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  1. I only worry about the shot I have in front of me. Past scores or bad shots are just that in the past. I don’t try to make up for a double by taking risks to get a birdie or going for a par 5 that the risk outweighs the reward. The next thing I did for my mental game was read Dr. Bob Rotella’s books. I wish I would have read them a lot earlier in my golfing journey
  2. Yes Callaway is on a 2 year cycle per model. The mavrik came out but the epic flash was still an offering and now the replacement for epic flash will come but the mavrik will still be an offering. Just like with rogue irons replaced by the mavrik. It can be confusing because the last several releases the pricing and advertising can have one think one is a replacement for the other, but Callaway has been doing two driver releases at different time for a long time with the GBB and XR lines. So yes what was being referred to is the epic flash replacement.
  3. Matt Wolf’s swing is his own swing. Unless someone can get the same pressures into ground as he does it will be a disaster for that person. Now as far as the type of swing matt uses there’s lots of people that have used or are using the George gankas method of swing matchups. Johnny Rodriguez saw Matt’s swing and wanted to replicate it. He’s working his way up the tours, he had some kf status recently and recently has been on the McKenzie tour. Pros like DJ thanks to connection with the Gretzkeys has GG watch his swing. Paddy Harrington and Beatriz recari have or are still working wi
  4. It’s a discontinued model. It’s the same shaft as the hzrdus black but with a softer tip
  5. The mavrik won’t be going anywhere as it’s only on the first year of its cycle. The upcoming release will be for the epic flash which is already discounted to $350 and isn’t on Callaway’s site anymore
  6. TaylorMade has been on 2 year cycles with their p series irons. The original p790 came out in 2017 so the next iteration won’t be til next year.
  7. Actually there number of pros who have a specialized shaft is very small. With Bryson being part of LA golf that changes thing but in general for all the other companies the pros are playing the shocks usually in X or TX (some times only offered on tour) that are in the production line for a brand. There’s actually probably more amateur golf forum members that have one off shafts than pros to include pain jobs.
  8. Looking at TM site those shafts aren’t offered so you are paying for the aftermarket price. The p790s are $1200ish for 4-p if everything is stock. Plus you pay the build price for CC services. As been mentioned you could get the specs from CC for your lie and length and source everything yourself and build or have built but depending on the route you go you may only end up saving a couple hundred doing it that way of everything is new.
  9. Most companies while back and working aren’t fully staffed. Titleist has their balls listed for sale too but they were running a 3 month delay for orders and iirc anything custom was slightly longer. Ping I saw was saying orders placed in May are scheduled to be delivered this month and saw someone who placed an order the other day that his ship date is early August. Taylormade is selling clubs and I was looking at a set the other day that has a ship date of Sep 3. I would call Callaway customer service and see what status they have.
  10. Dunning are comfortable and great on/off course option. I don’t wear their stuff in the heat and humidity of DC area. I have a couple and save them for spring and fall golf but are in my rotation for work when I’m in the office
  11. It’s something I would consider as well. When I play with the group that I started playing with way back when I started learning they have all moved up a tee box due to age and loss of distance. I’ve played with them a few times from those boxes and with current distances I hit it’s a different approach but if I had to play some sort of roll back it would be about the same type of game from my normal tee boxes
  12. Everyone adapts. Most weekend golfers I’ve seen either don’t carry a handicap so they could use whatever they want and play how ever they want without any impact. Those who keep a handicap will adjust. Some may take longer to deal with the change and figure out how to play and others will change more quickly.
  13. Heavier weight shafts can affect transition and tempo. I’ve been fit to some shafts in the 67-75g range to help me slow my aggressive transition and improve sequencing. The added weight and design of the shaft will impact the balls flight. he uses the 85g tensei blue and the 100g tensei White tx. Weight and EI profiles are different that allows him to achieve his desired results
  14. The player will also do it himself as the ball rolls past the hole so they can get a read for what it’s going to do on their next putt
  15. I had the 983 which the 905 was the replacement for and when I moved away from Titleist drivers for a bit and went to the r7. That seems like ages ago
  16. He has different shafts in them. The high flight one has an 85g shaft while the low flight has the 100g shaft.
  17. I’m a fan of the rookie class form last with him, hovland and Wolff. While I think they will all not h multiple wins on tour and have been a fan of wolfs for while I think Colin ends up with the better career. Two playoffs since the return and of it wasn’t for the flat stick he would have another win.
  18. If Cobra can deliver in less than a month I would be shocked. Most companies were still taking orders during lockdown and have to process all them. With supply chain issues and most places not at 100% capacity I expect everything will have significant delays. i was on another brands website and few products with no customization were scheduled to ship in August or sept depending on the shaft
  19. While I agree that gapping issues in the longer irons can be related to swing speed in variable length there’s at least a 10 yard gap for most higher swing speed golfers. What I saw in videos was that there was a lot smaller gap for those guys in the 4-5 iron. Iirc Shiels only saw a 6 yard gap with a 4i from his 5i. For cobra they use 37.5” thru the set. Some of their other stock lengths are 39 or 39.25” for 4i. yes lofts are left the same. Lie angles I believe are player dependent But stock at least from Cobra is what’s their normal stock lie.
  20. JT might be but Ricky and Rory are probably close. I don’t know if I trust the pga tour bio since they have rickie listed at 5’9”. I stood next to him at Congressional with his golf shoes on and he barely hit 5’8”. They have jt listed as 10 lbs heavier than rickie there. They have 4” difference between them and only 7 yard difference in driving avg. Rory listed as 5’10 160 and he’s about 11 yards longer than JT
  21. The bolder part was one of the knocks I had seen from reviews when single length became a hot topic. The less loft there was the more swing speed was needed to find a better gap. For the higher swing speeds it was in the 4-5 irons where it narrowed and in the mid irons for those with mid range swing speed.
  22. Well eating a lot clean is hard whether in a cut, bulk or maintenance and second the notion of clean is what of the bad sides of fitness and “dieting” it boils down to nutrient dense and less nutrient dense foods. Eating 80-90% of nutrient dense foods and mixing in some favorite foods has been shown to have more success for people when it comes to sustainability. Getting macros but also micronutrients is key
  23. I remember that. It was from last year. DJ hit a persimmon driver not even fit for him 300. The top guys are bombers.
  24. Total is also going to depend on land angle/descent angle as well as the firmness or lack of.
  25. It would be hard to say between different shaft models that have the same specs you mention because the EI is probably different. If it’s the same shaft but one is regular and one is stiff distance wise theres not going to be much difference in my experience. The dispersion may change if one has an aggressive transition and swing as the regular flex might be too soft to handle the transition. What shafts are you considering and what were you fit for by CC
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