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  1. Awesome to hear. That wedge fitting area is the best isn't it. Started at 100 yards---for me since that's my longest wedge--then worked into about 30 to 40 yards. Really very cool. The length difference for me was a shocker as well. Went from 1/2 over to standard, almost ended up at 1/4 inch short --and I'm 6'4" Glad you got the trip in before the travel restrictions really hit.
  2. Don't forget this is AGNC, every blade of grass will be magically ready next April no matter when they play this years. I think they could do miracles there in 6 months
  3. Testers--FIFY Some may consider it a matter of semantics, but we stress this is not a contest or giveaway. People are SELECTED to conduct a very thorough and extensive review process, not just WIN a set of irons. Being the first testing of the year, we just want to make sure that's clear!
  4. But that said, how cool would it be to have a great tournament like that toward the end of the Calendar year, and then only have to wait 6 months for it to roll around again!
  5. That makes logical sense, as that's when the club usually opens again. It shuts down one week after the Maters and then reopens in October. That would be after the Ryder Cup and would be going up against the heart of college football and NFL and baseball postseason. Not that AGNC would care, but would create scheduling conflicts for CBS for sure.
  6. Yeah, disclaimer. I know the current situation is greater than any one sporting event. I had come to grips with the NCAA cancellation, all be it grudgingly. I was hoping with every bit of Irish luck that I might have that somehow The Masters would still be held on time. I was actually discussing this with someone last night. When and how they would reschedule it. There aren't too many open areas on the PGA Schedule. My thought is the Chairman of Augusta and the committee will determine where they want it--time frame speaking-- and plop it down right there. If it happens to be the same week of say the John Deere..then well sorry John Deere...SOL! I'm not advocating that particular spot, just using it as an example. The fall is going to be busy for CBS with football. August might be the only real void in the schedule now that majors are done in July, and playoffs start then. But I can't imagine Augusta National will look as pretty in August as it does in April. But again, the committee will find a way to fix that..ha It would probably play firm and fast, which would be different and maybe add a whole new level of excitement to the toooonament
  7. This is a tough one. I guess if you have to think about it too hard, then there really isn't one. But no doubt the one that comes to my mind every time I think of this topic are my PING I5 irons. I was playing the best golf of my life when I had those. But I came to the conclusion they were too ugly and went with something new and shiny
  8. I was waiting for this one!! You talk about letting those irons get away more than most guys talk about the one love of their life they let get away...LOL
  9. Testers Wanted (4) Ping G710 Irons Nothing like getting the official start of the MyGolfSpy Forum testing season off to a grand start with a set of irons that follow one of the most successful irons in the recent history of PING. When launched in the spring of 2018 the G700 irons caught golfers by surprise. They were different in almost every way from any iron PING had produced. And they performed, boy did they perform. Now, as is typical for PING, two years later they've launched the new version: the G710 irons. The most noticeable visual difference is the stunning stealth black finish. But PING wouldn't be PING if there weren't several technical improvements. Chief among those is sound and feel. But don't take our word for it—that's where you come in. Four MyGolfSpy Testers will be selected to test, review, and keep the G710 irons. Testing will require a commitment of putting the irons in play on the course and at the range and providing ongoing commentary in the forum throughout the process. How To Apply As an extra bonus the selected testers will have the option to choose Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips equipped with Arccos. The clubs will come with a 99 day free trial to Arccos. After that the tester will be responsible for paying for the subscription in order to continue it. It will be a great way to add data to your review. PING has opened this testing to all golfers regardless of country of residence. To apply to be a tester follow the instructions below. In a post in this thread please provide the following information...AND DO NOT QUOTE this post when replying! First Name / State or Country of residence Handicap Current irons in Play The carry distance of your 7 iron That's it. Good luck to everyone. We'll be selecting the testers within the next 10 to 14 days, so check back to see if you've been selected!
  10. And when in doubt, grab the clubs and go play golf!
  11. Yep. I actually took the traditional approach and same results, a birdie and par. No way was i taking on that full canyon. I cut part of the corner on my 2nd shot and had 113 in for my 3rd.
  12. Gosh, if he did, I imagine he had a few words from the Brit dictionary that the guy had no idea what they meant. That course was tough enough for me as a 15 handicap, I can't imagine what a 27 would shoot there. Yes, Yes and Yes. I do remember one person who was a big hitter from that group when asked how he was going to play No. 1 replied. "I'm going to take my laser out, shoot the distance to cover that mound to the flag, then grab a 5 iron and layup right in them middle of the fairway"....ha
  13. Keep in mind, the reps that completed these for us did so outside their normal job responsibilities, and it is much more time consuming to write out answers than giving a full rundown of your job history and playing experiences in writing versus in a podcast type format. But thanks for taking the time to read it and offer some suggestions, some good thoughts there.
  14. Thanks for the feedback, the question was what technology has had the biggest impact in the past 5 to 7 years, not just new technology. It's hard to argue that there has been anything with a bigger impact than adjustable drivers.
  15. Yeah, guy definitely gets around. And to complete the picture, he was wearing a tee shirt about 3 sizes too small, and not because he works out a lot...ha
  16. Funny story, I was at GG last weekend waiting to hit the the Demo T400 they had just gotten in. The sales rep goes to the guy in line before me and asks what can he help him with. Customer: "I'm looking for an X-Stiff 3 wood that I can control and hit 250 to reach the par 5's instead of having to layup. I want to try the SIM and MAVRIK." The sales guy tells him they don't have any X Stiff shafts, ask's what his driver swing speed is, the guys says about 115 to 120. So the rep say try this it should work it was a EvenFlow 6.0 I think I heard him say. So the guy proceeds to hit about 12 out of 15 shots fat never getting one past 222 including the roll. The Sales guys says, you swing speed is showing 88 (3 wood) so I'd say stiff is right at what you need. Customer: "I think the stiff shaft is causing me to lose control and not hit it cleanly, that's why I need the X Stiff. You sure you don't have any" SMH...I think I've been behind this guy on the golf course before. Waiting for the green to clear, only to top an 80 yard worm burner....ha
  17. Without knowing, I will bet almost everything I own, that it was hole 11, as you know I played a two round tounrmanent there a few years ago, and that bunker got me both rounds, same exact shot in the same exact spot of the bunker. First time the result was what happened to Harry, second time I managed to somehow to barely get it out and up on the lip. Toughest bunker I've ever seen in my life. I spoke to Harry about it a month or two back, he's going to work the pro tournaments around his MGS schedule. He has no immediate plans to leave MGS. Look at those scores, nobody broke 80 including the +4 index. I have played that course in tournament conditions in the middle of summer and it was a brute, I can imagine it on a cold windy March day from Championship tees!
  18. A new feature we’re rolling out this year is On The Range With …….. It will be a Q&A session with various people that work in the golf industry. We’re starting out with those who work for the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in other words any company that makes golf products that we commonly use. It’s a chance to get to know some of the names you may have heard of a little better and to get to know some in key roles that you most likely have not heard of. We appreciated them spending time with us to provide some very insightful thoughts on equipment, their companies and the overall golf landscape. We hope you enjoy them, and if you have any suggestions on anyone you’d like to hear from, let us know and we’ll see if we can make it happen.\ We begin the series with Chris Voshall, Product Marketing Manager at Mizuno North America: Chris Voshall Mizuno @Vosh68 Personal How long have you been with Mizuno and what is your background? I started with Mizuno in the spring of 2004, making it 16 years already! Started fresh out of engineering school in college and was brought on as a Club Testing Engineer. Have worked my way through the company from there. They say you shouldn’t take a job in golf because you’ll never get to play again. Is that true for you? If so WITB? I wouldn’t say exactly true, but I would say that I have friends in other fields who get to play a lot more than I do. That being said, I’ve played some nicer courses. Ha! In the bag for me currently: Driver – ST200G with a custom made 70g Fujikura shaft #3 & #5 Woods – ST190 with 80g Diamana S+ Limited #3 & #4 Irons – MP-H5 with AMT Tour White #5 - #9 Irons – JPX919 Tour with AMT Tour White 46, 51, 58 Deg Wedges – T7 Blue Ion with AMT Tour White Putter – M Craft Type II Black Outside of golf what other activities do you do? I love going to the gym, even though I’m the smallest guy there. Also love anytime I have a snowboard strapped to my feet! Shop Talk Which product/products do you think have had the biggest impact on golf in the last 5-7 years? Adjustable drivers have definitely opened a ton of fun doors from the engineering and creativity side. And it’s hard to talk adjustability without mentioning the R7 Driver. On the iron side of the world, I really feel the technology of engineering a high COR into the set has had a huge impact on the game. The JPX800 iron was one of the first to really take off with this tech and the industry has followed along. How many ideas are left on the cutting room floor? Do you ever see a failed idea resurface later with a new twist? It’s amazing how often we see things pop up in the market that we worked on in the past. Sometimes we couldn’t execute on an idea properly and someone else figures it out, and sometimes it just feels like we are too far ahead of our time. The world of hollow distance irons is a perfect example of this. Mizuno’s MX1000 and MP-H4 are perfect examples of this. They were ahead of their time. Once the industry and the consumer caught up, we were able to revisit the design goals of these clubs with additional small twists and really get commercial success with the idea in the MP-20 HMB. Please describe your company's relationship with MyGolfSpy? (be honest) MyGolfSpy is one of those groups you love but at the same time, you have to be aware that the next thing they say you might hate. As an engineer who likes to speak in clean, engineering terms, I’ve been fortunate to really get along with those I have met within MyGolfSpy very easily. If I were a marketing guys though, I can’t say that I’d have that same relationship. Overall, they hold the OEMs accountable for what they say and how they act, so in that respect, it’s hard to say anything negative. Big Picture What growing trends do you see in the industry? Which segment seems to be growing the fastest? This is an industry that’s constantly evolving. What I am loving to see right now are the discussions of manufacturing processes and tolerances and how they might affect performance and design. This has been my world and it’s cool to see that it’s being brought to the forefront of product stories. No more “17 more yards!” and more attention to the finer details that we can optimize. Given the limitations imposed by the governing bodies are we nearing the end of equipment innovation? It’s funny how this question has been asked over and over again for years, yet engineers find a way to keep advancing. While a governing body may implement a new rule or two, those simply act as guidelines for us to engineer around. We’re going to take what we’re given, and then we’re going to innovate around. So the simple answer from my end would be that we are in no way nearing any end to innovation! What can the golf equipment industry do to help grow the game? This is always one of the toughest things to answer. We want to push innovation to try to make the game more enjoyable. Also, we aim to make it more personal with custom fit and customized clubs dialed in specifically to each player. Will that ultimately grow the game? I doubt it. That being said, the game is an absolute blast to play. As people are so “connected” 24-7 to their work, their phone, the news, everything, a golf course is one of the few places where it’s not only acceptable, but encouraged for you to disconnect and focus on the game. So to that, I think the game will be completely fine, it’s just figuring out how to get individuals their first taste….
  19. As Foz said above. I had a chance to play today and hoped to get a group of locals. But due to some family commitments RickP and RevKev weren’t able to make it. They most likely saved themselves a real butt kicking. Course had trouble lurking on every shot and i probably got a bit full of myself after a couple pars to start. Greens may have been the fastest ive ever played on. Loved them ss they rolled as true as you could ask and not a ball mark to be found. And throw in s pretty constant 15 moh wind and the fact i hadnt played a round since last October. I guess i ciuldnt be surprised at my 48/49 round. Easily could have been 90 if not for 3 putts and might have been 105 if a couple 10 and 15 footers didn't find the hole. here’s a couple more shots from the round. Including one if me fending off a Foz eating gator. You’re welcome Foz
  20. We did!! Sorry you couldn’t make it. But ee understood. Maybe next time.
  21. That's a good place for both those. Far back in the corner of the garage Full disclosure, I owned both of those when they were out
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