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  1. I haven'tiked ping drives in quite some time but the G400 has my interest. Everyone I know who plays it loves it.
  2. Good points. So many golfers look at high spin as a bad thing based on past marketing or what they see from pros and don't understand that spin can be a friend as much as an enemy.
  3. It's a shame too. She has the talent to win a lot but imo the lack of competition in junior golf due to the way her parents handled her and her career, then injuries followed by going to Stanford while trying to play on tour followed by more injuries and what seems like internet golfer tweaking if the swing she hasn't lived up to the potential. She is still relatively young especially when you look at what Kerr is doing on tour there's still a chance she can run off some wins
  4. Ball position could affect path. But it could also be s face issue st impact. What's your current ball position setup throughout your bag. Is you miss always the same with every club or do you have different misses
  5. Im not a big fan of black shoes but those spiked ones could make the closet
  6. Thanks for posting this STUDque. Other than the striped shirts for dj I like what adidas has for these guys. I'm glad they went away from the same outfits for all the guys on the same day
  7. Unless competing against someone I could care less what their hdcp is or if they are telling the truth about it. For my own hdcp I use it to help judge the state oh my game in comparison to where it has been but also to play in weekend money games or hdcp events
  8. It's personal preference but some considerations should be accounted for. What's your wedge setup after 9i, how do you use your pw, what are you hoping to gain by swapping to a non set wedge
  9. Did she really improve though? Granted she has been injury stricken a lot but she only had 3 wins since 2014 with 2 coming in 2014. She has been inconsistent every year. She went from 2010-2014 without a win.
  10. Bryson's doesn't really do it for me and other than the Friday and Sunday shirt for Rickie not that impressed. Definitely don't like the high tops
  11. I'm not sure there's an isssue with that difference. If your instructor can't see in your swing with driver any differences in sequencing, path, club delivery that could be costing you speed or can't see differences on trackman it might be time to consider a second opinion
  12. I have a stance width that is about as wide as my hips. The wider I get the less ability I have to make a proper turn aloe get behind the ball
  13. I have a friend who has used it at his practice facility and said it wasn't at all gimmicky and allowed him to work on the swing path he has been working with his instructor on
  14. I have dreams of a man cave at some point. That's a nice little getaway you have there.
  15. I'm hoping lexi wins this year as redemption from last years rules disaster. Also would like to see Ko snapout of her cold spell
  16. I spent about a month or so last year with both versions. They were both as good as the prov for me and I really like the tp5x off the tee.
  17. Equal opportunity purchaser...that's a good one. Can't find what you like if you don't test drive everything lol
  18. It's a game that can't be perfected but at the same time drives me to want to get better every time I play or practice
  19. That list or irons runs the gamet of size and forgiveness. When I saw the m3 and m4 irons last year I felt the same way about the m4. The p790 seems like a little on the bigger side but also small enough for those who want a good look with some forgiveness added
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