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  2. I agree with the majority that this rule change should have happened long ago. I'd also like to see all penalties removed where the player doesn't gain a competitive advantage. Think of other sports and try to find a penalty that doesn't come relate to a player gaining an advantage. If I were to win a tournament, I'd like to know I did it because I made the fewest strokes. Sent from my Nexus 6P using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  3. Well, yes, playing with players that are better than you (you, for example) does help to elevate one's game. There are a couple other things I did that made a huge difference, but I figured my "story" was bordering on novella length, so I left that out. Kind of quickly, two other things: 1. In January 2016, my wife and I did the Arbonne 28-day detox and learned how to eat healthy. I lost 14# the first month and just kept going. At my peak, I was 217# and now, I weight 170# and I'm staying there At only 5'9", 217# provides a pretty good spare tire to have to turn against, and being 47# lighter makes everything easier and stressful on joints. The combination of losing weight and working out has made a huge difference, for me. I'm in better shape at 60, then I've been in since my early 30's, and my weight is the same as it was when graduated high school. 2. I subscribed to Top Speed Golf and I just LOVE the detail and the curriculum in Clay's online course. My "day gig" is I'm a CPA, so I'm very technical by nature. That's just how my brain works, and feeding me small bits of info with a drill to work on doesn't seem to work, for me. I need the "big picture" and where we are and how we're getting there. Top Speed Golf was $47 per year when I signed up, which is less than 1/2 the cost of a lot of a single lesson i have paid for. Sometimes you need another set of eyes and video to see what you're doing, but this system helped me a lot. Another thing that helped was I built my own golf mirror with an acrylic mirror from Home Depot for about $50 and about $20 in PVC piping and hot glue. So, mine cost me about $70 +/- vs $250-$300. I took a couple video lessons earlier this year and they had one of the professionally made mirrors at the range, that I found very useful. Feel vs real can often be very different and it helps to SEE what you think you're doing. Forget all that, it was 100% my golf buddy Sluggo42. LOLOL
  4. Methinks Mr. Sluggo42 may have been thinking of me, when he made this thread. We have been golf buddies for going on two years, and play every week. When we first starting playing, he thought I just sucked and didn't have much knowledge about the game or the swing, so he'd try to teach me stuff I knew, but just wasn't very good at. Read on... A little on my background: I started playing golf when I was 39 and I just turned 60. I have been blessed with some useful talents. I'm an excellent musician (some say I'm great, but that is not for me to say). I moved to LA in 1980 to become a "rich and famous" rockstar and found out just how much competition there was here. At 25 I realized I better find another profession that actually has some relationship between how hard you work/how good you are vs how much you earn, so I put myself thru college. I graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Accounting and passed the CPA exam on the first try, so I had a lot of success at becoming proficient at everything I tried. THEN CAME THE HUMBLING GAME OF GOLF. Admittedly, I was never a great athlete, but I was good at anything that involved hand/eye coordination, and with my other successes, I had every expectation that I could become good at golf, as well. Over the years, I have spent thousands on lessons, spent countless hours practicing, watching videos and studying the game and the mechanics of the swing. I could teach someone else, but just couldn't do it very well myself. You've heard the saying, "Those that can do, those that can't teach". Quite frankly, I've worked my ass off to try to be good, and I was truly just OK. SOOOO frustrating! I could usually shoot in the 80's, and I've had two holes-in-one. In the past couple months, I've finally had a breakthrough, and with NO help from a professional teacher (Sluggo has helped.tho). I only broke 80 twice in 21 years and I've shot in the 70's three times in the past month. I took this past Thursday and Friday off, and played 54 holes in 36 hours. I walked the first 36 holes and shot 74, 80 and 81. I made 26 pars, 4 birdies, 4 doubles and the rest bogeys. My handicap has dropped from 15.6 to 10.8 in the past month, which is the lowest it's ever been and, and after 21 years, I FINALLY feel like I'm a good golfer. WHY DID I HAVE TO WORK SO HARD JUST TO BE MEDIOCRE?? Probably, because I fell into Suggo's category of someone NOT born with a natural swing. God knows it wasn't for lack of trying. Would I rather have been born with a natural swing? HELL YES!! I love golf and it's definitely been like a sadistic, love/hate relationship. I've told my golf buddies, you can be a terrible human being with absolutely no redeeming qualities, but if you hit the ball 300 yards, I want to be like you. LOL
  5. Love this site and its unbiased reviews. If you're ruffling feathers with manufacturers, that means you're telling the truth. The article on the true manufacturer's cost of a driver it quite telling. As suspected, the mark-up on clubs is like jewelry. If manufacturers need to mark-up a club that much to make a profit, then maybe they need to try to make their operations a little leaner. It reminds me of our government, where they spend like crazy and then figure out how to pay for it, later. $400-$500 for a driver is insane. They seriously need to figure out how to make a profit at at target price of about $300, and answer should NOT be to write nasty or threatening letters to those that express on opinion they don't like. Regarding the Kirkland balls, I hope Costco doesn't get dollar signs in their eyes and get greedy. The price point is perfect to sell a lot of balls, and make your members happy. Keep up the awesome work, guys.
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