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  1. The 8 iron has helped my irons a ton...once you can flush this, it makes hitting a crisp iron easier and my handicap did come down a couple strokes. I did develop some problems with the driver after getting the swing to flush the DST compressor down probably more related to D-plane issues...always a work in progress.

    This is exactly my problem right now. Been working so hard to master the DST, now I'm lost with the driver.

  2. Just placed my order. Should have done so before this long weekend as it will probably be this time next week or later before I receive it. Where does it ship from?


    Also, the "have to rotate and transfer your weight" comment...


    I keep wondering about this product. I have a tour striker and like it off mats but not so much grass. I have read only good things about this but besides the leading hands, what do you have to do exactly? You'll pure shots of your lead with your hands enough and what?


    I feel I do not compress the ball enough and all I try to do is keep hands in front of me. My biggest is problem is, I can swing 50% of my total length to my backswing and hit it as far as my full swing. My half swing( not speed but length) 7i goes 155 as does my full swing. Hoping this helps.

  3. I think I'm going to buy this this week but have a few more questions.


    Is the same thing that the DST accomplishes not done by just setting your hands in front of your normal address? Like starting out in a forward press position?


    And is the wedge any different than the 8i? Do you not just take your swing from the 8i that you will use for 4i all the way thru the bag, to the wedges as well? Or is it different angles and such?

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  4. Absolutely you could. I used the FST 90 shafts and with the 6, 7, 8 and 9 irons it cost me about $200. I'm going down to golfworks next month to test some shafts, the AXE Tour being one of them, to change out what I've got now. I'll also be looking at the Recoil shafts.


    He's right about them being durable, they still look pretty new for clubs I built in 2014.

    what would you compare them to, forgiveness wise? I'm thinking about moving to some ping G irons as well. The black finish just looks amazing on the DBM irons and they look more players iron then game improvement. Little to no offset.

  5. I want to build a set of these with. AXE tour X graphite shafts. Currently bagging i20 with CFS shafts. I saw someone with these and he said it's the most durable finish he has ever seen. And loved his irons. Now I want to try a set. Looks like you could put a bag together for under $600.



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