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  1. IMG_1604.JPG


    I picked up the equipment over the course of this last week. Got a 125a stick welder and jiggered together a welding table. Spent the first two nights not understanding why I'd trip the breaker every time I got an arc struck. So I'm in process of moving rig to draw from a 20 amp circuit, but definitely still have some questions.


    Sidenote: this was a sneaky expensive attempt at fixing the necks on two Camerons that I snapped off.



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  2. After sanding is done... I'll move on to polishing most of the time. I prefer flitz polish which can be bought on amazon, but in a pinch I've used the white diamond stuff from wal-mart and it works just fine. Hand polishing with a microfiber cloth is sufficient, and the shinier you get it, the more color you're going to see from torching. Some of my favorite work has been from slowly working polish all over the putter until it's "mirrored".


    When you're done here, it's time to clean the head for torching.



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  3. @ballenbrandon sure!


    Prep is everything - it's the difference between a good/great job for sure. I'm impatient as they come, so it's hard for me to prep the right way, but it's worth it.



    You'll want to start with ~120 grit and work the putter until you've gotten a majority of the dings/dents/scratches out. If it has really deep dents, hand filing before sanding isn't a bad idea. Then you move up to 400 grit, and repeat with 1,000 grit (1 dry/1 wet), then 2,000 grit (1dry)


    Wear some gloves while you sand. It's nasty.



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  4. I also like the raw look. Sometimes I love the way a putter looks after being sandblasted too. I usually don't stop there, but the face on that thing looks great.


    Is that yes stainless or carbon? I think it's stainless bc you wouldn't leave it raw if it were carbon and it was rusting due to just the little bit humidity in the house - carbon has a biiig color spectrum when torching... even still, I bet that thing would look great Torched really dark.



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  5. Thanks @thatginger96


    The twisted neck was a lot of fun to do, and I can see why people get addicted to making crazy neck designs.


    It was a little flat (if a little is like 9°), so I heated again and bent it back to within a couple degrees +/- of 71°. When I say I bricked this putter, I really mangled it. It was like the 2nd-3rd putter I worked on and started with the bench grinder before I knew what I was doing... thankfully it was mine. Earlier this week, I ended up totally reshaping the putter with the bench grinder, grinder, file, etc... to give you about idea, "BETTINARDI" in electric green in the cavity is no longer there. The face milling fades from the heel toward the toe as well --- so it was a safe head to try the twist on. Would love to do a plumbers neck next.



    @mcaseym - it's actually carbon steel at about the darkest a torch will get it - it looks black in hand. No corrosion protection though.



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  6. Here are pics with a little more sun.
















    I'm definitely pleased with the finish, I'm not sure I love the different colored sole weights, so silver may become blue... this one is destined to be sold, planning to list on eBay. If anyone is interested in a little MGS discount, PM me... I always loved the way Monterreys looked, but never putted well with one.



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  7. Here's a Monterrey that was beadblasted prior to torching. I'm absolutely digging the ability to retain the color(s) achieved thru torching, and still have a solid, professional-looking satin finish.


    The toe weight is drying (not missing).
















    It's cloudy and crummy today, it'll be nice to take a few pics on a sunny day bc this thing is an even purple/blue all over.



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