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  1. I know feel is totally subjective, but I am trying to end a on-going debate with some of my friends over who, taking into account the entire lineup of clubs, makes the best feeling clubs. Thanks for your help!
  2. I bet that is an early cosmetic spec.
  3. can i give a negative???? those aren't very appealing at all...
  4. I like it. It looks like he dyes it...
  5. Do Tiger and LeBron have a lot in common???
  6. What do you think Tiger thinks of this? Are Tiger and Adam friends? Does steve need tiger's permission to caddy for someone else?
  7. I agree. Having a caddy that knows golf well is very helpful when you find yourself in a sticky situation and your head is spinning out of control. Although she doesn't look like she would be ALL that bad of a cadddy!
  8. That's pretty interesting to see that all the players get outfits picked out for them. I wish I had that!
  9. when I was playing college golf my coach used to have me hit balls with a rubber hose around my back and bicepts. it wasnt the easiest drill to perform but it really helped my arms sync up with my body and made for a more consistant swing. I think that is the general principal behind this training aid so if you really want to try this go get $2 worth of rubber hose from home depot, tie it in a loop and swing with it around your torso.
  10. Is clone the new word for knock-off??? I bought a 'knock-off' G10 head one year in China for really cheap and shafted it myself just to see what it would perform like. Definitely sounded terrible and hit the ball 10 yards shorter, but for a terrible golfer with zero interest in spending big bucks, 'Clones' seems like a reasonable way to go.
  11. The sole looks a little bit 'plasticy' and the face looks slightly closed. Will have to hole this opinion untill i see it/try it in person though.
  12. Has anyone seen the first putter that crenshaw worked with Cleveland on? that would be a cool putter to see and compare against what he consults on in the future.
  13. simple, decently appealing, but nothing special.
  14. Singh would be a great case study for a psychologist. He has switched putters so many times and missed clutch putts that he was just praying for an answer these last few years. I am glad that he has found a 'cure'. I would call it a temporary mental crutch, something that makes him consciously confident. What Vijay needs is to find something that makes him unconsciously confident, THAT is when is going to get his game back. I am a huge fan of Vijay - I want him to get back to the top. Don't forget, he is the one that first showed Tiger was human.
  15. I've heard, read about, and tried face-on putting but have never seen this before. My first inclination is that sticking something in my armpit, which has ZERO feeling, will seriously hurt my putting. It looks too gimicky to work, but that is just my opinion.
  16. I agree - but then again, most professional athletes are actually overly egotistical and narcissistic - despite what they appear to be in front of cameras or when performing. ala Tiger. I have had the PLEASURE of working with up an coming golfers (egolf tour, hooters tour) and they are all excited and happy to be golfing. On the other hand, I have had the DISPLEASURE of working with some tour players. Don't get me wrong, there are definitely some nice tour pros; Vijay, Boo, Ernie, and Peter Jacobson especially are all great guys, but in order to be as great as these guys are, you have to be a
  17. He gets one win a season and finishes an average of 30th every other tournament. The system rewards wins.
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