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  1. Gary, New Jersey I usually practice on a narrow strip mat in my family room in the winter. I have only used the cheap narrow mats in the past. They like to retain the curves from rolling them up. I would like to have a medium speed so I can ramp up or down on my local public courses.
  2. Gary/Monroe/NJ Hdcp 35 Linksman 45 and 50 loft, Warrior 60 loft Prefer 50, 54 and 60 loft
  3. Srixon/Cleveland fit like a pro. Gary/NJ/35 handicap Would like a 565 12.5* Driver, Senior flex graphite 565 Fairway 3 and 5 wood, Senior graphite H65 19* 22* 25* 28* Hybrides, Senior graphite 565 7-AW Irons, Senior graphite shafts Cleveland mallet putter Head covers for all clubs Thank you for this opportunity
  4. Gary Lee - central New Jersey 35 Handicap, 66 years and just retired I have no distance finder except buddies I play golf with who have them Having just retired and having longed for years to play golf more regularly, I now find myself using my friends distance devices and relying on them to tell me how far the hole is. As my handicap slowly decreases I rely more heavily on them. Nice to have friends
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