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  1. I’m todays world there’s not much guarantee on ship dates anymore. Just because something is a stock offering doesn’t mean the brand has it in stock. The grip or the shaft could lead to delays.
  2. Yup. Not much different than other business groups that combine forces for a larger company while still doing their own things
  3. It looks that way. Only way to confirm is reach out to cobra or true temper for more details. The problem is finding a replacement shaft probably won’t be easy. True temper more than likely won’t have any inventory and the shaft was made for that club. Same with cobra. They aren’t likely to have any inventory from a club that old. You will either need to find a club on eBay or at a place like 2nd swing to get either the shaft and pull it or use the club you buy with the shaft in it
  4. Considering that the lpga/let has been involved with Saudi Arabia for events and pxg sponsors several lpga golfers nothing would really change and he wouldn’t have to backtrack or anything of the sort.
  5. Is there no actual label/bad on the shaft that states true temper, px, kbs, etc?
  6. Interesting people keep talking about a merger, from what I’ve seen from nlu and others on social media none of the tours are merging with the other. They are forming a partnership. Still a lot to see what that all means and how/what each tour structures their tournament play going forward.
  7. Post a picture of the shaft label
  8. Search the internet for whatever it is you are looking for. There are a number of resources out there that explain stuff, whether it’s a thread on a golf forum (mgs or elsewhere), an article on the homepage of a forum, blog article, video
  9. Blood work is key. Somethings to consider adding to help with recovery would be tart Cherry, ashwagands and magnesium glycinate. Most people aren’t overtrained, they are under recovered.
  10. Offer a package for $5 that gives each person who paid for the package 1 mulligan from anywhere, 1 chance to tee off from the forward tees, 1 toss/throw of the ball from anywhere that doesn’t count as a stroke.
  11. What is your recovery like? How are you sleeping? How’s the diet (don’t means fat loss/biking, etc) but rather your caloric intake in relation to your training and making sure you are feeding the body? What about hydration? What supplements if any are you taking?
  12. There was a time in 2016-2018 where juniors were making the move to graphite. Not sure if that continued or not. Danny Le from UST made a good point several years back. He said you play graphite in your woods and hybrids why not in your irons
  13. Not sure what you question is asking. Since irons are to hit the ball a certain distance I’ll answer from that perspective. you need the iron that goes whatever distance you are trying to cover with the shot. What iron that is will vary by person as not everyone hits the same iron the same distance along with different designs irons with the same number on the bottom due to loft and how a person swings will vary in distance. As far as what one you specifically need for a certain distance nobody here can tell you because we don’t know how far you hit your irons, you can figure this out on the driving range or use averages from time on the course
  14. Unless under the new business model that miura assembles in the US then it’s not a workforce issue unless they have a work shortage in Japan. Pretty much every component in golf clubs come from overseas. If there is a delay on any of one of the components it’s going to delay the order. Shafts and grips have been an issue for 2 years now with shafts usually being the bigger delay. Some brands are better off than others with supplies but there was a period of time where kbs and Nippon were on 6 month or longer backorders. I think your problem is more so buyers remorse because of the cost and the longer you go without them the more that sets in and you wonder if spending the money was wise. Not sure if you were fit for them as I don’t see that in the op, but if not that’s probably adding to the buyers remorse and possible regret once you do get them and they aren’t to your liking
  15. 3d data shows they all shallow. The amount they do varies. It’s single plane swingers that don’t. The good instructors don’t prescribe what they think, they use the data and their knowledge to assess the swing and give the golfer a change that will give them the easiest way to improve quickly albeit relatively speaking because movement pattern changes don’t happen quickly. The good ones know that most ams don’t have time ro practice and especially to the level needed to make changes so they find the biggest issue and address that. Then there are the rest of the instructors and some are still good but not as good as the best. Read this thread, read other forums with threads on the planemate and you will see both god and bad experiences with it. It’s a tool that some other pros like Alex Riggs like and uses with his students.
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