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  1. I'm guessing you just had a dot stamp? I've seen some of Taranto's work and he does this sorta hammered look like that. Wouldn't mind testing it on an older wedge

    I have a dot stamp (the period in a punctuation set) but the thing is so damned small that it would've taken an eternity to do all that, so I used a punch as I've seen dave billings do similar peening to his line of machine putters the same way.... I've also heard of guys putting the ampersand (or some other letter/symbol they never use) in a cordless drill and grinding to a point with a bench grinder. Similar to the way you'd sharpen the electrode for TIG welding.
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  2. Stamping is like a tattoo. Unless you definitely know what you want you should probably stay away from it

    I dunno... wedges, if played regularly, last what...about a season? I think there's an argument to be made against stamping iron sets/putters if you care about resale value, otherwise go for it...


    Finally if you're thinking about DIY'ing the wedges... make sure you get some practice in first, I also can't recommend an Anvil highly enough.



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  3. RB7 chimes in with multiple masterpieces as always haha!

    Xstiffshafts, great work keep it up, on suggestion would be to invest in a glass bead blaster, the finish will be much more uniform,blast it after sanding then torch.




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    Yeah man I have a blasting cabinet. And occasionally will blast b4 heating if I'm going for a muted, satin finish. Though the idea on the latest finish was to try to replicate (as closely as possible) the oilcan finish that this was originally finished in. I don't have a plating setup or bluing tank, so it's been a lot of trial and error to try to get that mix of blues and browns that was Cameron's best finish imo. Anyway it's intentionally uneven, at least the most recent post is.


    Good looking out on the suggestion tho. Thanks man!



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  4. Hey guys,


    Have a few Machine putters finished by yours truly. I've been playing golf with 4-5 putters in the bag lately and it's been disastrous. Must commit to one of them so that's what this is an effort to do. I have a couple M1As (carbon, copper), an M2A, and a few M10s. Going to list one of each..... and off we go!


    1. Machine M1A Adjuster (1018 Soft Carbon); 35"; 355g; black nickel shaft, chiseled plumbers neck w half shaft offset, blue iomic midsize. Snowed, handstamped, sightline + Texas sight dot, and Medievel weight screws; Rainbow Patina Finish: $275 shipped










    2. M2A Converter; swapped









    (Pics show plumber, but recently swapped for modular ctr shaft with same finish as pictured plumber, will update in a bit)




    3. M10; 303SS; 360g; Chiseled Plumber half shaft offset; hand stamped bumpers, texas sight dot, Demascus logo medallion handstamped (which has my initials on it, so I'll include a std aluminum logo medallion as well); Satin torched finish; an overall beauty in the 009/dalehead body style • $475 shipped










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  5. Imo the Wedge vs putter is an apples/oranges comparison. Putting is and should be generally pretty low impact- that is, the collision between ball and club is, well it's hardly even a collision. Contrasted against the strike that occurs on a full wedge swing... I've worn the faces of brand new vokeys down in a summer before. I was playing daily, but still, repeated impact takes a toll. Paint will chip scuff and look like hell after a few strikes - full swings are violent. I have a vokey that I did in polymer and a Callaway 3 iron. Neither finish lasted through impact with more than 4 balls. I'll find pics and post.



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  6. Paint, any paint remover will work. Citristrip is safe to do in the house and works great. Not as fast but it's a lot safer toxicity.


    Plated, depending on the plating, Caswell Plating makes a stripper where you don't have to do all the sanding

    I've always wondered how well that stuff works



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  7. If the finish is painted then tal-strip or equivalent will work. If it's plated, pvd, etc... you're gonna want to blast or sand the existing finish off. The group can prob help with a little more detail... what kind of putter, or maybe a pic and someone will be able to chime in with something useful. ;)



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