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  1. Possibly using the same swing with driver and your irons and hitting down on the driver. Are you still working with an instructor?
  2. I agree that parts of his swing are unique to include his impact position to start his swing, but curious what else you would consider unique about his and any other swings you think are unique on tour.
  3. and his coach did an interview a few years back with another coach (Travis Fulton) and said that doing what Wolff does is unique to his swing because if one doesn’t have the exact same pressures and dig the way his does they can’t duplicate his swing. Johhny Rodriquez saw his swing and wanted to swing like that. GG worked with Johnny to have a similar swing and if you watch the two of them they are similar but different at the same time?
  4. Where the face points at contact will be where the ball starts. It’s relationship to path will determine the amount of curve. Dynamic loft, spin loft, etc will determine the launch characteristics all of it combined will determine what the ball does in the air
  5. Bradley Hughes talk about this and says you your max speed is before you hit he ball you are actually slowing down and that there should just as much acceleration after impact as there was before.
  6. $2750 starting price. If they use the same pricing model for shafts, ferrules and grips of someone chooses anything not stock $3k will be easy to hit
  7. Yes they happen to be the club of his residence course.
  8. Based on the miura website it’s a lottery to get picked for one of the limited sets. They are Miuras so they will hold their value well regardless. I think they could be somewhat of a collectors item based on the limited amount but I’m not sure if they will jump way up in price.
  9. Go to a course and drop a few balls at various yardages and hit them into the green. For launch monitor data find a place that rents out a bay with launch monitor
  10. Lessons/swing tips Danny Maude, Meandmygolf, Chris Ryan, Atheltic Motion Golf Equipment/reviews TXG, Alex Etches
  11. Pretty cool seeing him get to number 1. Crazy to think that with some high level pros in Olazabal, Jimenez and Segio that he’s only the second Spaniard to reach that spot. Also heard Balionis say he’s the 3rd youngest to get the top.
  12. Evenflow is a great option and the max carry shaft fits the high launch concept you are looking for.
  13. Yeah it’s one that I haven’t seen any real reviews or feedback on since release. Iirc it was available in Callaway and maybe Cobra when it was released
  14. I remember that shaft and after spending time on Project X website researching what shaft I wanted in my sim driver I didn’t recall seeing it there. I just went to their site and its non longer Project X website and it’s not an offering on TMs site either. Iirc that shaft came out in 2017 or 2018 and don’t recall it being a widely sight after option.
  15. 37/41 after finally finding some semblance of a swing and good rhythm. Could have been lower if not for a couple bad breaks early on the back 9 and a few birdie putts throughout the round that took a peek at hole as the rolled a foot or so by it.
  16. PX has no evenflow red and have no made for shafts for any manufacturer. Could it be the ventus red you are referring to?
  17. Nope. Just like my not flabbergasted at high end car prices, watches, appliances and any other consumer good that has products that range in price and who they are marketed to
  18. Exactly. Everyone forgets the average golfer doesn’t really practice, they buy off the rack and rarely get fit. I play with lots of average golfers in my normal group and play a lot as a single and come across many avg golfers. Most have no idea what their shafts are or If they have a low/low, high/high or anything in between
  19. Jack and company knew the weather forecast and setup the course accordingly. The crazy thing is he takes that step to control the score yet runs his mouth about the ruling bodies and tour having to rollback equipment.
  20. It’s not really something that is negative to ones health and there are studies out there showing benefits to using IF including better focus and mental acuity during the fasting period. theres different types of IF. The 18/6 window mention, 20/4 window and a complete fast for 1 day a week. It’s really no different than eating 3 meals in a full day or 3 in a short window. There’s also some studies that show 2 meals a day is beneficial for many Dr Jim Stoppani uses it as his lifestyle and has been doing it for years. He’s also pretty well built physically
  21. By red evenflow are you referring to the evenflow riptide?
  22. Well in March of 2020 there was a shutdown and there would be no way for them to make a custom club. Then add in supply chain issues for pretty much everybody there would be backorders that could take months. Callaway in 2013 when Harry Arnett took over the marketing they went on a 5 year war with the rest of the industry and started working on 18-24 month production cycles. The multiple lines of drivers and irons has been a consistent thing for a long time with them and each release is marketed differently. Rogue was the accuracy driver where epic and epic flash have been marketed for speed a
  23. Caloric intake is dependent on many factors and is individual dependent. It depends on what your goal is, but there is no limit or max per SS just whatever your caloric needs are.It’s easier for those who are eating to maintain weight or losing weight than those trying to bulk. One can over eat in the eating window just as easily as one can over eat without it.
  24. Intermittent fasting is a good tool for weight control. In my reading and listening to various experts who have their doctorates in nutrition and training the results for fat loss aren’t better or worse than other types of eating lifestyles. What I have found is when in a caloric deficit phase especially as the calories drop this makes it easier to not feel as hungry and get cravings during the day.
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