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  1. I really want to see a Max in hand. Considering buying another df2.1 but need to see if Max is better
  2. I am loving mi line so far. Only played 2 rounds with it but at least 10 different practice sessions with it. I was almost scared to take it with me during a round at first but that is fine now and will be my gamer for the year. The confidence on short putts is crazy good right now. When I first got it it was my biggest gripe as I pulled so many 4 and 5 footers, but once I dialed in the ball position in my stance, it’s now so confidence inspiring from short range. Even 10 footers feel like I “should” make them and leave me feeling disappointed I didn’t, instead of “just get it close for the next one” kind of feeling. loving it so far. Still early and in full honeymoon phase for sure. I struggled with where to place my thumbs for a bit bc the “thumbs off” idea didn’t work for me. But feel like I have a grip I can use now.
  3. Well?? How is it? mine should be shipping this week (I hope). 35”, stability shaft, press II 3°, alignment 19. Can’t freakin wait.
  4. First Name/City: Matt/Nashville What IOS Device Will You be Using: IPhone XR (ios14.2) Will You Be Testing Primarily Outdoors or Indoors: both Will You be Using a Net Yes or No: yes for I door, no for outdoor.
  5. This season I have played the Snell MTB-X, pro v1 and Maxfli Tour yellow and Tour X in white. these are my 3 (really 4 I guess) balls. I have to say the Maxfli is the only ball I feel like I’m not giving up something somewhere. The MTB-X for some reason was long off the tee for me but thought it was shorter with irons than normal. anyway, the Maxfli blows me away with how good it is. The deals are just icing. This ball is long, spins and feels good. It has to be a placebo as I don’t believe in it, (I don’t think) but I feel like when I line the CG line off the tee down the line I hit some of my best drives. I do agree the yellow paint can scuff easier than others. That’s the only knock I can think of.
  6. The proto driver definitely has me interested. I’m getting fit on Saturday. Hope it sounds like most described. I do not like the sound of my epic flash sub zero that i play currently
  7. I’m a steelfiber guy in my current set of 0311 Gen 1. I have loved them. They have really helped my tendinitis. I just ordered some 921F with recoils. They beat out my Steelfibers in the fitting. Looking forward to them.
  8. Yeah, I’m thinking of getting the unlined pants as I can hem them. Many rain pants have that Velcro at the bottom which means i can’t hem them. Although, that will pretty much ruin the idea of putting them on mid round. How stretchy are they to be worn as regular pants during a round? Also, fit pretty true to size?
  9. It’s one of my biggest insecurities. Plus it has always told my wife that I just played golf, which I may or may not always inform her of. This year I have been mister pool guy trying to even it out with a focus of the sock tan. It’s worked out nicely.
  10. I’ll be in Atlanta in a couple weeks and will see if I can stop by their place and try some sizes on. Headed to Ireland in late August. Thanks for the feedback.
  11. Thanks. Any stretch to the pants? Or are they rough on a fat man who squats down to read putts?
  12. Any more quality control issues? Seemed to be a mix bag on breathability for the testers. Some said they sweat like crazy and others not so much. Did the waterproofing hold up for long rainy conditions? Like would anyone think it would hold up fine for a Ireland type trip? For the money....
  13. My point is the way they said it. They put out a release that obviously disagrees with the results. They certainly like that MGS loves their driver the most, no? Don’t come off like sour grapes and then say we have our own testing (which we won’t show you) and go buy some and you’ll see. I would either not release anything and let customers decide for themselves because they value feel or whatever. Or i provide my own research to combat the results or what backs their info.
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