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  1. Jacob Oklahoma City, OK Strength: Putting & Chipping from right on the fringe of the green Weakness: Mid-range chips from 15+ yards off the green The PING Glide 2.0 specs for a 3-wedge set that best fit your game: 46SS / 52SS / 56SS (RH) with the KBS Tour (stiff) and Ping 5L cord grips.
  2. 1. Patriots 2. 27-24 (51 Total) 3. Tom Brady 4. 12 Accepted Penalties
  3. Very cool - would love to test this out (putting seems to be my downfall in this game) 1. I play about 60 rounds a year. Just about a game a week with a few extra squeezed in here and there 2. Handicap is 19 - admittedly I am relatively new to golf and am working to get better (but a new golfer's POV might be useful) 3. Callaway Strata Mallet (T-style) Fingers crossed!
  4. Hello! New to the game - a couple of buddies brought me into the game and so far, so good!
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