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  1. Terrence/Winnipeg Manitoba/Canada Odyssey Black #2 Interested in the Anser 2 or the ZB3 because i prefer the blade style putter for feel and distance control which is my main issue.
  2. Terrence, Winnipeg 103 mph Titeleist ProV1x I have tried the original Snell MTB which i wanted to like but it just didn't work for my game. My biggest issue was off the tee, just seemed to spin too much for me and had trouble controlling it.
  3. Terrence Madhosingh Winnipeg,Manitoba, Canada 13 Currently using golf shot (app)
  4. 1. Terrence Madhosingh Manitoba, Canada 15 hcp 2. Spin Milled Black Nickel Vokey 56.10 & 60.08
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