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  1. Yes, the driver drives my bank manager (my wife) up the wall too. I have to buy 2 new drivers every year because every new driver that is released is "so much better" than the last years model that I must be stupid not to upgrade. Well that is what the OEM's say anyway! ha ha ha
  2. It is unbelievable how much hype the new R11 driver caused in the golfing society. TM realy know how to market a new product. I would like to hear your opinion on new drivers or any clubs for that matter. Companies like TM release atleast two new clubs a year. How much better can the new releases be to the "old" club. Do they realy improve the club or is it the marketing that is improved every six months. I think if I could rate these in percentage it would be 1% better club and 99% better marketing. Yes they have changed the club. The two main changes are the color from black to white and
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