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  1. For short game I'll go out to the chipping green and randomly toss balls up and play them how they land. Then I'll go to the other side of the green and do the same. I don't have a set putting practice routine. As its the strongest part of my game, i tend to spend the least time on it. Sent from my LG-D850 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  2. I do enjoy Rick Shiels reviews as others have mentioned. I havent watched much of Mark Crossfield. Sounds like I need to check out the me and my golf guys Sent from my LG-D850 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  3. Really cool setup there. I had thought about those irons last year. They go so little public attention. But I knew a couple guys who put them in play and had good things to say.
  4. There's so much I love about that setup.
  5. Just seeing this thread. Great looking setup.
  6. Good question. But I think Id have to say No. For much of the same reason Ethan says above. As valuable as caddies can be, at the end of the day it's all about the player.
  7. Very cool. I have heard from a few people that have interviewed him, that he is very approachable and generous with his time.
  8. Sounds like that was a fun round. I'd always be up for a round with any fellow MSG'ers. Willing to travel several hours if a large group or outing was out together.
  9. Good idea for a thread. I'll have to search my phone to see if I have any worthy ones. I, had a lie just like that earlier this week on the green. Plugged with a 9 iron.
  10. I tried that a couple years ago with some guys from our regular group. They didn't appear interested. But i thought it was a good idea as well.
  11. Is he looking for a regular flex Fly model. Or something more in the Pro or Flex line. If a Vapor Fly is of interest. Message me for info.
  12. Congrats. That's not breaking 80 that's shattering it!
  13. Really enjoyed reading this thread and the reviews. As a ProV and Chrome Soft user, I'm very intrigued by all the favorable comparisons to the ProV I'm pretty well stocked right now, so I don't need another 6 dozen balls. But I will be giving these a try at some point.
  14. Oddly I'm not lookijg at anything right now. Pretty much did a complete bag make over between January and May. Only thing I see on the horizon is the 917 line when it's released this fall.
  15. Too far away. But hope you fill it and have fun. Happy Birthday by the way.
  16. Probably for the same reason when we were buried under 30" of snow in January we were talking about longing for hot summer days. Ha
  17. I didn't get to see any of the golf today. How did the U.S. guys do? Stenson running away with it yet?
  18. i currently use the Garmin X40 I like it alot, I'll be happy to answer any questions. However, I will be reviewing the new Precision Pro for the site very soon, so Im sure I'll have a lot of comparisons at that time. BTW I was chosen to review under my previous screen name Jr 82, but it's an old nickname that not many current friends know, so I went back to a more familiar name, Just mentioning that in case there was any confusion.
  19. Cool, it's an open offer. Just let me know anytime. Another option to try for high MOI is CURE, they are not Mallet style but the heads are so big you pretty much get the same affect. If the Scotty had not worked out so well for me, I was going to look at them as well. Tying putters is fun!!
  20. Have you looked at the Versa #7 it was my gamer before the SC, it is really really good as well. It sounds like you wanted a 33" but if you think you could use a 35", I'd be willing to send it to you to try out, and if you like it, just make me an offer of any kind on it, if not you could send it back.
  21. it is, thank god for Personal use Discounts..not sure I would have been able to buy it otherwise.
  22. Black Diamond Quarry sounds familar, I think he talked about it being very good, he definitely likes WW as it's about 15 minutes from his house as well.
  23. I don't know where you fall on Scotty's but the X7M is the best putter I've ever used, and that's saying a lot. It's forgiveness is just incredible, you have to make a really really bad stroke for it not to finish very close to the hole. and I've made more 15 to 20 footers this year alone than I've made in say the last three years combined. I am 6'5" so I've never had a short 33 or 34 inch putter, but I did go from a 38 down to my current 35" and had no problems. I tried the 38" in both blade SeeMore DB4 and Mallet Toulon Memphis (although I think that's more of a mini-mallet) and the weighting just never felt right so I was more comfortable going back to 35" I should add a very good friend and regular playing partner cut his 35" Betti down to 33" and hated it. he is very short and it was recommended by a fitter and he never took to it at all and felt it ruined the putter.
  24. Yeah, he plays World Woods a fair amount as well. I haven't heard him talk about Ocala Municipal at all.
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