime soon again.
  14. I think it became official 25 years ago, but just not on paper. So many people in our community automatically call her my wife, or me her husband when talkign to her. So it's become automatic. But yes officially a Fiance now for 25 years
  15. Golfspy_CG2


    Those are awesome looking!
  16. My wife and i and no kids will watch their movies and just crack up. But we also love Frozen, so there may be something wrong with us
  17. Ok, bad choice of words, by site, I do mean Forum! That's the last clue though
  18. And trust me, we can all use some these days. Then.....you may want to be where you can read the site at some time tomorrow. Just saying
  19. The testers already know this, but to update everyone on the forum so you don't start wondering where the hold up is. PING is currently in the middle of a two week mandated shutdown. When they do open, we don't know at what capacity it will be. PING is 100% committed do doing this testing, but will do so without putting their field reps and fitters at risk. So it may take a while to get everyone's fitting done, but I know the wait will be worth it for the testers and ultimately for the forum readers. We will keep you up to date on any information we get. In the meantime, keep the conversation going!!
  20. This thread has suddenly made me hungry!
  21. Footjoy is by far my favorite in outwear, polos and shoes. Puma a close second in all areas. Shorts, I've had the best luck in my sizing with UA and Adidas Like PMookie, I love Peter Millar for special shirts from nice courses/resorts
  22. Good stuff in here guys. FYI. I'd you aren't already following @Fujikura Golf SM accounts. You may want to check them out
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