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  1. Too much height doesnt really say much. Too much height due to ballooning is different than the ball is too high for what I like to see. Most amateurs dont hit it high enough. Rickie Fowler has a peak height with driver that sometimes is in the 115’ range and Bryson gets it up in the 160s. Others play a low ball like DJ who’s closer to 100’. What are you numbers with the two shafts? peak height angle of attack spin launch descent angle
  2. Cool, just wanted to make sure we were talking the same “ideal”. Based on what you are describing about your ball flight it sounds like you are giving up some yardage due to the way the ball reacts at the apex, how much hard to say but I wouldn’t be surprised if you couldn’t find 10 yards of carry. I don’t pay too much attention to total because that’s going to vary from course to course and even from day to day on the same course depending on the course conditions. If you have a descent angle in that 35-40* range then your totally yardage is going to be optimized.
  3. Yeah the smoke black like the original is pretty harsh feeling. I was surprised the smoke green non tx felt better. i wouldn’t focus so much on the numbers you are looking for if you are going based on the 2000 rpm mentioned earlier. The ideal is what works best for you swing. Pros look for something in the 11-12* launch and 2500ish spin. For me my best results have come from something in the 13-15* and 2300-2500 ranges. I swing in the 102-105 range. When I was getting fit for the m5/6 drivers my launch was in the 14-15 range consistently with both heads but spin was consistentl
  4. What color is the hzrdus lettering painted in? I could see that and most of the hzrdus smoke have stiff ei profile and stuff tips. a The ck blue has a soft tip And stiff butt from what I recall and is a higher torque so it’s going to offer a different feel. It’s possible the soft tip is leading to additional spin and something with a stiffer tip would help that. Bit as we’ve discussed without seeing launch numbers it’s hard to say what’s what.
  5. Based on that description it’s possible you are spinning too much but it could easily be strike location that causes that. A ball that seems like it hits a wall then drops or one that gets to the apex and then just keeps going up aka ballooning is usually indicative of too much spin. Another aspect that many overlook is descent or land angle. The terms vary by launch monitor but refer to the same thing, with driver somewhere in the 35-40* range and I’ve seen some say up to 45* is optimal. The lower that is the more a ball will run but also the potential for less carry is there.
  6. Find a launch monitor that’s not at a big box store. Some places have bays where they rent out that have launch monitors in although some places like 2ndswing golf has been closed for that. Top tracer has a lots of ranges you could check their website to see if one is near you. You could go to a fitter and/or demo day and compare what you have to what’s out there and get your numbers that way. When you look at your ball flight with driver. What does the ball do when it reaches its apex? Does it rise up and drop out of the sky? Does it kind of knuckle? Does it it ride its apex for whi
  7. I don’t know any fitter than has an ideal mark of 2000. Spin has to go hand in hand with launch and speed. Lower speeds will benefit from more spin and higher speeds depending on their launch angle could benefit from lower but what that lower and higher end is will be dependent on the golfer. The best is to optimize both. The chase for lower spin can come with unwanted consequences.
  8. It’s really no different than the ones who come in to give a negative review of a product or company because they were unsatisfied with the resolution options offered by the company. They know the post will get eyes and comments, based on that the search algorithms will put their thread higher up on search engines thus achieving their goal of getting a negative review out there. You are doing it in the opposite direction and to promote a page so that it appears higher in search engines, but as mentioned above you are possible violating moral codes and yes you should have stated your affiliatio
  9. When is the article from and who wrote it? UST has been making the tour shaft for awhile and when the grip is removed that can be confirmed. This is pretty common knowledge on forums for quite some time. Aldila makes the Alta shaft.
  10. Yes this shaft is the elements chrome+ design. UST recommends 1.5” tip. Many builders also recommends considering the adapter being used. as mentioned above talk to a ping rep or a trusted club builder
  11. Is distance really limited by the rules? Bryson added distance by improving speed and optimizing launch conditions to match the speed under the current rules. DJ and other pros have picked up speed thru improved ball speed while their drivers and ball still fall within the rules. Matt from TXG had better distance with sim over m5 and both drivers fall in the rules.
  12. Played ok yesterday. 38/41 and should have been lower on both 9s but that’s golf and have to take the good with the bad. Despite the heat had a good time with the guy and his two young adult sons. All were relatively beginners but played fast and his oldest was pretty good, once he learns his iron distances better he’s going to break 80 quickly
  13. The average golfer doesn’t practice and they sure aren’t worried about any type of launch characteristics. The range I practice at is filled with average golfers. Many hit most of the bucket with their driver trying to hit it as far as they can. I’ve seen many have their hole bag with them and hit a few wedges the. Hit 90 balls almost one right after another with driver and leave. TXG, crossfields, Shiels to an extent and a few others talk about the launch characteristics and affects on ball flight, distance, etc, another channel talking about that is not doing anything new. The golf
  14. You had a PR 9 holes the first day. I wouldn’t count it as an 18 hole PR because it was two different days. Also for me 18 hole PRs need to come on a course with 18 different holes and not the same 9 twice...that’s just my opinion
  15. Was it that she specialized or that her parents had her competing at a higher level than she was ready for by getting her into mens events and then having her turn pro at an early age instead of going to college. She was also unfortunately struck by constant injury which nobody can predict will happen to anyone. She also chose to go to collies at Stanford during her peak years which limited her ability to prep and play at a high level. If anything related or her is a cautionary tale is that parents can be too controlling and have their interests more in mind than their kids. Lyd
  16. Vessel 2.0 stand bag with miura logo. Bought it to match my clubs and I got it cheaper thru the club dealer
  17. Most places only have 1 iron from a set for fittings, usually either the 6 or 7 iron. As far as having expanded options outside of the one model a place like club champion, tour spec that feature a large variety of clubs and shafts will be your best option.
  18. @cnosil and @DaveP043 already touched on the aspect of not just clean strikes but average Golf shops like golf galaxy, 2ndswing, golf mart or fairway golf that do fittings may have the monitor to use/rent so that you could test. Another option is look for a Top Tracer range
  19. No worries I was just curious to see the changes
  20. Do you have the launch monitor stats for you aoa, launch, spin, land angle, carry and total from before and after?
  21. Bingo and to add on all low/low shafts for example aren’t created equal. There are various EI profiles that will have an impact on how a shaft feels and/or reacts for a person.
  22. Agree the foot tap is extreme compared to what we used to see but when you look back at some of the greats they had similar, maybe not the same as Wolff but noticeable. finau and rahm are both short and they have really good pressure shift and rotation from that short swing to get their speed. The names slip my mind but there’s some guys back in 50s we’re short like that. I want to say maybe Knudsen. Bryson is the most aggressive ive seen. He’s on par with what you see from the long drive guys which makes sense since he’s trying to it as far as possible. What’s amazing is his ability
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