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  1. 7 minutes ago, Guest Guest Jon said:

    good article, but yeah, little generic on the questions. like to hear a bit more personal info about folks in these positions in the industry. what's his handicap, how many times a month do they get to play, little more in depth as to how they picked what is in their bag. like to hear if he interacts with their staff pro's, gets out to their fittings, etc. 

    Keep in mind, the reps that completed these for us did so outside their normal job responsibilities, and it is much more time consuming to write out answers than giving a full rundown of your job history and playing experiences in writing versus in a podcast type format.  

    But thanks for taking the time to read it and offer some suggestions, some good thoughts there. 

  2. 37 minutes ago, Guest Deacon said:

    The questions and responses were rather generic. Adjustable drivers are nothing new. The most important current trends were never mentioned. These should have included the newer technologies which now permit stronger lofts in irons without compromising playability. Also not discussed was the evolution of higher MOI putters and how this has changed the game. I hope that further interviews will include more insightful questions and answers.

    Thanks for the feedback, the question was what technology has had the biggest impact in the past 5 to 7 years, not just new technology.  It's hard to argue that there has been anything with a bigger impact than adjustable drivers. 

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