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  1. 7 minutes ago, dlow206 said:

    Here Chris Ryan says that you can't tell the path from the ball flight for a push slice, it can be from any path, with the face extremely open to path


    Also, i made a picture. Green is target line, black is swing path. If the face is that open to swingpath, its starting right and going even further right. And its going to be a weak glancing blow.



    EDIT: Here is a better picture from Adam Young


    That’s the first time I’ve heard anyone refer to a push coming from an out to in path. It’s alway been referred to as pull slice but because the face is so open it’s a slap across the ball and thus the right to right flight.

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  2. 4 hours ago, dlow206 said:

    With me being prone to hitting a push slice (an over the top push slice, not an inside out push slice), I am experimenting putting the adapter on the A3 setting. So far, it seems to help mitigate the chance of a push slice. Of course I can still put a bad swing on the ball and hit a push slice, but helps make it less likely.


    Can you explain what an out to in push slice is? Usually a push shot is a push fade and is a right starting ball going further right. My understanding is that if you are out to in you are going to pull the ball and thus it would be har for push anything if you are coming from the outside of the ball. 

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  3. For those that want to take the thought of training and somewhat eating for $37/mo or less of signup for one of the apps on a longer than monthly basis you get programming and macros.

    $27/mo for personalized custom programming via juggernaut training systems. Get monthly programming that allows you to choose number of days you want to workout, doesn’t fatigue management for you on a daily and weekly basis. Programming is all based on your goals, experience level. 

    $9.99/mo carbondietcoach will do your calories plus has a tracker that’s on par with MyFitnessPal.

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  4. 1 hour ago, leska said:

    My iron flight is very high. Not balloing high, but still gets forward

    But yea, after googling and finding more threads with info, i can read, like you are saying, that just because i play 105 x-stiff now, that might not be a good fit in the 770

    I think ill make fitting with the nearest fitter and see what we can find

    If you hit a high ball already it’s possible the 120s could bring it down a little bit that may have other impacts on your ball flight. Also there’s an 8g difference between the 105 and 120 in x stiff

    heres a couple pics to show the differences in the two shafts.

    in stuff flex I prefer the 120 over the 105. In my play with the original 790s and demoing other TM heads the Nippon shafts are a good fit for the head, it’s just a matter of getting the right shaft Nippon modus shaft in them. 




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  5. First it’s best to get fit. Second you don’t provide any information about your ball flight that would allow anyone here to make a somewhat educated guess to whether the 120S would work for you. Swing speed is only one aspect and isnt the top data point that one should use. Third the 105 and 120 have different shaft profiles so it’s possible if you like the 105 you won’t like the 120. Lastly there isn’t a guarantee that the 105 or even the 120 would be a good fit in the p770.


  6. 54 minutes ago, dlow206 said:

    im interested in the Recoil 110 F4. little bit heavier than the 950 Neos im playing right now, little bit lighter than the C-Taper lite X i had in the past. 

    I know you mentioned in one of the threads about trying to save your joints so I get the ponder of graphite and especially the recoils. I’ve had them in the bag twice now including my current set of Miuras and am a fan and due to some personal bias I think they are the best graphite shafts out there.

    Also I’m a pretty big club ho who has slowed down a bit in that area but stilll susceptible to bling buys and tinkering.

    Out of curiosity wouldnt it be better to stay with what you have while working on your swing and once you’ve made some good progress and have a better swing and more consistent contact? Then once you are at that point do a fitting to find a head that works well with the recoils or another graphite shaft like fujikura, kbs or another brand?

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  7. On 11/18/2020 at 8:45 PM, dlow206 said:

    Thanks, that makes sense. If these were some normal shafts, I probably would just test them out and see. But these are some special edition green colored Masters Steelfibers, so i would hate to cut them down and install them, find out they don't work well for me, and then sell them used when i could have sold them brand new in the first place.

    The i95 stiff is the same shaft Brandt Snedeker had used since 2018. 

    As mentioned the steelfibers play stiff to flex and have a boardy feel for most. It’s actually what caused Matt Kuchar to go away from 110s and iirc why Snedeker went to the i95s voce the 110 and x flex.  Also this knock is why Aerotech designed the FC version 

    Not to sound negative but the chances of you having a successful testing period with them and if you are worried about cutting them them down used instead of new I would highly consider just selling them new 

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  8. 21 minutes ago, Mavrix said:

    Thanks all for the feedback here 🙂 It's amazing to get such kind of feedback. 

    I only struggle a bit with the 1° FLAT... I'm not sure if this is the right choice because we noticed today that my mizunos are 2° FLAT (7 iron) but the strange thing is that I ordered them with standard lie angle. So and now I'm a bit scared... regarding the lie angle or should I go with standard lie angle? 

    Like many things in golf there’s no standard lie. The degree flat or up is only relative to that manufacturer when saying what lie one goes with. 

    Is your pro saying that your Mizunos are 2* flat compared to what the Mizuno lie spec is for those irons or 2* flat compared to the p790 or some other iron?

  9. 1 hour ago, ejcrossl said:

    To me it's the PXG effect.  PXG rocked the market with extremely expensive clubs.  All other brands took notice, and now the prices are rising.  Golfers won't stop buying because well marketing on new shiny clubs is so good.  So now all make more money and we lose on the "value".  Thanks PXG 😕

    For awhile I was in the crowns that there was no pxg effect and the brand was in similar space to Miura and other niche high end brands similar to how there’s high end niche type cars that really don’t impact the price of your everyday cars.  But as time has gone on I think there is a little bit of the pxg effect especially once pxg took off a little with the gen1 hero pricing and then gen2 release. The brands took notice that places like club champion and similar business models were having customers end up in the pxgs.  

    Callaway was the first to try it with the epic irons and based solely on perception I don’t think it worked how they wanted and imo that’s because the had the same name as their standard offering. Titleist with the cncpt irons had much better success with them being limited quantities.

    It’s going to be interesting to see how things go in 2021

  10. 1 hour ago, ballplayer002003 said:

    The price is WAAAAY to high for most people to look at.  As a smaller brand, most will turn to your big 3 (TM, Callaway and Ping) for irons in that price point.  It's a shame, these look great and I would love to try them but they are too much money.  We as consumers need to start demanding the price come back down to earth.  Trust me, if people don't buy clubs at premium prices the companies will have no choice but to lower their price tags.  Please don't reply with, "but the cost of materials or technology or r&d blah blah blah".  We, the consumers set the standard price.  If we continue to pay $1300 for 8 irons then the companies will continue to keep edging the price up and up.  Simple supply and demand.  Just my two cents.  

    Srixon is far from a small brand. They are and have been one of the largest brands in Asia and Europe for quite some time. They were brought to the US in 2014 to expand the market as well as the offerings from SRI which also include Cleveland and XXIO (the premium brand in the group). 

    The company has wanted to keep the Srixon brand more of a premium offering which is why they have a smaller retail presence in the US than the other brands you mentioned, which unfortunately hurts their exposure a bit as does the minimal advertisements on TV.

    As for the other brands there are very few that have irons under $1300 that aren’t labels game improvement. 

    Like it or not the cost of materials, the transportation of such materials and other economic factors for production play a role in the price as does the cost of research and development. This release utilized AI in its design which is going to add to the cost. But as @Golfspy_CG2 eluded too in regard to the Wilson ball companies have to consider the perceptions of equipment and names in heir relationship to the competitors. So raising the price to the same as the other brands plays a role in letting the consumer know they are on level with those other brands.

    Yes you are correct that consumers thru demand have a role in the price of goods and if consumers stopped buy goods the demand would go down and such the price would too. But that’s not going to happen as long as we are in a thriving economy and have the means to buy. It’s the same with cars and what used to be the cost effective brands still are but they are just at a higher price than before.

    Golf consumers have been spoiled for a long time with prices. Callaway had a $500 driver back in the 90s before what we became used to with $400 or less being the norm for drivers and now it’s getting harder to find that price and many of the fairway woods are creeping into that range as drives go past the $500 mark.

    Golf retail Is a booming business and I don’t see consumers on a large scale deciding not to buy new clubs anytime soon. 

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  11. 2 hours ago, Golfspy_CG2 said:

    why it makes since for the challenger brands to price near the premium brands when the quality of the product calls for it. 

    It’s one of several reasons why cobra always had the “cheap” moniker associated with the brand. Despite how good many of their iron releases were people viewed them as cheap and the interest wasn’t there

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  12. 45 minutes ago, Mavrix said:

    Hey guys, 

    I just came back from my local pro shop... 
    I hit a few balls with the iron 7 P790 with the Nippon Steel 950 GH Neo, S-Flex, 98gr.! It was incredible, almost every ball I hit solid straight. But the feel of the shaft was a bit to hard in my hands... 

    I think I would go for the R-Flex version from this shaft and stick to the specs. -1" plus 1° FLAT. 

    The ball flight was amazing... they started low and after a few meters it went up in the sky! Really cool - I never hat this feeling with my Mizuno Irons in the last two years. 

    Any opinions from your side? 

    You asked about more data - for what you're are looking exactly? 

    And, does anyone have experiences with the TW wedges? 


    Do you know your


    angle of attack 

    peak height

    descent angle or land angle depends on the monitor 


    To determine what shaft and head combo works best for you the comparison between these numbers is what would be used.

    As for the TW wedges they are good. They are the same as the mg2 wedges but with tigers specs for low, grind and bounce. If the bounce on the wedges work with a persons  swing then they will be fine but if someone needs less bounce or a different lie angle they probably won’t work. 

  13. The best thing to do is find a shop that does a fitting and buy what they fit you for.

    Swing speed while important is only one of many factors and definitely not the top of the list into what shaft a person should get.

    Flex has no industry standard and some graphite shafts can play and feel stiffer than some steel shafts. Shafts will load and feel different for people at the same speed based on how they swing the club.

    Spin, descent/land angle, peak height are also jeep factors into what’s best.

    Do you have any of your data other than speed comparing your clubs with the p790s from your trackman session?

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  14. Pros I have worked with use v1, hudl/technique. These allow them to add in lines, etc as part of their analysis of a swing based on their years of experience.

    Apps like skillest or CoachNow are avenues to connect with coaches for online lessons. The fees associated with these are for the time of the coach to review and analyze the swing and provide feedback.

    Things like arccos aren’t necessarily used for swing analysis but data analysis of ones game to improve play/club selection on a course.

    I work with a coach who charges a small fee compared to others and he take the swing video via text message and sends back analysis the same way along with videos on demonstrating whatever he’s trying to communicate

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  15. The black is the same as the blue but has a slightly stiffer tip. 

    there’s nothing wrong with using same shaft in driver and fairway. Could be same weight or could be lighter.

    what works better for in the driver will vary by person. I’ve had same weight and flex in both clubs and had no issues. PX also said you could use the same and recommended a 10g weight difference 

  16. 2 minutes ago, Golfspy_CG2 said:

    Yeah, I know you realize these are in the same price range as comparable irons from Taylormade, Mizuno and Titleist.   But we also know Srixon doesn't have the name recognition among the casual player that those irons do.  So it will be interesting to see how the perform at that price.   

    I've had every iteration of the Srixon 5 irons since the 545 series, so I see no reason to break that trend now 🙂



    Yeah as a Srixon fan and with some ties to that brand I like to see them succeed and when you don’t have the same retail space and eyes on the product the price can help someone maybe give them a try. 

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  17. 1 minute ago, cnosil said:

    Cameron and Ping would be two that I know of.

    Anything under Titleist brand really. I’ve heard pxg as well but not sure how big the pxg counterfeit market is.

    I would imagine any brand regardless of industry that finds something counterfeit would do it

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