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  1. Definitely need to make that happen this season. Hope all is well, Rob! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. It’s been 5-6 years since I actively started tracking the states I’ve played in. I was curious what the number was back then and when I saw it looked feasible to get them all in, started going after it. The last state will be Alaska, family in tow. It’s been a fun adventure. Of course, some times you get in some interesting situations. Most recently, I was in Arkansas and had a round planned but it turned out to be the coldest day of their winter. I decided to play anyways. There were a lot of the members in the clubhouse, watching me and wondering why in the world anyone would be playing in such weather with 25 mph gusts. I found out they were taking bets if I’d actually finish the round lol. I did. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. The putter is real. I owned a studio select and there is light milling on the face and the shaft label is correct. The head shape is correct as well. Finally, most counterfeits are circle T's, I haven't heard of any selects being counterfeited. It may happen but it's extremely rare. You are good. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. I reviewed SC when I played it back in 2015. Really liked it to the point of almost became a member. Lots of good things and a great example of what happens when guys with a lot of talent are free to design the course as they see fit. Here's my review of each hole. http://bestphillygolf.blogspot.com/?m=1' class='bbc_url' title='External link' rel='nofollow external'> http://bestphillygolf.blogspot.com/?m=1
  5. Great thread. 5 best: 1. Sun Mountain 2.5 stand bag. It makes walking so easy. 2. M2 woods. Exactly the feel, distance and ease of use I've been looking for in woods. 3. PM grind wedges. Transformed my short game, total confidence now. 4. Shaft puller. Saved a ton of money doing my own club work. 5. Recycled golf balls (literally cut my spending on balls in half, with better quality balls too) 5 worst 1. Ping G15 driver. An example of hitting it great in the simulator means nothing. 2. Altitude irons. Gave these two seasons but they just weren't the elixir for me they were for a lot of others. 3. Callaway jaws forged vintage wedges. Couldn't hit these and held onto them for too long. 4. Zepp swing analyzer. Didn't work all that well, didn't help all that much, I returned it. 5. Titleist 910h hybrid. More a story here of probably way too much club for me at the time. I had it in 20 degrees and was happy to get 150 out of it.
  6. These arrived yesterday. Just waiting for some AMT Black shafts and grips to arrive and will be putting the set together.
  7. Here's a couple from Hominy Hill. It's an RTJ design.
  8. 43/46 at a 129 slope 6500 yards. I played well, but putting was atrocious and left some strokes out there when I realized how close I was to breaking 40 on the front 9. Very nice round for me.
  9. Los Verdes is awesome. Used to go there a lot with my dad when I lived in CA. Crowded but one of the best deals in golf considering location and design.
  10. Was fortunate to get back to Pine Valley this weekend.
  11. Great stage 2 review, Shanks. Lots of info and the honesty of the it really came through. These irons look terrific and seem to be performing nicely.
  12. 49/45 today at my course. Played in our member guest yesterday and then me and my guest stayed over and played this am. Ball striking was great and most strokes lost on and around the green, including three putting on a par 3 when I stuck it to 8 feet. I took out my 3h and put in the 4i, which I put in a lighter kbs tour 90 and it's quickly become my favorite club. The misses with it are much better and so is the versatility. Might have to do the same with the 5i. I just trust the swing more and am not getting the hooks that I do with the Apex. Also, time to practice short game and putting.
  13. Penick's Little Red Book is a good one, so is Dave Stockton's Unconscious Putting. I learned a lot from Bobby Jones' book on golf and Haney's.
  14. Here's my list, solely based on where I want to play when I go there based on what I read and heard. Old Course Carnoustie Cruden Bay Muirfield Macchrahsnish Kingsbarns Prestwick Dornoch North Berwick Loch Lomond Gullane Eh, it's 11 instead...
  15. I've dealt with stiff before, on a trade no less, and everything was fine. Hopefully this works out.
  16. Srixon and Bridgestone. Their equipment from club to ball is top notch.
  17. 95 yesterday at my course. It was a weird day and was still playing with this utility club on a lot of shots, for better or worse. On one par 5, I shot the pin for my third shot at 120, under clubbed so I'd be below the hole, and airmailed the green. It was a well hit shot, so not sure if my range finder was off or my distances are that far off. Anyways, a birdie or par turned into a double. On another hole, 50 yards away for my second, a bad pitch leads to another double. Then, the tides turned and while I had some bad shots, was scrambling all over the place. A 15 foot putt to save par, a could up and downs from a bunker, then on the Eighteenth, ended up well below the hole with a tree in way, but somehow got the ball to 5 feet from the pin for bogey. I was also trying to get the club all the way back and parallel with the target line, which was working pretty well. I had been feeling a little lost at the top of my backswing, so tried that to help get things a little uniform. So generally, I could have scored a lot better but also some pretty good recovery shots out there and all in all was experimenting with a few things so am not all that upset. It was also my maiden round with my new M2 driver, which went very well. I'll post my thoughts in that thread.
  18. My course. The Eighteenth from the First tee.
  19. Yes I'm wondering how these perform out of the rough compared to your current irons. In my experience, some irons shine here while with others it can be a huge weak point.
  20. 2017 M2 driver with HZRDS yellow shaft. After trade ins, was about $100. While I have to wait for the shaft, I have the head in a couple other shafts I have and had a great range session with it. The M2 hybrids may be next...
  21. The forgiveness. The M1 was great and saw good results with it but the misses were more severe with it than the M2. To me, the misses are almost as important as what the club does when you hit it well. With the M2, even less than ideal shots ended up on great position. I'm also not a big adjustability guy, so those features of the M1 didn't sway me at all. They're similar but got along a little better with the M2.
  22. The ball flight was what got my attention the most so good to hear. It'll be nice having all TM woods in the bag again. Have been extremely impressed with every club I've hit from the M line.
  23. After hitting jlukes' 2017 M2 driver with nice results and really liking how the it felt, I went to GG today to try it some more, get some numbers and compare it to my current driver. Here are my random thoughts. They only had a 9.5 with a hzrds yellow shaft in 6.0 flex even thought I wanted 5.5 at 10.5 loft. Regardless, ball speed with the M2 was on average 5 mph faster than my gamer, with more carry. Accuracy wise, it was just as good if not better than my gamer. I then wanted to see how other shafts with the M2 held up and also tried the M2-D. While the results were very good, I wasn't getting the ball speed or distance I was with the yellow. Based on what I saw on the course the other day with jlukes', I was happy with what I was seeing. I then tried a few other drivers for comparison. I tried the Epic and did not like at all how it felt and wasn't seeing anything spectacular. In fact, if I went Callaway, I would get a Fusion. Straight as an arrow and got out there almost as far as the M2. It was the second best driver I tried. I tried the Titleist 917 and wasn't plussed, it was probably my least favorite. I also tried the Wilson Triton that sounded hideous at impact, but I'd rate it the third best results-wise, even though it didn't beat out my gamer. Out of curiosity, I tried the 2017 m2 hybrid and it was the best feeling TM hybrid I've hit. I had the Jetspeed for a couple years and had some time with the R15, and while I enjoyed those, the impact was and results were eye opening. Might have to go back and check it out some more. I'm going with the M2 at 10.5 with the hzrds yellow at 5.5. While it'll take a couple weeks to come in, I'll get the head and pair it with my Diamana Blue until the Yellow gets in. Thus far, I haven't seen a dramatic miss and the larger club head size instills confidence at address. Going back tomorrow for one more LM session and if all goes well, will pull the trigger. I figure that if it doesn't work out for whatever reason, it won't be that tough to snag a Fusion or XR16 head....
  24. Agree; I played Heritage Hill a couple years ago and really enjoyed it.
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