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  1. That Newport 2 I posted on the 6th isn't actually plated off the shelf... it's stainless with Camerons standard beadblasted finish new. So that one can just be polished to shine instead of satin, cleaned and torched. The 2.6 I did before that one, around Christmas, has a pvd finish stock, which I torched without stripping. I've removed the black mist PVD finish by sandblasting. Plating is tricky. Generally if a putter is plated, I'll just leave it alone unless there's a quick and easy way to strip... but generally there isn't. Ruined a couple putters figuring that out.



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  2. What type of stripping process are you guys using for the paints? And what type of paint are you using to redo the logos and extras. Looking to get into customizing clubs more. The first time i did some irons I just used nail polish and some clear coat the wife had laying around lol :mellow:

    Generally I'll strip with either acetone or Kleen strip stripper and acetone afterward.


    Using Tamiya paints. They have great acrylics and transparent colors.



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  3. Here's my first crack at an oilcan finish.






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    The reason this is uneven and splotchy is due to the pvd coating - this shite is a real thorn in my side. I enjoy working on Bettinardis because they're carbon steel, and they're so unique -- but it's a real pain in the butt to strip the PVD finish. When I torched it, I had spent a good amount of time grinding (fine silicon carbide wheels) and buffing it to mirror like shine. Prior to that I had beadblasted it. And most of the PVD was still in tact. When heating it, I could see the pvd begin to turn to embers and flaking a little bit - so I went ahead and blasted again at pretty high pressure. Finally, I saw the PVD come off in the blast cabinet! If I had known the "metallic fog" finish was PVD, I would've just torched it the way it was bc torching pvd creates some insane colors. Oh well, live and learn.


    Once I have this thing prepped, I'm going to do another oil quench - we'll see how it looks.

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