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  1. Yeah I’ve been constantly changing, I usually try equipment out for a season and if I’m not satisfied I’ll try something else for the next year. The irons are the change for this year, everything else works for my game. I am expecting big things out of the apex, this setup will be what I go with for awhile. I’ll most likely add 21 degree iron, probably put either a rogue or m series 5 iron in to fill the gap.
  2. Driver- Callaway Great Big Bertha 3 wood- Callaway Epic Hybrid- Taylormade M2 Irons- Calloway Apex 5-sw Wedge- 60* Titliest Vokey sm5 Putter- Scotty Cameron Red X2
  3. If those irons are the best you've ever played then you should be extremely picky when considering a new set. I still play a older set of mizuno mp53s and it's gonna be a real challenge for me to consider a replacement set. Don't just jump towards something because they promise distance, accuracy and consistency trump that.
  4. I was playing pro v1x for the last year until I tried out the chrome soft. Now I'm completely hooked on that ball. I like my ball flight more and I've increased my spin with them as well. I started playing my wedge shots long because these will zip off the green
  5. I've never taken golf lessons but have watched lots of instructional videos and what not and the only drill I have ever taken to my game was this little tee drill from Hank Haney. Set up two tees just wider than your iron and place a ball in the middle. Hit 10-15 shots without hitting tees and have your divot land after the tees. I do that at the range and warm up just swinging freely between the tees and it boosted my impact consistency.
  6. For me it would be one of the I series irons, I have not any the new pings but after being beside guys at the range I know that the g700s would not be for me. I can't stand the sound of them. That being said they are a nice looking iron
  7. 1- Tommy Fleetwood 2- Francesco Molinari 3- Russell Knox 4- Danny Willett 5- Peter Oihlein Winning score:-9
  8. I'd love to MGS do testing with comparisons between the ap2 and ap3.i love to know the real numbers different golfers are getting going back and forth between these irons. Does any have first hand experience with these irons?
  9. I just picked up a pair a nike lunar command vapor golf shoes and by far the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. If your in the market I would recommend that you at least try them on
  10. I just picked up a 20 degree Adams a12 pro hybrid, they made nothing but the best when it comes to hybrids. Needless to say stoked about the purchase
  11. I would recommend hitting a stronger wedge option like a 46 against your current PW just ensure you get the gapping. I do notice a bit of yardage loss going from a set pw to a real wedge but I love the accuracy it added to my game
  12. My current set up is 46, 52, 56, 60 all titleist vokey my 46 is a am4 and the rest are sm5 and Ive never been more satisfied
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