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  1. Here is a lookbook for the PUMA Spring Summer 2018 line. Interesting how PUMA and Rickie have evolved together. https://golf-threads.com/2017/12/12/puma-golf-lookbook-spring-summer-2018
  2. A top ten (11) list of most aggressively styled PGA tour pros. Or rather, G.W.A. Any omissions or debate? Fun game! https://golf-threads.com/2017/11/06/g-w-a-11-golfers-attitude/
  3. Here is a link to the review I did on the PUMA Evoknit golf line for GolfThreads. https://golf-threads.com/2017/10/16/puma-evoknit-golf-apparel-evolves/
  4. Good article on how to maximize your golf wardrobe and transition from course to street. https://golf-threads.com/2017/10/11/maximize-golf-wardrobe/
  5. This is an interesting and entertaining article on how fashion influences our perception of PGA tour pros https://golf-threads.com/2017/09/28/pga-tour-players-style-fan-perception/ Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. Interesting and entertaining article on how fashion influences fan perception of PGA Tour pros. https://golf-threads.com/2017/09/28/pga-tour-players-style-fan-perception/ Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. If you are anything like me and love the fashion of golf; this is a great site golf-threads.com The blogger, Greg, usually does a weekly re-cap of best and worst dressed PGA pros as well as reviews of apparel. If anyone knows of other good sites that follow golf fashion please share.
  8. Enter here to win a $1000 Linksoul wardrobe. Disclosure; I do get additional entries. Couldn't post any other way. https://wn.nr/4BGrKx
  9. Michael from Massachusetts 21 Cobra Fly-Z, Matrix VLCT SP 105-110, 230 Henrik Stenson
  10. Billy Horschel would be my vote for best dressed.
  11. Special thanks to downlowkey who helped me convince Cobra about the defect in my clubs. They agreed when I used his rationale and are fixing the clubs free of charge. They are in route to Cobra right now! I appreciate the camaraderie of the MyGolfSpy forum.
  12. From Cobra; "the ferrules of the club do not affect the performance or integrity of the shaft in any way, they are purely for improved looks." Yes, you are correct that the gap is located between the bottom of ferrule and top of hosel. Any suggestions to aide battle with Cobra is appreciated. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. I took my clubs to my local cobra authorized dealer and the guy I spoke to said that the 1/16 inch gap between collared ferrules and club head is a manufacturing defect and likely weakened the shaft leading to the broken clubs. Cobra is saying the collared ferrules are only aesthetic in their purpose. What do you think? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. @downlowkey Yes, set was brand new. Purchased from an authorized on line dealer.
  15. @RookieBlue7 that is an interesting theory. At the end of each season I wash my clubs and have dipped the club head in a bucket of warm water to wash them. I also recently regripped my clubs. Could the solvent I used also have broken the clubs down due to rust if it got trapped in the shaft?
  16. As a follow up I contacted Cobra and they said to bring them to an authorized dealer and they could advise me on the next step. Since I am out of warranty they will quote me a price to have them re-shafted and create a ticket to be sent to Cobra for repair. To be continued......
  17. @numberonecoog I did not hit either shot fat (though as a high handicapper I have certainly hit my fair share of fat shots). Despite the temperature the ground wasn't that hard. Only other additional information is that my swing speed (on monitor at least) is high 90's. Clubs are also not left in car and the fact that they snapped leads me to believe it wasn't an epoxy issue.
  18. Went golfing in 45 degree weather outside of Boston, MA on April 30. Was using a TopFlite distance ball (high handicapper and typically buy my balls as cheap as possible) and Cobra Amp Cell irons (steel stiff) purchased just under three years ago. On the eighth hole (par 3 175 yds) I hit my 5 iron onto the green. In doing so the head flew off my 5 iron. The iron snapped right at the base of head. Disappointed but chalked it up to crappy luck. Ninth hole I hit my driver and then my 6 iron. Same exact thing happens to my 6 iron!! Now I am really concerned. Was it the weather, the ball,
  19. Welcome! My name is Michael Ruuska (my grandfather grew up in Finland). Mina rakastan Suomea!
  20. It will definitely be shoes this month--Short Par 4 confirmed it in a recent post. I thought the two Puma polos last month were really nice. If anyone needs a referral code for $20 off first box here is my referral code: http://i.refs.cc/Evrtjlee
  21. This contest runs through February 28 and can enter each day.
  22. Lamkin Crossline to me is the best grip for the money. I did recently just pick up some Crossline Ace grips for $2.99 each and free shipping. Haven't used them yet but at the price thought it would be worth it.
  23. Enter McDowell's Epically Awesome Sweepstakes! Enter daily for your chance at one of three prize packages from McDowell Mountain Golf Club, TravisMathew, and Callaway Golf. Prizes include TM gift cards, Epic Driver, Mack Daddy wedge, Callaway Chrome soft golf balls and golf at McDowell's. Use link below to enter. http://woobox.com/t6mftq/ij6li9
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