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  1. I agree with the majority that this rule change should have happened long ago. I'd also like to see all penalties removed where the player doesn't gain a competitive advantage. Think of other sports and try to find a penalty that doesn't come relate to a player gaining an advantage. If I were to win a tournament, I'd like to know I did it because I made the fewest strokes. Sent from my Nexus 6P using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  2. Well, yes, playing with players that are better than you (you, for example) does help to elevate one's game. There are a couple other things I did that made a huge difference, but I figured my "story" was bordering on novella length, so I left that out. Kind of quickly, two other things: 1. In January 2016, my wife and I did the Arbonne 28-day detox and learned how to eat healthy. I lost 14# the first month and just kept going. At my peak, I was 217# and now, I weight 170# and I'm staying there At only 5'9", 217# provides a pretty good spare tire to have to turn against, and being 47
  3. Methinks Mr. Sluggo42 may have been thinking of me, when he made this thread. We have been golf buddies for going on two years, and play every week. When we first starting playing, he thought I just sucked and didn't have much knowledge about the game or the swing, so he'd try to teach me stuff I knew, but just wasn't very good at. Read on... A little on my background: I started playing golf when I was 39 and I just turned 60. I have been blessed with some useful talents. I'm an excellent musician (some say I'm great, but that is not for me to say). I moved to LA in 1980 to become
  4. Love this site and its unbiased reviews. If you're ruffling feathers with manufacturers, that means you're telling the truth. The article on the true manufacturer's cost of a driver it quite telling. As suspected, the mark-up on clubs is like jewelry. If manufacturers need to mark-up a club that much to make a profit, then maybe they need to try to make their operations a little leaner. It reminds me of our government, where they spend like crazy and then figure out how to pay for it, later. $400-$500 for a driver is insane. They seriously need to figure out how to make a profit at at t
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