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  1. As Foz said above. I had a chance to play today and hoped to get a group of locals. But due to some family commitments RickP and RevKev weren’t able to make it. They most likely saved themselves a real butt kicking. Course had trouble lurking on every shot and i probably got a bit full of myself after a couple pars to start. Greens may have been the fastest ive ever played on. Loved them ss they rolled as true as you could ask and not a ball mark to be found. And throw in s pretty constant 15 moh wind and the fact i hadnt played a round since last October. I guess i ciuldnt be surprised at my 48/49 round. Easily could have been 90 if not for 3 putts and might have been 105 if a couple 10 and 15 footers didn't find the hole. here’s a couple more shots from the round. Including one if me fending off a Foz eating gator. You’re welcome Foz
  2. We did!! Sorry you couldn’t make it. But ee understood. Maybe next time.
  3. That's a good place for both those. Far back in the corner of the garage Full disclosure, I owned both of those when they were out
  4. I was thrilled to find this forum about 4 years ago and even more thrilled when selected to be part of the Moderation team 2 years ago. It's been great reading about some of the early history of the forum and the above piece posted on the home page is a fantastic read, do yourself a favor and don't skip it. I'll be fortunate to get to play a round of golf with two of those legendary early members RevKev and Foz and I'm sure it'll be a great time.
  5. It--the last sentence part---was intended for the audience as a whole so they didn't continue the off topic part of the conversation.
  6. What was the shaft?
  7. This has been discussed and discussed in another thread. Take the conversation there. You're certainly entitled to your opinion, but we won't permit you to continually shout your 'get off my lawn" take on this where it doesn't belong. I suggest any comment about this post be made via PM, not in this thread. TY
  8. Since most yardage markers don't go past 250, I use mine on any par 5 to see if I'm 260 or 280 out and need to hit a 3w or 5w to reach the green J/K of course. But sad to say, I think we've all been behind "That Guy" at a time or two!
  9. A second testing of the two didn't go as well for the SIM. And this time the TS1 was the longest at 227. I had my SX500 out to measure the drives. So the SIM Max was sold and a MAX-D at 10.5 ordered in its place. So we'll see if it fares any better Ok m Wed I'm going to a Callaway event where we will hit it's whole line. So I'll see how the MAVRIK does. But that's a different thread for a different day.
  10. Thank you for this. Even before I worked at a course I didn't find these funny. Now that I've seen for 5 years how hard our Super and his crew work to provide the best conditions they can for play. Well I don't want to say what I truly think about these videos. I might violate a moral code or two
  11. Great point about Thomas and Reed. I did actually have a thought during that, that if it was Reed in that situation, that a rules official would never have been called. And if that was the case, wonder if NBC would have gone to the trouble of showing the 2X speed shot of the ball moving? Although it seemed to be that Thomas's main concern was the first official used the word "think" as in "I think you play it as is" He didn't want to hear what someone thinks...he wanted to know for sure. So the call came for good ole Slugger White
  12. Awesome. Way to be open minded, even if it took a little nudge from the fitter The TS line is very good. Also I'll interested to hear how you like the ST200 5 wood. Where did the ST200 driver rank in all the ones you tried.
  13. Thinking along the same line as you, is one of the biggest compliments Ive gotten on Forum. Thanks buddy. And Carolina connections run deep. if it wasn’t for this little lady i so much. I would have moved back there about 15 years ago.
  14. Don't let Cnosil fool you. They have to kick him out of the lab most nights. I think he would bring a cot in there and take up residence if they let him.
  15. I recieved this from the folks at TM. Its Rory’s carry numbers for each club in Mexico this week. He and his caddie Harry, actually do this every week when moving to a new climate like West Coast, East Coast...etc
  16. Definitely would be awesome to do it again, I kind of choked a bit yesterday when watching the Trottie Interview with DJ and asked him how may HIO's he has had, DJ said on tour? or All time? Trottie said all time Without hesitating or thinking about it DJ said 30 Yeah, early returns on these T300 with TGI shafts are pretty good, so it would be cool to get one with them. The ball was already a personalized one. But I'll put another one on the mantle!!
  17. I think most anyone who has been an active member here for a couple years wouldn't call it bold, but would understand where I"m coming from
  18. Callaway Tour Notes - #1 Driver At WGC Mexico Championship Callaway is the #1 Driver Brand at the WGC Mexico Championship, and we’ve got some other great early notes on Tour this week: Callaway Is The #1 Driver Brand At WGC Mexico AND At The Puerto Rico Open It’s a big week on Tour for our drivers, as Callaway is the #1 Driver Brand at the WGC Mexico Championship, and we’re the #1 Driver Brand at the Puerto Rico Open – the other PGA Tour event being held this week. The success at the WGC is led by the popularity for our MAVRIK Drivers, and at the Puerto Rico Open there are 22 MAVRIK Driver models in play. Our MAVRIK Drivers are dominating all over the world - last Sunday two non-Callaway staffers won with the driver on the Champions Tour and Korn Ferry Tour, MAVRIK has earned two LPGA wins already, Marc Leishman won with it at Torrey Pines, and some of the best in the game like Phil Mickelson and Xander Schauffele are contending with MAVRIK in the bag. Odyssey Sweeps PGA Tour Putter Counts Odyssey is having an outstanding week as well – it’s the #1 Putter Brand at the WGC Mexico Championship with 41.7% of all putters in play – more than the #2 and #3 putter brands in the field combined. The success is led by our Stroke Lab Black Ten Putters, which continue to be an extremely popular choice on Tour. And at the Puerto Rico Open, there are 50 Odyssey Putters in play (also 41.7% of the field). Odyssey continues to have the most putter wins of any brand by far in 2020. 50% Of Chrome Soft Golf Balls In Play At WGC Have Triple Track Our Chrome Soft Triple Track family continues to make a significant impact on Tour for players like Phil Mickelson, Xander Schauffele, Francesco Molinari and Dylan Frittelli among many others, and this week 50% of our Chrome Soft Golf Balls in play at the WGC event feature Triple Track Technology. This innovation uses Vernier Hyper Acuity with the three lines on the ball to help significantly improve a player’s putting alignment.
  19. This is only the beginning.
  20. The Tour Depatment at TaylorMade provided some changes in the bags of it's staffers this week. Most due to the higher elevation they are playing at. Several SIM Max 19* rescues in the bag. As 3 wood and 5 woods were likely going to TEAM TAYLORMADE NEW PRODUCTS/SWITCHES THIS WEEK: Dustin Johnson: P790 3 iron Rory McIlroy: SIM Max Rescue 19.0 (back in after using 19.0 FW last week at Riv), Spider X (back to 34” length and added a new grip Lamkin Sink Fit Skinny Black, MG2 52° Collin Morikawa: SIM Max Rescue 19.0, Spider S (currently ranked 142 in SG:Putting, so looking for something right now Jon Rahm: SIM 19.0 FW NOTABLES (* Free agent) Brandt Snedeker: SIM Max 9.0 Paul Casey: Sim Max Rescue 19.0 Tyrell Hatton: SIM Max 15.0 Jazz Janewattananond: SIM Max 15.0
  21. I think picking one ball that fits you and staying with it every round benefits you more than choosing one set of clubs and sticking with them!
  22. I'm 6'4' and "normal" length arms for my height, 36" inch dress shirt sleeves. At TPI in the fall I was fit into standard length T300, and we literally tried everything from 1/2 over to 1/4 inch short. Glenn said, it's not about your wrist to floor measurement standing straight up, as nobody hits a shot in that position. It's about your position at impact. So far with 9 holes in, Im very happy with how the fit and feel.
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