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  1. DuBois country club Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. I picked up a large amount of range balls at a yard sale! I've been chipping them around in my yard. Working on my short game. I have been hitting my gap wedge a lot. I have a bird house that sits in the middle of my yard and it goes straight up about twenty feet on a pole. I generally pretend that is my flag. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. The shining.. because I "redrum" the course Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. Same goes for me guys, if you have any questions about the clubs please let me know!! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. Cobra F7 iron review Player biography I am definitely new to the game of golf. I have been playing for three seasons, and I have really been loving the game. My average score has been a one-twenty on eighteen holes. I have a Nike Vapor Pro driver that I have been hitting great. I have been out-driving some of my buddies, and that is a good feeling. My Nike has both stock grips and a stock shaft. Every now and again I have a bad shot, but generally I have been just crushing this club. This club feels great due to it being very light, and it also has a great swing speed. The downside of the driver is that there is no symbol on the club head to line my ball up with. I have been getting good at just eyeballing the middle of the club. I play with an Odyssey Versa putter, Cleveland 60 degree, Taylormade RBZ sand wedge, Taylormade 3 and 4 wood SLDR, then a Ping i25 3 hybrid. I have really been hitting the ping well compared to my RBZ hybrid (which I felt was junk). On the range I have been trying to stick to a certain order in which I hit my clubs when going to the range. I like to start with the smallest club, then work my way up to the largest. The first club that I like to start with is my pitching wedge. Making a light shot with a moderate swing, I got to about fifty yards. All full hit with this club was ninety-seven yards. My balls seem to be going straight, and it is decently forgiving. The pitching wedge is my favorite club overall. More often than not, I get the ball onto the green when using this club. If hit at the right angle, the pitching wedge has a great “hop & stop.” The second club that I like to use on the range is the gap wedge. The feel to the gap wedge is very soft, which helps me know when I make a nice connection with the ball. I can get to about fifty-one yards on a heavy shot, and about thirty-four years on a medium shot. The gap wedge feels light across the face. I am fairly new, so I still have some trouble with getting the ball to “hop & stop.” When you get a good pop, the ball will usually stop within a couple bounces after hitting the ground. I have been using this club twenty yards from the green. If I am any close to the green, I will use my Cleveland 60 degree wedge. The Cleveland has a great “hop & stop.” I am learning that it takes some time to master that technique. The 9 iron is next up in my set. I can hit this iron about eighty yards on a good shot. This iron has a nice, crisp sound, is fairly light, and it feels really great when I make good contact with the ball. On a middle range shot with good contact, I can hit the ball to about eighty-five yards, and fifty-seven yards on a light shot. When I hit the ball on the heel of the iron, my ball shot low and a little to the right. When hitting the ball on the head of the iron with decent contact, I had great accuracy and got about eighty yards. A crisp, perfect sound is what you get with the 8 iron when you make a thorough connection with the ball. It does not feel as good when the ball is topped, which is what happened to me when I hit the ball hard and on the heel. In this instance, the ball went low and to the right. My second shot is when I made great connection with the ball. A medium shot got me to about one-hundred and twenty-five yards. I was able to make wonderful connection when using the 7 iron, feeling like I crushed the ball. I did notice that if you shoot under the ball, it sends a pain up the wrist. My medium hit got the ball to approximately one-hundred yards, and my hard shot went to one-hundred and thirty-five yards. When hit on the heel, the ball went low and to the left. All around, I made satisfactory connection with the ball when using the 6 iron, especially on a hard hit. The hard hit got me to about one-hundred and fifty yards. My medium hit did pop up some, higher than my Taylormade. The irons have a deep cavity, and overall nice look. On the course Since I got the Cobra irons, I have been playing a decent bit of golf on the course over the last couple weeks. I am hitting the pitching wedge and gap wedge the best out of all the clubs. I am very impressed by the nine and eight iron as Well. I am hitting the longer clubs (five through seven) very similar to one another. I have a lot of really good shots with irons five through seven, but I am not nearly as accurate with these clubs compared to the pitching, gap, and 9 iron. I am sure that this is due to taking more of a full swing with the larger clubs, which is throwing my accuracy off. When I connect with the longer clubs it is a thing of beauty! As long as my angle is correct, I have been able to get the short shots to stick on the green. Otherwise, I will accidentally do a punt shot and roll it over the green quickly. I am still averaging approximately a score of one-hundred and twenty for eighteen holes. I am however losing a lot less balls during the process. I have been going out on the course with a friend recently, and he is almost always an accurate shot. He hit a couple of my irons, and I had noticed that he was popping them up higher than his Callaway irons. I like the pop because they are not dying in midair, but seem to be dropping at the appropriate angle to stick on the green. There was a Par three that was about one-hundred and eighty yard from the tee, and the green sat upon a large hill. If you hit short the ball rolls down about thirty to forty yards. If you hit past the green, the ball rolls down a good fifty yards. I used my 5 iron, made a bad shot, hit the ball on the heel, and then shot it deep into the woods to the right. So, for the sake of making a good shot, I tried the shot again. I made a great connection with the ball, and hit it slightly to the right onto a small bank. The ball then took a good roll and landed on green. I had about fifteen yards from the hole, and I got it there in two putts. I would have made par on the hole if I did not make the poor first shot. Looks and overall appearance I felt that the clubs would be more offset than they were from the pictures online. They are actually about the same offset as my RBZ irons. The chrome looks great on the shaft, which I prefer it to a dull, brushed aluminum look. I have overheard some people complain about the sunlight bouncing off the chrome shafts, which is distracting to some. Personally, I do not find this to be an issue. I know that it is a concern to some, but I tried to make it bother me and I have not been able to. I am not seeing that badly of a glare from the chrome. The club head itself looks great. The brushed aluminum power shell bottom makes me feel like it is going to be a lot harder to scratch up. The King F7 logo looks great with the black and orange. The tech flow cavity also looks and feels amazing. Overall, the clubs have a very nice look to them. Sound and feel The stock grips were as I expected. They have a nice feel but, overtime this will be something I will replace. Overall, the clubs have a nice, crisp sound when I get a good connection with the ball. If I hit under it and more into the ground, the clubs really put a jolting pain through my wrists. I try my best not to hit the ball like that, but on uneven surfaces that is not always the easiest feat. I love the sound I get when I make a connection, and there is no better feeling in the world (next to sex and of course winning the lottery). Weight wise, the clubs do not feel sluggish. I can swing the club at a decent rate without feeling like I am trying to kill the ball to get good distance. IMG_0863.mov IMG_0862.mov Likelihood of purchase I will be purchasing the F7 sand wedge to match the set. I plan on keeping these clubs in my Bag, and I will use them regularly. I would be crazy not too after the improvements they have made in my game. I have very few bad words to write about these clubs. The only bad thing I will say is I did not like how bad it threw my shot if I hit the club in the heel. I was happy with how accurate the toe shots stayed. All around I really can say my game has improved. I am able to make better and more frequent contact with the ball. I do still have my occasional bad shot, which seem to fly low and to the right. It tends to do that when I hit the ball on the heel of my club. I am very happy with the irons, and would purchase them. I have great accuracy with these clubs and I am hitting every one of these clubs about five to ten yards on average, which is farther than my Rocketballz. The Cobra clubs will be staying in my bag. I am very glad I went with the stiff shaft on the Cobras, as my Rocketballs were regular flex. I only would do a half swing with the Rocketballs, because a full swing would cause my balls to slice. I have replaced every club in my bag with stiff shafts, and I am happy to say that I am able to use a full swing, and have playable balls that travel way farther than with my previous set. Rating Performance on course 30/40 (Only docking for the bad heel shots) Range score 9/10 Looks 15/15 Sound and feel 11/15 Likelihood of purchase 20/20 Total score 85/100 IMG_0863.mov IMG_0862.mov
  6. • Handicap/Average Score I generally shoot over 100. My best score has been a 108. I can't remember what the front and back scores were, but they will be different on any course. • Strengths of My Game I would say my irons are definitely my strong suit. I hit my sand wedge the best. Whether it is 40 yards or 15 yards, I can usually make the ball go where I want to with my wedge. • Weakness of My Game Last season I would only do a half swing to make my ball go straight. I have recently been watching a lot of videos online, and Rick Shiels does a video on how to grip the club. I watched this and implemented that grip, as well as a full swing to my game, and I could not have been happier with the results. Beyond that, I have been working on putting and chipping. My chipping is really coming along, but my putting not so much. I recently purchased the Odyssey Versa putter blade. There is no line on this club to match the ball up with, so I feel that I am not as accurate as I was with my prior putter. I feel that my accuracy will come back as soon as I get use to this putter. • Typical Ball Flight On a drive, my ball will start straight then has a hard slice to the right. Since I have changed my grip and swing, they have been flying straight. I just need to work on my aiming because now it seems as if I have an off shot. Often when I look at my feet, they are positioned the wrong way. I do this because of my old swing. I have a bad habit of aiming way left in order to make my ball land in play. • Typical Miss I constantly top the ball, but I am sure that I am not the only golfer that does this. I always want to look up to see where my ball is going before I get it there. It is easy to make fun of myself on here, but I need to remember to keep my head down and the club will do the work for my eyes. I always count it on my score card because the only person you hurt if you lie on a card is yourself. • Current Comparable Equipment I currently play a set of Taylor made Rocketballz, regular shaft. I hit these clubs better than any of my other clubs. I am interested to see what the Cobra F7 Irons will be like, especially because I prefer a stiff shaft in all my other clubs; that will be the big difference for me. I have hit the Taylormade Speed Ballz with the stiff shaft, and I hit them better than I do my regular flex ones. I hope I will be able to keep these Cobras in my bag and that they improve my game, but only time will tell. • Swing Tempo I try to stay at the same speed from my back swing the whole way through. I have used Orange Whip several times just to get used to the full motion. I am slowly remembering that you do not need to kill the ball. The key is to just have a nice, steady, full swing, and make good contact with the ball. • What Makes You Love the Game? I like being outdoors and getting a chance to hang with my buddies. I am a pretty competitive person, so it is a great way to challenge myself and better my game. • How Long Have You Been Golfing? I have been golfing for about three seasons now. I say seasons because I live in Pennsylvania, and I am unable to golf year round. This will also cover where I play. There are several country clubs in my area plus about three other local courses I can play. However, I love to play on a new course and challenging myself. • What Kind of Golfer Are You? I am a pretty cool, calm, and collected person. I try not to let it get to me when I make a bad shot because I often make more bad shots than I do good shots. • What's Your Story? I am 26 years old. I am an avid guitar player and fisherman. I have been playing guitar since I was a teenager. I am married to my high school sweetheart and love of my life. I do not have any children, but I do have four cats. I am a car salesman who sells new Toyotas and pre-owned vehicles. • What's in Your Bag? I have a set of Taylormade RBZ irons, regular flex, Ping I25 Hybrid, Cleveland Rotax 60 degree, Taylormade SLDR 3Wood, Nike Vapor pro driver, and an Odyssey Versa blade putter. • How Did You Choose Them? I bought the Nike Vapor right as soon as Nike announced they were no longer making clubs. I picked it up for about $150. Most of my clubs I purchased used, except for the Cleveland wedge. I went with the Cleveland because of the reputation, and the fact that you are able to make the ball have a reverse spin and stick to the green better. I purchased the Ping from a co-worker. I got the I-25 because it has more of an iron feel, which I hit better, so why not get that with my hybrid? I purchased the RBZ irons from eBay. This was a great buy because they were in my price rage, and were near mint condition when they arrived. I also picked up the RBZ Sand wedge. I purchased the Odyssey putter from a co-worker, and he gave me a price on it I couldn't refuse. • Describe Your Short Game My short game is coming along nicely. I started to really work on my short game later in the season last year, and my chip shots have really improved. My putting is OK; I am still a three putt golfer. I am getting better with my Odyssey putter. I previously played a Taylormade white smoke putter, and it had a line where to put the ball. The Odyssey does not have the ball line, but I am getting used to not having the line and jut eyeballing it. • How is Your Wedge Play Currently? I definitely hit my wedges more accurate than any of my other clubs, which is good because I will really be able to tell the difference between the two. I know I am an intermediate golfer but I really am going to put a lot of time and effort into this review. My Golf Spy is a great community that has welcomed me with open arms, no matter what my experience level is. • What Are You Hoping to Get Out of the Wedges? I am hoping to get better control with my wedges and to be more accurate. Ultimately, the main goal with these clubs is to get my score under 100. I will be happy if I can turn some heads on the course, all while having fun in the process. • First Impressions The Cobra King F7 irons have a nice top profile, and they feel very light. The Lamkin stock grips are soft and have a decent grip. They do not have a huge cavity; I actually expected it to be slightly larger. The clubs are not very off-set, which is similar to my Rocketballz. It also has a nice brushed aluminum sole.
  7. I could see that. I've had it for a year now and it's seeming to hold up. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. Is that a common thing for that club? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. Good luck guys! I just got picked for the cobra irons. Not intending on trying for awhile. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. Welcome aboard! This is a great community, everyone has made me feel very welcomed! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. That is awesome! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. I honestly don't have other drivers to compare it to other that my old jetspeed, I suppose I hit an m1 but not enough to get a solid basis. I am crushing it with this club though. Not necessarily always where I wanna be crushing it but it's loads better than my old jetspeed. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. Good job! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. I use golf gps and score card app. My friend has a range finder and I would say it works great. I played another round without him and I was able to be fairly accurate. And if your not familiar with the course it's nice seeing how it's mapped out. Especially if there's a dog leg right away and a lot of trees. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  16. Darth Vader Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  17. I've still yet to break 100 my best is a 109 and that is on a course I'm fairly familiar with. Been playing for 2 seasons now and I can say I'm improving and noticing the change. It's still my short game that ruins me. I will work and work on my chipping and putting and hopefully break 100 this year. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  18. Thanks MyGolfSpy! I will give an honest and detailed review! Really looking forward to testing these! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  19. Aww man. A short put always drives me crazy! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  20. Yeah I bet you ecstatic when you seen the ball on that pin! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  21. I've yet to hit one, a lot of people I know that get multiple ones are on the same hole and over time. My best buddies dad has got two and they are both over water. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  22. I can crush it if I get lucky but still have trouble controlling my shot with the i25 Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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