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  1. We are on the same page but ping is about to release the ping g425 so it’s borderline 3 release cycles from the g
  2. Ping normally fully replaces within a 2-3 year period. After that it’s going to be at their discretion. It’s been awhile since I’ve looked at their page but they don’t list their exact policy but rather a number to call and they will work out details and explain to you the whats and why. My guess is that the g being 3 release cycles ago they aren’t doing a full replacement. One will find most manufacturers don’t always do a full replacement after 2 cycles. Most tend to do 2 year warranties
  3. Cnosil captured it pretty well. It’s possible that you are delivering the club in way that increased launch characteristics due to the weight of the shaft and/or head or the overall combo. but without lm data for the two clubs on the same day in the same environment it’s all speculation
  4. Are you talking actual launch or peak height? Sometimes people confuse the two. Also for the most part shafts themselves aren’t going to change launch or even spin. They may cause a person to deliver the club different which will cause changes in ball flight characteristics
  5. while those two qualities may have a role in why he fitted into the 3, they are probably not as important as the ball flight characteristics seen in trackman and the ball flight itself along with his swing. Per titleist website just going thru the first page or so of their brand ambassadors the following guys are all playing the 2 and most at 10* Lanto Griffin, Brian Harman, Matt Jones, Charles Howell III, Mark Hubbard and Thomas Hoge, Tyler Duncan, Cheng Tsung Pan
  6. Try using the alignment stick on the heels instead of the toes. People splay their feet and it can throw off alignment. Also use an alignment stick across the hips and the shoulders they should be parallel
  7. What do you think the g425 will provide the MAVRIK max doesn’t
  8. I recall one of their videos covering that. Iirc andrew rice has posted some videos with lm data on that as well as contact points
  9. As Rob mentions there’s no way for anyone to tell if you are hitting to high and that height is causing you distance without seeing numbers. With that said looking at what your ball is doing at the apex will indicate if you are spinning the ball too much and losing distance. If your ball gets to the apex and then continues to rise likes ballon you have to much spin. If you are having too much spin it’s more than likely going to be how you deliver the club rather than the club/shaft combo
  10. It’s a perfect example of how there’s no standard in the industry. Also this is why you sometimes see the torque or other specs listed on their page be different from the manufacturer. They do their own testing and as we know each manufacturer tests torque and stuff differently
  11. Height especially to high is a perception issue and most people don’t hit it high enough. With that there’s several variables that go along with it. The information needed to answer the question is peak height, launch angle, descent or land angle depending on the launch monitor, ball speed. angle of attack. Without that information it’s all a guess by anyone on whether you are hitting to high and losing distance as a result of the height and if a lower spin and launch shaft would change anything. The amount of spin and height a shaft changes isn’t as significant and many think
  12. Exactly. I don’t recall anyone complaining when caddies were allowed to start wearing shorts, Tiger made mock turtlenecks a thing and when he revived them they sold out again. Both tours allow the players to wear shorts in certain situations. Times change and people and entities have to be willing to change too. are there things in various sports or other areas of life where they cross the line? For sure and that line is probably different for each person. An athletic looking hoodie that matches the players athletic apparel and shoes to me looks fine. Justin Thomas wore one that was le
  13. From my understanding St Andrews allows jeans so if someone wants to wear them at courses that allow it who cares. Same with the hoodie. Way back in the day people were “dressed” up everyday for normal day activities and on course attire matched that time. Here we are well into the 2000s and style and everyday wear has changed. Golf attire has changed with the improvement in clothing materials and in matching the every day dress. Unless the “traditionalist” is dressing like Payne Stewart or going a step further and wearing shirt and tie get over the changing times. Just like wit
  14. The Pxg price for the proto probably won’t change if you waited til next year. the gen2 was a nice improvement over the gen1 which their entire wood and hybrid were not that good and the reps have said so as well. The proto is their best release from the few people I talked to that hit it.
  15. The proforce unless it’s the 8f4 or 5 is going to be a mid flight launch. the t1100 is a very stiff shaft that is designed to be a low launch and low sping shaft the feel for many is going to be different based on their design.
  16. That’s so true and those who know what they know and listen to what they don’t are kind of rare
  17. For me having been a high cap with no knowledge on gear or swing took want most better players said as true. As I got more serious and started learning about both topics I realized that not everything the said was actually true. I know both high and low caps both on forums and thru friendships and there are smart golfers in both groups. i do think lower caps have a tendency to not give as much credit that’s due to some mid-high caps. It’s too broad a stroke imo to say one side knows more than others and i tend to look at what a persons saying more so than what their skill level is be
  18. I game my circle t putters and if/when I buy another it will get gamed. Same goes for my scotty cameron headcovers most have been used already for at least one round
  19. Stableford is a simple way to do things for betting. The group I play some of rounds with that I’ve been playing with since I started golf used to do random draw pairings after the round. They’ve been using stableford for the last 5 or 6 years and it’s a lot simpler and for the most part it’s pretty even competition weekly. the not having a handicap thing makes it hard and it’s almost a guessing game as to what cap to use for them. yardage can play differently from course to course. One of the courses I’ve played this year from 6000 is harder than a couple courses I play at 6500
  20. Why not just use course handicap. Every group I have played modified stableford with uses course hdcp to determine the number of strokes needed by each player. With the new handicap system is works great for situations with people playing different tees in the same group
  21. They weren’t selling a lot of tmb irons sets. The long irons were the most popular and that’s why the shift to just the utility irons now
  22. I don’t monkey around with the settings once I get it set. If I get fit whatever the fitter sets is what I set it at when I order it. with the sim max I blind bought it and played with settings based on what I saw on the range and then tweaked it after some course time and it hasn’t moved since
  23. Yeah the guy was asking some dumb questions. I liked it just for listening to dj talk about his approach to hitting the shots
  24. Taylormade posted a video on YouTube today with their players hitting wedges and they talk to DJ during this and talks about his preferred distance and how he approaches different distances.
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